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    Episode 2

    There was a girl named Monalisa. She is dark skinned, she’s also a student of Esut.
    she is from Nsukka in Enugu.
    She lives at Ugbo-Okonkwo in New Hagen Enugu.
    Lisa as she is fondly called have given Daniel sleepless nights She is in his English class. Daniel first saw the girl on a fateful happened that Daniel’s book fell on the ground, others overlooked the book but Lisa picked the book.from that day Daniel have not had a peaceful sleep. He use to see her in his English class but he don’t have the courage to approach her this continued until 2weeks passed then he decided to open up to his Bestfriend.

    On that wonderful day,Oscar and Daniel were coming back from lecture .Fortunately, Lisa and her friends were passing by.

    Oscar ,Daniel called the attention of his friend
    Yes,Oscar answered

    Who is this girl? Daniel asked

    Pointing at Lisa and her friends.
    Which one? The fair one ? Oscar asked.
    No,the dark one.Daniel replied.
    Okay, are you talking about Lisa?
    Is her name Lisa? Daniel asked back.
    Yes,Oscar answered
    Please tell me more about her Daniel begged..
    Okay no problems but not now,man need to chop,make we reach house first Oscar said

    Later that day (In the Evening )
    While they were taking their dinner at Daniel’s room in the hostel .
    Eh Eh Oscaritus
    Pls tell me more about that girl we saw earlier nah,Daniel reminds Oscar about Lisa.

    I don’t know much about her oh but she’s my Course mate Oscar replied .

    Your course mate? Daniel asked

    Yes Her name is Monalisa Okoye but they call her Lisa.She’s good at account Oscar said.

    Only that? Daniel asked

    I said earlier that i don’t know much about her
    In fact why do you want to know her? Oscar asked

    Ehm Ehm I think I dey fall for her oh Daniel answered stammering

    Haha haha haga see Danny Young ,No go kill me with your jokes Oscar mocked Daniel

    I’m serious buddy,Daniel replied

    Don’t tell me you’re serious, Is this the Daniel that I knew? Daniel wey no dey talk to women, Daniel is this you ? Oscar asked

    Nah me oh,I don’t even know what I’m feeling
    I can’t even talk to her.
    Her friends are always around her
    In short I’m confused, Daniel said .

    As Daniel was saying all this ,Oscar was just staring at him and he asked him, Are you Shy?

    I don’t even know ,All I know is that I’ve not slept for the past two weeks .I’ve not been myself Daniel replied.

    Okay I’ll help you but the problem is that you Have to stop being shy.

    On a good thursday, After English Class Daniel and Oscar were coming back from lectures.

    Behold Monalisa and her two friends were also passing by.

    Oscar whispered to Daniel, this is a prayer come true ,Don’t forget to use Plan A, Oscar said to Daniel.

    Daniel was still contemplating within himself but few seconds he summoned courage .
    Hello,my name is Daniel Obiora,I’m a law student Daniel finally said to Lisa
    Please can I know you ? Daniel asked staring at Lisa

    My name is Monalisa Okoye,On my left hand side is Vanessa, while on my right is Pascaline.they are my friends. Lisa answered staring at him too .
    Any problems ? She asked

    Ehm Ehm I don’t want to waste your time
    Can I have a private conversation with you ? Daniel asked

    Maybe later,She answered hurriedly.

    Okay, Fix a date Daniel replied

    On Monday because I’ll be busy through out this week she said

    Okay,thanks I respect your decision Daniel said comfortably

    I’ll be waiting added Lisa

    Bye Daniel said while waving at her

    Till then Lisa added and moves away with her friends

    Oscar who have been by the side watching them came out laughing exaggerated

    What did she say? Oscar asked

    We introduced, fixed a date Daniel answered

    Okay let’s wait and see what will happen Said Oscar

    While Daniel was going back to his hostel,His heart was full of joy. He couldn’t stop himself from Expressing it by smiling exaggerated
    He couldn’t wait .he wants the next day to be Monday.


