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I was suspicious when I got to church yesterday morning and saw pastor Michael smiling at me.
It wasn’t normal because I didn’t think we should be on good terms.

Pastor Michael is our youth pastor. I always think he’s overrated but many people are too blind to see that. It’s only when pastor coolval stories Michael is speaking in tongues that I used to hear Rema and Zlatan words inside it.

Which one is ” ayii ayii ayii, badmannino ” inside holy spirit voice. Pastor Michael is still young and that’s the reason all the church members liked him, they always acknowledge him for doing greater things in lord’s work at younger age but I’m not jonzed by all this, I didn’t like him because he’s kinda arrogant but I’ve never showed it to him.

Last Sunday , after service, sister Naomi, the most prettiest girl in our church asked me to follow her to her house so that I can help her and fix one of her sockets that was malfunctioning.

Who am I to reject her plea when I’m her boyfriend. I followed her to her house to fix the socket, after fixing it, we both sat down in her one room apartment, on her bed discussing how the service was. How I was feeling the praise and worship she led where I was standing.

She was a choir and me an usher.
One discussion led to another and I suddenly felt like kissing her which I did, but the door suddenly flung open at that moment and pastor Michael entered.

He met us in that position and I swiftly disassociate myself from her.
The way pastor Michael was glaring at us, I thought he was going to command an aeroplane to crush us inside the room.


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