Anointing Gone wrong episode 3

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The service was going well the zonal pastor preached and now it’s time for the anointing, the Deacons and deaconesses were anointed first and some of them fell I was the first member to be anointed but nothing happened again but when they were anointing others they were falling “whether the devil likes it or not I must fall, even if it’s fake fall” I closed my eyes immediately and started rolling, I scattered chairs and I felt something pushing me to where the speakers were I rolled and scattered all the speaker it fell and broke 😒 the ushers tried to hold me o but no I must fall anyone that came near me I punched them so they left me alone I rolled to my seat after performing my drama then I fell on the floor “maybe this drama I performed will provoke God to send me 20million” I thought

I cleaned my body and got up Bimpe was looking at me somehow hasn’t she seen someone under anointing “babe why you dey look me like that” I finally asked “you no see when you do, you break chairs and speakers for church”
“ehn no be anointing pastor go buy new ones na,” I said without concern

“See you when you no come to church on Wednesday, the pastor has announced that anybody that breaks anything in the church during anointing will pay” this time I was confused maybe I didn’t hear well “wetin you talk Bimpe” “the speakers and the chairs that you broke you’re going to pay” ewoooo I’m finished 😭😭😭 where do I want to see money to pay maybe holy spirit has credited my account lemme check, I picked my phone to check if there was bank message no message I opened my bank app to check it was still the same amount that was there 20naira.

God did not send any money o shebi if I knew that pastor announced such I would have only fallen on the floor 😭 I tried going outside ushers did not allow me brethren it is finished I go sell my kidney to pay o who sent me to perform this kind drama my village people has found me o I began to cry.

Happy Sunday guys.

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