    Finally, Monday have come, Lisa was busy preparing for a class that morning. She lived at the hostel so it won’t take her long to be in the maths class.Vanessa her friend is her roommate

    Lisa,Abeg go baff,time no dey,we’ll be late Vanessa said

    Pls don’t be angry, i won’t take much time Lisa replied

    While Lisa was taking her bath. He heart flashed back as she remembers she’s gonna meet Daniel.
    She was like, why will Daniel want to meet me?

    Daniel is popular in the school because he is intelligent and Brilliant. Everyone wants to be his friend but he always distance himself from other people
    With this reason ,Daniel is one of the most respected guy in the school. Even before the introduction, Lisa have already knew his name because everybody knows Daniel.

    Back to her thought

    Why am I feeling like I’m gonna meet a celebrity today?
    Is it because he is popular?,Anyways let me wait till I meet him.Lisa was wondering within herself.

    On the other side,Daniel has already been in the class .he worked up so early that day .
    During the maths class he couldn’t concentrate. He was staring at Lisa. He was admiring her to the extent that Lisa noticed it and have to leave the position she was sitting to other place.
    Reason was because As Daniel was admiring her. Vanessa and Pascaline were also busy mocking her with signs. They were murmuring to her

    Saying “Your Crush No Dey Concentrate Again Oh”
    Later when the lecture was over, Lisa took out a paper and wrote something on it.she gave it to Daniel and fades off.
    Daniel was contemplating within himself what happened.
    I thought I told her that we’ll discuss privately today. Why will she write a letter instead?
    Did anything happen?
    He was asking those questions to himself as he entered his hostel, He felt weak.
    Relaxing on his foam, he opened the paper

    The Message read thus

    Hi Daniel, Good Morning ,pls I saw how you were staring at me during the maths class and I remembered that you said that you wanna have a chat with me.pls meet me at the iroko reserved centre that’s where I use to study because the place is always cool and Moody

    After reading this, Daniel was confuse because he don’t even know where the iroko tree was or where to find it.
    So he got,rushed to the Shower,took his bath, Spray Perfume on his Fendi Polo
    Then he zoomed off to search for the iroko tree.
    He asked a lot of students about the iroko tree but none of them could give him a clear address to his destination.
    He continued looking for the place until he was stressed up.
    He decided to go back to his hostel since he couldn’t locate the place.On his way back to his hostel he saw Vanessa (Lisa’s Roommate and Friend)


    And the only students that know about this is Pascaline and my humble self, Vanessa explained.

    Okay,I admit it you got me pls take me to there,I’m looking for Lisa Daniel begged.

    I won’t take you to her unless you wanna have a deal with me Vanessa Said

    Which Deal? Daniel asked

    *Watch out for Episode 3*

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    Daniel no f--k up ooo
    U be my name sake

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    Hey, Vannessa don’t do that

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    Ayotunde AyodaboAyotunde Ayodabo
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    You better don’t disappoint your self talk less of your parents.

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    Next please

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    All d daniels and daniella in d house,.sas una guy dey fidget…

    & @senatordaniel i hail thee

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    Some so called frnds self, what kind of deal does she want biko ? Guy u better b careful.

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    Episode 3

    Which deal? Daniel asked

    promise me that you’ll be my friend from now on,you’ll talk to me unlike before ,Vanessa said.

    Oh is that the deal? Daniel asked

    Yes just that Vanessa answered

    okay, I promise you that we’re friends from now on DA Daniel Promised

    On the other hand ,LISA have waited for too long but she never gives up easily
    As she was busy going through the course which was thought earlier.

    Fortunately, Vanessa and Daniel appeared
    she was surprise seeing Vanessa with Daniel.
    Daniel later explained everything to her.

    I’ll take my leave now,Vanessa said

    Okay,See you later Lisa Replied

    As Vanessa fades off, Daniel’s body began to shiver again. He don’t know how to start up the conversation.

    So what do you want to discuss with me? Lisa breaks the silence.

    Ehm Ehm,not much oh Daniel answered stammering

    But don’t tell me that you stay here alone to study Daniel added.

