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Episode 1

Melanie is a very strong, young but ambitious eighteen year old girl who was raised by her single mother Ofelia….she’s a very happy girl and looks forward to a bright future with a small but very happy family…..her mother toiled to make sure she got education, it was in her second year in college when she met the love of her life, a very handsome and down to earth man in the names of Ronald who at this moment is her world, she has kept the relationship a secret from her mother because she’s sure Ofelia will not allow her to keep the relationship now that she’s still in school…… she was so able to hide the small phone Ron got for her from her mother…….

He was so able to hide his family status from her so well….she’ had no idea he was a rich kid until the day he took her home to be introduced to his family

She was so excited to meet his parents but at the same time nervous, they arrived at the home that looked more like a mini heaven, Ronald drove into the wide beautiful compound in his red jeep with Mel seated by his side, her breathing tightens at the sight of the house…..she had passed the street a few times in the past and could never have imagined she would ever enter in one of the gates, the people there are super Rich……

Ron packs the jeep and jumps out so excited as a security guard comes towards him and saluted him as a sign of respect…. Mel’s mouths open at the sight but before she could react, Ron comes to open the door for her and gave his hand to her to hold on to….trembling all over, she held onto him and checks her dressing one more time, she felt so poor in her grey skirt and yellow top but to top it all, she’s putting on a cheep slipper that she normally buys cheaply by the road side, she checks herself from up and down and felt like disappearing like chicken urine……Ron must have realised this because he held onto her hand so tightly, and looked into her eyes to make her relax but they are interrupted by the guard

“Excuse me Ron…. is she the new maid your mum talked about” this question made her feel even worse and it angered Ron who responded in a very harsh way

“No…she’s not….she’s my guest” he started walking towards the big house pulling her along, she can’t keep up with his speed and she’s running but the guard is not done with them yet

“She can’t go in please young master, she has no appointment and her name was never handed to us this morning” Ron tries so much to ignore him but this is not something one can easily ignore, he drops Mel’s hand and walks over to the guard

“What’s your problem huh….can’t you just get lost and let me face the music?”

“But you….”

“But I what?….. get lost…get moving if you still value your Job” the guard finally backs away and he turns to Mel smiling but at this point, Mel can’t tell if she wants to continue with the journey or not, he ignores her cold feet and holds onto her hand trying to pull her along but she’s standing rooted on the ground

“What’s wrong beautiful”

“I…I…I can’t do this”

“Do what?”

“I can’t go in… just told me you borrowed the jeep and now this is happening” he smiles at her

“Who are you Ronald?”

“I’m Ronald junior, the son of minister Ronald Pope”

“Pope???…. the minister of internal affairs??”

“Yes beautiful but don’t ask too many questions, I will explain everything later” she’s just starring at him like she’s seeing a stranger but he ignores her surprised face, he tries to pull her hand and her cheep phone starts to Ring, she pulls it out of her bag and it’s her mother

“Pick it…” he assures her and at this moment three guards are just starring at them from a far, she reluctantly picks the call

“Hello mum”

“Melanie… where are you”

“I’m with Soni…” she lies

“Soni….she’s here looking for you, she says she has not seen you since morning and you were not in class” she’s stuck now and fidgets with answer

“That’s true…. I haven’t seen her because I’m here looking for her” her mother is confused

“Mother….we shall talk when I get back OK” she ends the call as Ron laughs at her

“You don’t know how to lie, you should have told her you were with your boyfriend” he teases her and that earns him a very light but playful slap

“Shall we?” he gives her her elbow to slip her hand into and she did, as he takes her inside at the surprise of all the guards watching………..

Mr and Mrs Pope Ronald are seated at the dining with their two daughters, patience and Perry so ready for their evening tea…..Perry is the second born after Ron, she’s twenty five years old and a very sweet and gentle girl who is into Charity and has her own charity organization she runs with her brother Ron who happens to be the executive director……patience is the very opposite of her sister, a proud child who is a spoilt brat, since she’s the last born, her words are always the last and the final, her words carry wait and she’s the Apple of their mother’s eyes, she and her two elders don’t really get along do well……their Dad wonders where their brother is because it’s a very strict rule in the family to always eat together since it’s a busy family and they rarely get together except during meal times but today it’s strange because Ron is not home yet Perry says he left the office before her

