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Femi is a typical Yoruba man, he is well cultured and knows his right in the society.

He’s married to Tiwalade, but few years after their wedding, he lost his well paid job.

He works with a multinational company then, his monthly salary was enough to cater for himself and his family. He was given a car, a house and some other allowances.

Tiwalade on the other hand was a full-time house wife.

Everything was going well for them, until one day, Femi was on his way to deposit the company’s money into the accout when he had an accident

Bankole, a tall dark and handsome man was on the other side of the road looking for bike to carry him to where he was going.

He was the first person to get to where the accident happened, he forced the door open, when he discovered that a bag was at the back seat, he opened it and found out it was money, he quickly change his mind from rescuing Femi.

He picked up the bag, check if no one was observing him and ran away.

Hun hun hun, panting like a dog, he ran has far as his leg could carry him, he entered into an uncompleted building, I will go and start life with this, bi teni kan o ba baje, teni kan ole daa ( if one person’s life is not destroyed, another cannot be better)

Mr Johnson and his wife was on their way going for a seminar.

“Dear, you need to slow down oo, this is a sharp corner,” said Mrs Johnson, Mr Johnson slammed the brake, as he was trying to turn left, he saw a man that was already soaked in blood.

“Jesus!!!, my dear we need to park and see what happened over there” Mr Johnson shouted. I think an accident just happened.

On getting there, they noticed Femi was still breathing, my dear, let’s quickly rush him to the hospital, Mrs Johnson said.

Please open the back door, so that we can put him in our vehicle. They carried him and rushed him down to the hospital.

Oh my God!!, Dear, I think we should go back to where the accident happened if we could get his mobile phone in order to contact his family member, because if we stay here more than this, we might be late for the seminar.

“You know what you’re going to do now, you stay with him, I will go and check his car” Mr Johnson said.

He drove with high speed to the place, fortunately he found the phone, he rushed back to the hospital.

Before he got to the hospital, the manager of the company Femi was working with called, he picked up the call and told him about what happened.

Mr Johnson checked Femi’s last dialled number, fortunately, it was his wife, he called and explained everything to her and the hospital her husband is.

Ten minutes after Mr Johnson had arrived to the hospital, Tiwalade arrived.

I don’t seem to belief what I’m hearing, my husband called me some minutes ago that he was going to deposit the company’s money into the account, please somebody explain to me.

“Doctor where is my husband ooo, Tiwalade asked with a loud voice”.

Madam you need to calm down, your husband is in A$E unit(Accident and Emergency unit), but you cannot see him now.

Mr Johnson noticed this should be the woman he spoke with some minutes ago.

He moved closer and asked, sorry madam, were you the one I called some minutes ago that your husband had an accident.

Yes sir I’m the one ooo, are you Mr Johnson? Yes madam, I and my wife rescued him some minutes ago, although we were on our way going out for a seminar when we saw him inside the vehicle, we discovered that we was still breathing, then we rushed him here.

“We will need to take our leave now”, Mr Johnson said. How can I appreciate all that you’ve done, Almighty God will reward you. Thank you very much ma/sir. They left.

To be continued………

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