Anointing Gone wrong episode 1

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I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be delivered during church services anytime the pastors lay their hand on my head during anointing nothing happens😒 but other people fall and start rolling on the floor even my friend Bimpe.

“Vivian, why haven’t you dressed up aren’t you coming for today’s service,” Bimpe asked “no I’m not coming with you oh, I’m tired you know I had a lot of lectures today and I haven’t had anything to eat”
I lied the real reason I didn’t want to go to church is that I felt nothing was going to happen, I wasn’t going to fall as the others did, today is Wednesday and we always have our anointing service, I’m sure you’re wondering why falling is a big deal for me. 😪

Well, any person that falls always comes back with testimony, Bimpe was chasing a contract for a very long time immediately she fell during the anointing service they called her for the contract, a lot of people I know also had a testimony after falling. I want 20 million naira in my account and I’m very sure if I fall I’ll get it, I’m not working but I believe in miracles 😒.

“Ok oh, I’m leaving now lock the door before you sleep you know the rest of our roommates aren’t around,” Bimpe said as she made to leave the room “ok ma, pray for me o,” I said laying on my bed texting on my phone.

A few minutes after Bimpe left I got up and locked the door I was tired now and feeling sleepy I laid down on my bed then went into a deep sleep.

I had a dream I was in the church and the pastor laid his hand on my head I fell when I stood up and checked my phone I saw an alert of 20 million, then I heard someone shout my name “Vivian, Vivian, Vivian wake up which kind sleep you dey sleep I don dey call your name since” ah Bimpe was back this girl interrupted my interesting dream.
VivVivian TobybVivian Toby

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