A brief romance with the devil episode 1 &2

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– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 1)


Bring him in! (Bunmi said in a loud and saucy tone), I was dragged in like a thief after been bruised, battered, maltreated and locked in a mini cell in her compound for a couple of days. I dropped down helplessly on the ground, weak, tired, hungry and helpless pleading for mercy. You idiot, how dare you hit by GLK with your fitty tricycle? (She spat on me for the second time), my hands salivated hungrily to hit her but I realised that would be suicidal considering the hefty body guards around.

Raise him up let me see his poverty-stricken face (She ordered as her friends laughed aloud under the influence of strong wine), I placed my hands over my d*ck because I been stripped to just my pant. Hey! take off your hands from your PlayStation joystick (Lola one of her friends instructed). Jeeezzz! You have a massive c--k (She exclaimed). In shame I bent my head downwards because I had sworn never to allow another woman see my nakedness aside my poor wife whom I know would have cried out her eyes over my sudden disappearance.

Before I could say Jack Robinson, someone had dipped her hands into my pant, I unconsciously resisted by pulling her hand away, immediately a signal was sent to my ear via a hard-electrifying slap from one of her body guards. All I could hear at the far end of my ear drum was “pull it, pull it”. Without further instruction I had pulled off my pant and my 5.8” inches d*ck dangled recklessly in between my laps as they all laughed hard. Clean him up, he has no money to fix my GLK but he has a huge rod to panebit my p*ssy GLk.

I was giving a royal bath on one of her Jacuzzi’s, after which, I was laid on an orthopaedic bed like Abraham’s sacrifice waiting to be slaughtered, four hefty ladies with gigantic boobs and asses with thick artistic watermark stretchmarks pounced on me in turns having Bunmi leading the ritual. They poured all sorts of wine on me and licked me; I was given strong wine as I got intoxicated. My veins got stiffer and active.

They continued to stroke my neck with kisses and s----d my nipples and c--k simultaneously, each time I had a flash of how cruel I have been treated I sort for a way to punish them back for the ill treatment, I grinded these four bitches like a gladiator in an arena spanking them aloud and grading them hard in between their thighs with my weapon of mass destruction. In the heat of the moment, one of Bunmi’s friends requested for a BDSM, the right opportunity had come because I was gradually losing strength, I chained her to a table as I banged her from behind, I gave her a hard hit on her neck and she slummed, the rest was history because she collapsed immediately and I vague fainting.



– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 2)


A soft feminine hand gently massaged my chest using her middle finger to run a runway hand pageantry from my sternum to my navel, I opened my eyes it was Bunmi and two of her almost half naked maidens with a tray of omelet, coffee, honey and club sandwich. The gladiator good to see that you are up “she said with a shallow smile”. She sat by the bed stool and fed me as she sarcastically laughed in low tone winkling and calling me her GLK panel beater.

Please can I talk to my wife? I am very certain that she would have totally shutdown because of my sudden disappearance ” I pleaded”. Hey you slave, will you keep shut? “Bunmi said in her usual arrogant tone”. She beckoned at one of her body guards, this will be another massacre for me “I prayed within”. This time I was wrong as she requested for my phone and gave it to me. I quickly checked my call log and saw 307missed calls and 38 text messages from my Wife, my mother in-law, pastor, and Tricycle Park Chairman.

Immediately I dialed my wives number, more like she was waiting for the call as it didn’t ring from my end before she took the call. Officer he has called ” She said”. Honey! Honey!! What happened? Where are you? Are you okay? “She has asked over 23questions in less than 10seconds”. I quickly weakened the texture of my voice and told her I carried some bad boys who ended up kidnapping me and are asking for ransom of 10million, immediately my wife started crying relentlessly as I tried consoling her that things will be fine. The guards dragged the phone from me and told my wife he will call back and switched off the phone.

At the end of the call, Bunmi laughed in excitement and stripped herself of her sexy lingering, she walked to and fro the four corners of the room like a roaring lion looking for who to devour, she requested for a Spanish red wine and some cubes of ice which she poured all over me and s----d endlessly, this time it was more passionate and pleasurable, though I had guilty flash of how my wife would be feeling, indeed the spirit is willing but the body is extremely weak.

After we had sex, I pleaded with Bunmi to let me go back to my family who must have been currently distressed, she agreed and requested I signed an undertaking, in excitement I signed without completely reading all the pages of the agreement. It is indeed another Contract with the Devil, I had hurriedly signed to be making love to Bunmi 3times weekly on her request…


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