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Happy Sallah

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 1

Talking about love.. I met my first boyfriend on Facebook.. Though how we started the conversation was nothing to write home about..

Nuel (was the name i fondly called can call him Emmanuel too) he was the love of my everything, my dream man, my joy and happiness.. I could admit he had his own flaws

Nuel was a junky a bad one at that.. He sells drugs, takes hard drugs and did i mention he was goddamn rich?! Yea yea

Before i forget.. My name is Ashabi..We were Northerners but Christians.. I was too churchy and observed all doctrines of the Catholic Faith..was raised up by my mum.. My dad’s late.. Had an elder brother who travelled to Cairo and refused coming back.. Sighs*

I was the only daughter of my mum.. I helped mum in most of the house chores .. I never had a phone even when my friends in school had phones.. My mum believed that phones are just distractions.. I never disobeyed her

Thinking of having a boyfriend i never had one but Benita my best friend had Josh.. He was so cool!.. She comes around and tells me how her Josh bangs her on his parents bed, feeding me about Sex and its enjoyable benefits.. I was interested but innocent me i was still a Virgin!

“Ashabi am home” my mum called from a distance
“Momma welcome”
“Ha! The house is neat!”
“That’s why you have me!” I proudly said
“I love you Ash”
“I love you Momma”

Just then a knock was heard at the door
“Get the door Ashabi”
“Yes momma”
I opened the door and saw an average looking old man..
“Uhmm.. Are you Miss Ashabi?”
“Yes sir.. How may i help you?”
“This is a package sent to you.. Please sign here”
“Okay.. Thanks”
The man left .. I kept on wondering who sent the package..but let me inform Mum first
“Momma, a guy brought this package here.. I wonder what’s in?”
“Let’s take a look”

Mum opened the package and found out it was a PHONE! And a written letter??

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