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Hi val please post this asap,

is it advisable for a guy to go back to his EX after breaking up with her and dating another person?? Cos i’m in that position right now, even though i was the one who initially broke up with her, but it seems like she has forgiven me……..Au

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  1. NO LAW forbids one from going back to one’s ex after a breakup even if one has dated all the ladies on planet earth during the period of breakup. Experience has proven that the latter relationship do fair better than the former relationship; all thanks to ‘CONVICTION OF IMPORTANCE’ which is a lesson learnt by the guy during his days of adventure. Going back to one’s ex means that one has finally come to the conviction that she is better and more important to one’s life than the other outside ladies.
    **donigspain is back**

  2. You need to think of the reasons and situations that led up to the break up. If it was a matter of her attitude and behaviour, has it been dealt with and can you live with it?
    If you were the one at fault have you sorted out the issues that made you stray?

    Both of you need to sincerely discuss the breakup because the last thing you want is for any past sins to be brought up everytime there is a disagreement or argument.

    Another thing is because of the level of familiarity we have with our exes we give up of on something better because it is unknown. Make sure you are going back to her because you love her and ready to make it work this time around. As long as she’s on board with you, it is well.

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