Anointing Gone wrong episode 2

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I sat up and rubbed my eyes, my eyes half open and half closed I got up and open the door for Bimpe, she didn’t even wait to settle down before telling me about the service “babes you miss o today service was very powerful the word the pastor shared tonight was very insightful it gave me a new outlook towards life, and guess what the pastor announced that the zonal pastor is coming on Sunday and will be anointing all the members in church babes you can’t miss it o”

Me hearing the zonal pastor was coming to our church on Sunday erased every trace of sleep in my eyes “really, the zonal pastor is coming this Sunday?” I asked to be sure I wasn’t still dreaming “yes, and I’m sure the holy spirit will move very well” Bimpe was excited saying this but not like I was I made sure I didn’t show any trace of excitement, “since the pastor can’t make me fall maybe the zonal pastor will the anointing of the zonal pastor should be greater than our pastor’s own,” I thought to myself.
“Are you coming to church on Sunday?” Bimpe asked interrupting my thoughts “yes, of course, I’ll come it’s the last Sunday of the month I can’t miss it” I said hiding my enthusiasm.

Sunday was finally here I made sure I woke up early and took my bath even Bimpe was surprised to see that I was ready before 7:00 AM we left for church at 7:30 AM and got to church by 8:00 AM. The front seats were still free I rushed to the front dragging Bimpe along.

“Babe this one you rush enter front today hope all is well” Bimpe asked with a suspicious look on her face.
“Don’t you want to be the first person the zonal pastor applies anointing on” “yes I want to be oh but I’m just surprised because you like sitting at the back” Bimpe answered.
Vivian Toby

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