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( A short story)

Episode 1

“Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!, how many times did I call you”.

” Three times ma”, Daniel my husband answered his mother who happens to be my mother in-law.

Both of them were still sitting at the dining after we had our dinner.
I packed all the plates to the kitchen and I was about to wash them when I heard her calling my husband.

“Next month will be your 10th wedding anniversary, I am tired of the whole thing, I want to see my grandchildren….”

“Lower your voice mama, you’re shouting”, my husband said while looking at the kitchen to check if I was not listening.

” Don’t tell me to keep quite, have kept quite enough, now I am tired of this barren good for nothing woman you call your wife”, she said.

“Mum, please don’t call my wife barren, she’s not barren….”

“Then she is what, eehhnn, answer me, what should I call her. Anyway, I want to see my grandchild and I already have a solution for your childlessness”, she said.

My husband was happy upon hearing that, at least that is what we have been looking for: the solution to our childlessness.

” This is what you suppose to say before, so mama, what is the solution “, he asked smiling.

” The solution is that, when next I am coming to greet you, I will bring a girl from the village, she will be your wife and bear you children…. ”

“Haaaa….mama, my wife must not hear this. Is this what you call a solution?, you want to add petrol to our fire…you want to create another problem for me”, he replied his mother.

” Which problem, since the one you call your wife cannot bear any child, who knows what she has done when she was a youth…so the solution is for me to bring Agbeke, the daughter of the hunter in front of our house in the village to you here in Lagos. She has so many children in her womb that she will bear for you, have told her mother and she said she will relay my message to her, so I will get the reply when I go back tomorrow “, my mother in-law said.

” Haba, mama, you don’t need to do all these, see we’re doing a lot of things concerning the situation and we’re praying also, I believe with God all things are possible, God will answer our prayers and…..”

“That is what you keep saying all these years, God will do this, God will do that…but he hasn’t done anything. My dear, open your eyes and see the reality before you that you need to take steps like the one I am telling you now”, she replied.

“Mum, enough of these, I am going to bed and you need to sleep early also because you’re going back to the village tomorrow as early as possible”, Daniel said while standing up from the dinning and going inside the room.

” I know you will not listen, you’re too stubborn, all these years, I am really tired of God will do this, He will do that… You better listen to what I am telling you “, my mother in-law also stood up and went to her room.

I closed the door and rest behind it, raising my eyes to heaven, I don’t know when tears begin to drop from my eyes.

” What is my offence God?, what I’ve I done to you that you decide to punish me this way…Or did I offend anybody that do not want to forgive me?…why am i suffering like this?… why is everybody blaming me for our childlessness?… What have I done wrong?”, I wept the more.

“Darling, are you through?”, I heard my husband’s voice calling me from the bedroom.

I quickly wipe my tears as I tidy up the whole place before I left the kitchen.

” I am coming dear”, I replied.

Daniel was busy with his laptop when I entered the room. I tried to fake a smile as he looked at me.

I quickly sat beside him as I checked the laptop on his lap.

“What are you doing dear?”, I asked.

” I’m trying to reply some mails because I am going out early tomorrow, I need to drop mama at the park “, he replied.

” Okay… By the way, what was mama discussing with you dear?”

“Nothing of great importance, don’t worry about that one dear…”

I changed my mood as I discover that he did not want to tell me.

“What is it dear?”, he asked.

” Nothing “, I replied as I lay on the bed.

” Nothing??… What do you mean by nothing, then why is the sudden mood change?”, he asked.

“Look Daniel, as you can see I am tired and I need to rest”, I said while covering myself with the blanket and backing him.

” Okay o, if you say so…goodnight “, he said while facing his laptop.
“Goodbye ma and save journey”, I said to my mother in-law as she entered the car but she did not reply me.

” Goodbye dear”, my husband said before he drove off.

I stood fixed as I remember what my mother in-law said yesterday. How will she bring another woman for my husband?, is it my fault that we do not have any child yet?”, these and many more thoughts ran through my mind as I find my way inside. I sat down not knowing when I slept off.

“Bolaji…Bolaji”, I woke up suddenly as I saw Precious my friend calling and tapping me.

” Why do you keep the door open like this”, she said as she closed the door.

“I don’t even know when I slept off”, I answered.

” Eehhnn… and why are you like this”, she asked while sitting beside me.

“Like how?”, I replied.

” I mean you look tired, seems something is wrong, what is it dear, tell me”

“Friend, my mother in-law just left now and she said she will bring another lady for my husband when next she’s coming to Lagos”

“Bring a lady?, why don’t you tell her you don’t need a maid, I think you can take care of your home…”

“Precious, why are you always like this, did I mention a maid, I mean another wife”

“Another wife?”

“Yes”, I replied.

” For what?”

“Because of this child issue, she said it’s my fault that I’m barren and I’ve done so many tests with my husband, the doctor said we are okay medically but I don’t think she wants to hear that at all”.

“So what was your husband reply?”

“He just reply her somehow and said we are praying and trusting God but it’s as if my mother in-law and God are fighting, she did not want to hear that part of trusting God, she said we’ve been trusting Him all these years, that what is the result?”

“Hmmm…may God bless this woman anywhere she is”, Precious said.

” What do you mean by that?”

“She’s saying the truth, but the truth as they say is bitter… Why are you still trusting God that has not answer you yet when you have so many options staring at you like this”

“Precious just stop it, don’t even go there at all, I’ve told you times without number that you should not repeat that nonsense with me again”

“What is it Bolaji, is it not your own we’re telling you… I already told you I have one baba that can give you children as many as you want but you said you cannot go to an herbalist then I brought another idea that you will just sleep with another man outside and give the pregnancy to your husband…it is as simple as that and nobody will know”, Precious said.

” Precious can you just stop it, I’m getting angry already, so you still dwell on this your so called other options since these years, I thought you’ve changed that is why we are still friends till now, but it seems I’m wrong and you call yourself a Christian… ”

“Yes now…I’m a Christian, a good one at that…but mind you people are doing it dear…what is there…you will just give all the glory to God, it is only you that know how you got the child, don’t you know that it is only in your house that you can eat rat with belly botton….wise up dear…you better don’t dull yourself or you want them to bring one yeye village girl to your home, that one will now be the owner of this home or don’t you know that it is the one that bears children that owns the husband and the home…wise up dear”, she said.

To be continued…

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Oluwaseyi Obisesan.

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