“Where could he be” their Father wonders

“He’s a big boy and he must be taken up somewhere I’m sure he knows how important it is to get together during meal times” Perry comes to his rescue but patience thinks it’s an indiscipline and they get verbal with each other that their mother has to shut them both down, she thinks patience has a point but before she could say much, the said undisciplined child enters with a lady following behind, he’s full of smiles and Mel could not miss the surprise in their faces, she’s trembling when her eyes met with a woman in her late fourtees who looks more like a thirty year old, she could tell right away that she’s Ron’s mum because he looks just like her, she starts fumbling with her top and the next minute her middle finger was in her mouth, it’s what she does every time she’s afraid….. all this time Ron has not moved or said a word, no one in the room has also said a word, even the house maids have all come out of the kitchen to see the Free drama

“Mum….Dad I’m home”

“We can see that…”Patience says and Perry had to pinch her to keep quiet, Perry gets up to save the situation

” You’re welcome miss….have a sit” she offers her chair to the very afraid Mel who still continues to get the cold reception and very uncomfortable stare from everyone, Mrs Pope now speaks

“Son…. welcome home but please, this is not the servant’s quarter” Mel’s eyes bulge out

“I know my way around this house mum” he turns to his Dad and this time Mel who still refuses to sit down is standing besides perry who now supports her by holding her hand, she feels the warmth in the frightened guest and feels so mad that her brother took this step without informing her……

“Dad….. she’s called Melanie….she’s my girlfriend” patience drops her fork down in shock, their mother stands up and perry holds Mel’s hands more firmly…. their Dad looks at this frightened girl and manages a smile

“You’re welcome to my house Melanie” she nods, she wanted to say thanks but her Voice failed her

“Sit…” he offers her Perry’s chair again and Mel sits, he looks at his son

“Ronald…. tell them to bring one more plate and cup for our guest” this is still a shock and a dream….. his wife can’t believe her husband is so receptive towards this no body but she keeps quiet they settle all down and the rest of their eating is done in silence as no one speaks, patience kept on starring at this so called girlfriend of her brother and wonder why he would degrade them in this manner, she wonders where they met from in the first place…..soon they are done eating and Perry offers to show Mel around the House, by now she’s a little settled and relaxed, she follows Perry to her room as Ron wants to follow them but his Father stops him saying they have to talk….. he joins his Father in his studies and it’s only remaining patience and her mother in the dining having their own meeting too

“Mother…. are you going to just watch as my brother makes this huge mistake”

“Never….not now that he’s in the right age to get married”

“What are we going to do…”

“We can’t discuss these things here remember the walls have ears, but I will break them and destroy her”

“Don’t get so confident yet mother, you know your son so well…. when he wants something he gets it”

“That means you also don’t know me…..I’m going to pretend that I’m OK with this, I will be so nice to her and then something will happen, something not even your father will ignore… he and your brother and Father will be the ones to kick her poor ass out of this family…. Ron will never want to spend the rest of his life by her side when that happens” patience is loving this so they toast to it…..

Meanwhile in Pope’s study, he gets to find out more about this Melanie of a girl, he could see his son has truly fallen in love given how his eyes glitter every time he mentions her name

“I love her Dad… if it wasn’t for the fact that she was still in school, I would say I’m so ready to make her my wife right now” his father smiles

“I’m so happy to hear that…. I hope it isn’t for money that she accepted you”

“Not at all…in fact she had no idea who I was till some few minutes ago, she’s a gold and I’m so glad she’s mine” they talked about a lot of things and Ron is just so happy that his parents are very fine with his relationship and now he wants to take it to the next level….

Episode 2

Melanie has enjoyed her visit to the Pope family because what she got was what she never expected and by the time she and Ron’s sis whose name she got to know as perry came out, she was already free and joyous like she was in her own mother’s small apartment, she and perry come out to meet Mrs Pope and the other Lady whose name she still hasn’t known were still seated and now playing card, on sighting her, their mother asks them to excuse them so they can talk and the two sisters leave going out of the house…..

“Sit down” the woman says to her asking her to join her in the big Couch in the living room

“Don’t be afraid…. sit” Mel sits and the woman’s smile gives her a little confidence

“Melanie right?”

“Yes mum….Melanie Fina”

“Are you from around here”

“Not really mum….I’m from Ombaci ”

“Oh! I see, and your parents”

“Huh!…. I have never really met my Dad because I was told he’s late but I live and grew up with my mother”

“Is she in government position or something” Mel knew where this was headed to and she becomes a little uneasy but she has to tell her

“No mum…..she’s not, just a home stay mother” Mrs pope raises her eyebrows high

“Forgive me for asking but I’m only asking because I want to know the woman my son fell madly in love with…. how did you two meet anyways”

“I met him a few months ago but it was just an encounter, he was asking for a direction and I happened to be going on his way so that’s how we met” the woman eyes are from up and down making her feel too poor again

“How old are you”

“I’m eighteen Mum”

“Good… son is twenty eight and our first son….it would be good if his relationship isn’t scandalous at all….what do you normally do on Saturdays”