    Oh I love this place, so cool and refreshing.
    I stayhere alone. Nothing bad can harm me
    After all it’s secured Lisa said

    What I want to discuss with you is, in fact I don’t know where start
    Daniel said while his heart was beating

    Start from anywhere Lisa replied

    Okay, I want to tell you that since that day you picked my book for me. I have not been feeling myself. Some kind of feelings start developing but I don’t know how to tell you these so I Decided to express myself by confessing it to you now for it is not a crime love.

    As Daniel was saying all these, Lisa was silent looking at his eyes as if she already knew that this is what gonna happen.

    I’m in love with you don’t dear
    I can’t feel myself anymore Daniel continued
    I’ve not had a girlfriend before or have I ever loved anybody before.This is my first time. Please I don’t think I can now live without you.
    Can you be mine? He asked her with a low tone.

    She hesitated for some minutes, then begins her own sermon.

    I’ve not had a boyfriend before and I’m not ready for it? Boys are good at brainwashing. Their sermons are pleasing at the beginning but at the end is destruction. The girl will lose.i don’t have any feeling for you. I don’t want a male friend, though you’re recognized as the Best student in this school. It wont stop me from telling you the truth. Lisa said

    Lisa, I am different from other Guys Daniel replied

    My mom told me that any guy that said that he is different from other guys that I should avoid him because he is the Chairman of OTHER GUYS ASSOCIATION (OGA)
    I’m not trying to insult you or apply this to you but the truth is that I don’t love you.

    Even if you insult me, I’ll be happy for at least you talked to me He replied

    Please let’s end this topic here,thank you for loving me but I’m not interested, look for other girls in this campus tjanks
    Lisa said and walked away.

    As Lisa left

    Daniel felt like he was hittten by a heavy train. His body was so heavy on him. He got to go back to the hostel but he couldn’t.


    One week later ,Lisa have not Daniel in any class. She became confuse.Everybody in the campus are now murmuring on one topic which is WHERE IS DANIEL? , WHERE IS ESUT BEST STUDENT? some are even adding salt to the injury by saying “Are you sure he is not Dead ”
    the bad

    Gossipers were saying that he might have joined secret cults while the good gossipers are saying maybe he is sick

    Lecturers were confuse on his whereabout

    All this got Lisa confuse

    Where is Daniel? Vanessa asked Lisa

    Idon’t know, Am I supposed to be asked that question? Am I his Mother? Lisa asked back

    I asked that question because you’re the last person he met last week Monday before he got missing Vanessa Fired back at her.

    Lisa was shocked on hearing this. So she said to herself ” I must find him or know his whereabout”

    The next day The next day, after their account class she went to Oscar

    Oscar, where is your friend? She asked

    Which friend? Oscar asked back

    Do you have two best friend? I’m asking of Daniel Obiora Lisa replied angrily

    Oh, I was supposed to ask you this question he replied

    Oscar, what do mean? Lisa asked

    Yes!!! You’re the last person he met, He answered

    This sound like a a thunder strike in Lisa’s ears again

    Shockingly, she asked Have you gone to his house?

    I’ve not had time, even now I’m needed in my workplace I don’t have chance this season he replied

    Your bestfrnd is missing and you’re saying that you don’t have time, you’re a snitch, she said angrily

    Should I kill myself my bestfrnd is missing Oscar said laughing

    I don’t have your time, give me the address of his hostel Lisa said frowning

    Few minutes later Oscar have given Lisa the address of Daniel”s room
    She went straight to the hostel

    On reaching the hostel, she knocked at the door but no response, knocked the second time same results so she pushed the door on her greatest surprise the door opened
    She entered the room. It’s a room apartment but was divided into room and parlour with a cotton

    It was not tidy (the room) so she looked around and there was no sign of anybody thdre
    It shows that nobody have stepped in the room for a long time
    She opened the cotton
    Lo and Behold was Daniel lying lifelessly on the foam

    Daniel!!! Daniel she screamed

    Ye, ye yes Daniel was answering in a low tone

    (Watch out for episode) 4

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