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Femi was on coma for some days, his wife Tiwalade kept praying to God for his quick recovery.

After five days of this accident, Femi finally came back to life, his wife was sitting beside his bed.

Tiwalade was very tired because she has been there since the accident happened she only managed to rest her head on the side of the bed and she slept off.

After some time, Femi was wondering where he was then he discovered he had somebody beside him.

He touched the woman, gently opened his mouth and said who are you? The wife replied, “thank you Jesus” you are finally awake, let me quickly go and call the doctor.

Doctor doctor!!! My husband is back to life ooo, please come and attend to him, Tiwalade said.

On getting to the ward, Femi was trying to get himself off the bed, but he couldn’t gather enough strength.

Immediately he saw his wife, he said, “who are you?, what are my doing here? What are they doing here?”.

Which one should I first answer now ooo, God what is wrong with my husband? “Who is your husband?”, he managed to ask her, I am your wife Tiwalade, “I don’t know you”, he replied.

Before she could further answer his question, the doctor entered.

Good morning Mr Femi, he looked around as if there was another person who bears that name in the ward.

Doctor I don’t understand the way he’s behaving, he’s asking me who I am.

Madam, you need to calm down, is there anybody that came with you? The doctor asked? His younger brother came around yesterday, he said he will be coming today, she replied.

“Very good, when he comes, tell him to see me in my office”, the doctor said.

Tiwalade started crying, “doctor anything the matter”, she asked.

Never mind, I just need to have some words with him, I will prescribe some drugs for you now but I don’t think it’s available here. You will get it at A$A pharmaceutical store, it’s down the street, sorry Madam, it is well with you.

The doctor went out.

God help me ooo, I don’t want to morn my husband, please because of his children, please save him.

She stood up to go out when a nurse came in, “Good morning madam”, she greeted, Good morning nurse, “the doctor instructed me to give your husband some injection”, she said.

Ok ma, you can go on if only he will allow you. The nurse succeeded giving him an injection, he slept off.

Nurse, please I want to quickly go to the A$A pharmaceutical store, doctor said I should get him some drugs.

Ok madam, she replied, Tiwalade quickly picked up her car key and dashed out to get the drugs.

Before she could come back, his brother in-law came around, the nurse asked him at the reception who he was looking for, he was later directed to the doctor’s office.

He knocked, ko ko ko, yes come in, Good morning sir, I’m Damilare, Mr Femi’s younger brother, one of your patient.

Ok, very good I told his wife to tell you to see me whenever you come around.

There is something I want to notify you about your brother, he had some wound on his head because he hit his head on a hard surface when he had the accident.

Now, he his having temporary memory loss and we also discovered that there are some factions in his tibia(leg bone),therefore we will need to cut it off.

“Haaaaa!!! Doctor, tell me this is a lie, my brother will now be sitting on wheelchair”, Damilare said.

To be continued……

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