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Damilare left the doctor’s office with a depressed heart, as he opened the door to get out of the office, Tiwalade entered.

“Mummy Tope (Tiwalade), how are you doing?” Damilare asked, I’m not fine at all, I saw you coming out of the doctor’s office, what was his response? He told me you should come, Tiwalade asked.

Ok, he discussed some issue with me, let’s go outside so that we won’t disturb other patients.

They both went outside to discuss the issue, on hearing this, Tiwalade burst into tears.

Where do I start from, Uncle Damilare, see me oo, I’m not working and I told him to allow me work, he said no. I know it is a test of time it will soon be over. My Jesus will not disappoint me.

Do you know what keep surprising me is that his boss has gone to the police station to report the case, but he hasn’t called to check on him. In fact I don’t know what to do Uncle.

It will soon be over, God Almighty will see us through, the doctor said if we could relate well with him and get some other things that could bring his memory back.

Ok Uncle, “please can you stay with him for sometime so that I can go home and have my bath and probably bring his kids along”, Tiwalade said. Ok Mummy Tope, Damilare responded.

After she had left the hospital, Femi woke up, he looked around, Damilare started the conversation. FM how are you feeling, he didn’t talk, he look more intently into his eyes. He couldn’t recognised him.

Femi Spent some weeks like that in that condition, his wife has exhausted their savings, the doctor was waiting if he could remember some things before they amputate his leg.

Tiwalade went to pick some clothes for herself and her husband, the thoughts just flashed her mind, I think I should take along our wedding pictures and the disc probably he will remember.

When she arrived at the hospital, she brought out the pictures, Femi collected it from him, and he looked through it, his content changed, he looked at Tiwalade’s eyes and checked the picture again.

Sweetheart, Femi responded Tiwalade looked at him and shouted for Joy, where are my kids. She could not respond, she rushed out of the ward, down to the doctor’s office.

Doctor, doctor, my husband can remember something, please come and see him.

The doctor followed her, immediately they got to the ward, Femi called his wife again, “Sweetheart, where are my kids?”.

That was the way Femi was able to recall all that happened to him, how he left the office and how he had an accident.

The following week, the doctor told him that his leg will be amputated because of the factions there.

Tiwalade signed the papers and the operation was done. Some weeks after the operation, they left the hospital.

Things were not going on well for them, the company he was working with collected the vehicle and sent the out of the house. It was the mini flat that Damilare rented they were staying together

It was saturday evening, Tiwalade phone rang and she picked the call. It was Mr Johnson, she didn’t have his number anymore because she had sold her former phone.

Good evening ma, sorry i’m I on to Mrs Tiwalade Femi? Yes, who is this? this is Mr Johnson, the man who rescued your husband some months ago, i called to check on his health because I and my wife has been outside the country for some time now, sorry how is his health? He is getting better sir.

I and my wife will like to come and visit you people next weekend ma, sir we will be glad to have you in our house sir. Alright ma, can you please text me your address, ok sir, I will do that right away.

The phone conversation ended, she discussed it with her husband. She sent the address.

Next Saturday, Mr and Mrs Johnson went to visit Femi and his family. Seeing him on the wheelchair made them felt sorry for him and their present conditions, where they are living.

Mr Johnson discussed with his wife, and they agreed and gave the family a cheque of five hundred thousand naira, to start a business, in order for them to afford their three square meals.

That was the way things changed over the night for them.


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