“I help my mother in her small shop”

“Good…..I want to take you out shopping and I won’t take no for an answer” now Mel is so confused, one minute it’s like this woman doesn’t like her but the next minute she’s sweet, making her so confused but taking her shopping is extreme, she can’t accept

“Thanks mum….but I can’t accept this ”

“Why not…. you’re my son’s girlfriend and I’m sure he will want you to be his wife in the future” she keeps quiet and the woman pushes near her taking her hands in hers

“Look, if you’re afraid your Mum will not allow you to go out on a Saturday because you need to be in the shop them don’t worry, I will talk to her”

“No no no…mum please don’t”

“Why?….. is it because she doesn’t know about this relationship?” she keeps quiet again

“I told you this and I’m going to say it again, my son is a public figure and you have no idea how much a Media house will earn just to know something little about his Private life” Mel is quite again

“I take this silence to be a yes and no more saying about this” Mel smiles and Mrs Pope can tell she’s truly beautiful and what a shame she can’t accept this forbidden relationship….. just then Ron and his father come down to join them, he’s instantly happy to see his ever complicated mother getting along so well with Melanie, he sits next to her and pinches her playfully as his Father clears his throat

“Melanie… once again you’re so much welcome to this family”

“Thank you Sir”

“No no… you’re my daughter and no need to be so formal with me, call me Dad if you don’t mind” she and Ron smile

“I hope you’re staying for dinner” Mel looks at Ron, this wasn’t part of their deal and in fact she has over stayed according to what they had planned so she declines the offer

“Maybe the next time…. I have to get back home”

“Oh sure…I forgot you’re still your mother’s little girl” they all laugh to that and she says she has to get going, Ron gets up picking the keys and they head out of the house with perry running after them saying they can’t leave without saying goodbye to her………….

“What do you think of her” minister asks his wife

“Beautiful… she’s beautiful but I’m afraid”

“Stop right there….I married you without thinking of my position in the society so this shouldn’t be a concern” she immediately shuts up………..

Ron and Mel drive home almost in silence as Mel says she still can’t forgive him for what he just did to her in a day…..they arrive in her small compound and he packs the car, before he could come out to open the door for her, she opens and jumps out of the jeep

“Good night” she tries to walk away but he runs after her and holds her by the arm, resting her back on the avocado tree in their compound

“Are you going to let me go just like that”

“Please…. Ron, we can’t stand in this position, my mum shall be home soon”

“I don’t care….how long are we going to hide this beautiful thing we share, especially from your mother” he is now leaning so close and she’s all so scared to death and tries to get away from him but he rests his heavy self on her that she just can’t get away

“Are you still mad at me for what I did…I know I have so much to explain but this isn’t the right time or place”

“No…but please let me go”

“On one condition though…. you have to give me a kiss” he said

“But you know that is not possible. I’m not brought up to engage in such kind of things for now as long as I am still unmarried”

“But we are going to get married at the end of the day, please allow me to kiss you”

“And I said it can’t happen” she replied

Ron was still bent on kissing her as he moves closer to her and that was when Melanie’s mother appeared

“Melanie….” her mother who has just come home from the shop calls out to her. They both stand facing her mother so embarrassed…. Ron holds onto her hand tightly and he is very ready to face the music with her


“Where did I go wrong” Ofelia can’t come to terms with the sight she just met

“I can explain” Ron tries to come to her rescue but Ofelia doesn’t want to hear his voice and neither does she want to see him around

“Get out of my home… right this minute” he doesn’t want to go but Mel urges him to go which he finally did at last

“Is this what I sent you in school to learn?”

“No mother but I can explain”

“Of course you can but I don’t want to hear’s your life and thank you for killing me like your useless father did” Ofelia walks into the house leaving Mel feeling so bad and dirty… how can she even convince her mum that they haven’t gone that far in this relationship….. she finally follows her mother in the house anyways

“Mother…. can we talk”

“No Fina……you’re so free to do whatever you want with your life and body but please have some dignity because this house is still mine and I make the rules here so I demand some respect”

“Mother please, he’s not just any other man but he’s my boyfriend and he’s decent” her mother abandons what she’s doing and faces her

“You’re eighteen and a big girl….. all I’m asking from you is to be careful with all these men…you’re a very beautiful girl and don’t let that carry you away because men are Savage, he will leave you all broken and bruised you will see, I’m talking out of experience” she keeps quiet

“Can I at least get to meet him and know the man my daughter is in love with?” she wasn’t expecting this and she’s so delighted their relationship is just accepted from both sides, she runs to her room to give Ron the exciting news…..

To be continued

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