Episode 31

“Don’t get me wrong Tobi, it’s just some weird feeling I can’t get rid of”

“A weird feeling you said Jane…. I’m so sure there has to be a reason for you to have felt why you felt and say it out loud”

“I know but like I said, it’s just nothing serious, it’s not like I suspect someone….. maybe I’m only being paranoid…maybe it’s because I felt it was strange no one heard Mel scream in that area” he looks puzzled

“Come on brush it off, it’s nothing Tobi maybe I should have kept this to myself”

“It’s good that you have let it out, I thought it was strange Mel would fall just like that, she has been careful and in the last few months, she has really grown to love the baby and wish to keep it”

“What do you mean, she had grown to love the baby… did she not want it at first” Tobi realises he has said a little too much at this point, he scratches his head

“No Jane that’s not what I meant she was a little scared when we were told she was going to have our baby, she was not sure if she wanted to keep it” Jane buys the excuse

“Look, there is a cab coming, I need to stop it” she opens the door and waves for the cab that stopped , she comes back for her phone

“Good night Tobi…. see you tomorrow”

“Make sure to stop at the office and check up….have good night Jane…… but don’t forget to look so good tomorrow too, you looked a mess today” he screams after her

“Oh shut up Tobi” she shouts back and gets into the cab, she waves to him and the man takes off

“Tobi…that was close man!… that was close”….. he gets back to the road and heads home………….

After fifteen minutes of driving in the jam, Tobi finally gets home and for the first time since morning he feels so tired and he realises he must looks like a burglar

” Welcome back boss” maid Lisa comes up behind him startling him

“Oh Lisa!…. how are you”

“Good and you” they start walking towards the house

“Terrible….. so tired”

“It appears…today you’re late”

“I had some emergency, have you prepared something nice”

“Yes…actually your mother is waiting for you”

“Good evening son” his mother comes in front of them

“Hey mum”

“Oh my God!… you look horrible and smell terrible, have you been working in a construction site” Lisa had already excused herself so it’s just the two of them

“That remark is Plain and uncalled for mum” he walks past and she follows him up, he drops his coat on the bed and starts to take off his shirt

“Where is your briefcase….. you….were you robed”

“Nope mum…..I wanted to first take my bath and tell you everything but since you’re so impatient, you can have a seat and I tell you why I have been the way I am lately” Monica seats down and Tobi moves over the the chair to keep their distance

“Remember you have always been on my neck about the issue of having a wife” Monica looks excited

“Have you already found the perfect match son”

“Yes, but it’s not in the way you think”

“What do you mean….”

“Today we were supposed to come here for dinner, I had plans to bring her home so you two could meet but some emergency cams up”

“It’s alright, I’m so excited just…. finally but who is she, what’s her father’s name….does she have a mother….. I know these people, and I’m so sure I might know them” Tobi stares at his mum with a look of disappointment in his eyes

“I couldn’t have predicted wrongly mother”

“What do you mean”

“No nothing….. this was one of the reasons I took my time to ask her come home finally…. her father is late”

“Oh poor thing….is it not the daughter of the late chief katushabe… it not kutesa….or even…”

“Calm down already mum…..Relax, she’s neither the daughter of katu whatever or Ku so and so….her name is Melanie and her mother is called Ofelia, a house wife” Monica’s happy face turns to frown

“What…..didn’t you say I was old enough to get married….now I’m considering it”

“Impossible, if a good for nothing is what you Want to bring home for a wife, I don’t mind how long you take staying single Tobi, I will not pressure you….. how could you even think about it huh”

“I never thought about it but I fell in love”

“That’s not love ……that woman is an opportunist and you think she loves you”

“Good enough that’s not what I see in her but if it’s your way of thinking about every poor person out there, I’m not going to change your attitude, go on and continue thinking whatever you want”

“The nerve you have Tobi!…. your nerve but guess what, I’m so glad that emergency came up and you two couldn’t come home for that dinner, because only God knows what I would have done to her…..where the hell did you even find that opportunist tell her she’s not going to succeed because I will not allow it”

“Don’t waste your time mum….it’s already too late because we already have something that’s going to bind us for ever”

“What is that thing, is it marriage?…… did you guys do a secret wedding without me knowing anything about it?”

“No mother, it’s something more that just wedding…. today, all thanks to Melanie, I became a father to a very beautiful daughter” Monica’s face looks a hundred year old, she’s not sure if she believes her son is still sound in the head

“Since when did all of this start??”

“You don’t have to know….. but today you became a Granny to Alesi Miracle….. she’s my miracle because had it not been for her, there would not have been a beautiful story between Tobias and Melanie” Monica slowly gets up and quietly leaves the room, Tobi couldn’t care less and will not allow her to spoil his good mood, he picks his towel and heads over to the bathroom, but stops and checks himself in the mirror and smiles

“Tata miracle….. yes I’m a father yes” he celebrates and practices how he’s going to spend quality time with his daughter, how he wishes to introduce her to football so they can have their own small team of two………just imagining all of this gets him excited, he proceeds to showering……he comes out and heads down to an empty dinning

“Should I serve you boss” Lisa enquires

“No….Mum has not come down, do you know what’s keeping her?…. she’s always timely”

“She came here saying no one should disturb her, she didn’t want to eat”

“Serve Me what you prepared and please join me and sit, let’s eat together”

“Yes but do you know what, I don’t want to have any problems with your mum

” She’s not going to come out now but even if she comes down right now, she’s not going to say a word ” Lisa serves the very cheerful Tobi and sits to eat with him…….they eat and have some talk some more……. he heads to bed where he calls Mac asking if Mel had, he was told she had woken up, he’s so excited, he can’t wait to see her tomorrow

The next day early in the morning, Tobi asked up and dresses casually since he’s not going to the office today, he gives Jane a call

“Good morning PA”

“Good morning boss…. Hope your night was wonderful”

“It couldn’t have been any better….now, shall you pass by to the hospital, Mel has woken up”

“Oh thank Jesus, I was so worried about her over the night….I shall surely pass by there”

“Good, come with my bag I had left it there, it has inside some personal stuffs”

“I shall don’t worry”

“Work half day and pick a cab, I shall pay for it there”

“OK good day” Tobi climbs down all feeling energetic, he finds Lisa arranging the table for breakfast

“Good morning Tobi”

“Lisa how are you”

“Very fine…..”

“Good, tell my mum I’m already off”

“Aren’t you going to eat something”

“No….don’t worry, I can grab something on the way. take care and good day” he walks out and he’s about to enter his car when he’s stopped

“Wait son…..I can’t believe you were going to leave Me behind” he turns to see his mother all dressed up to come with him, he doesn’t look thrilled…….

Episode 32

“I can’t believe you were going to leave your mother behind…. do you really think I would miss to see my grandchild of all the things in this world” Tobi tries to forge a smile despite his curiously, he’s not sure if he’s ready to introduce Mel to his mother but right now there is no way he’s going to dance his way around this

“That’s not what was on my mind mother, I just thought you would wake up a little late”

“Do you really think I slept a wink just thinking about how my grandchild must be looking like, whether she looks like me or you” he forges a smile

“Who does she resemble….does she have your long nose and deep blue eyes or she looks likeme”

“Just get in the car already” he opens for his mum and comes over to his side and enters, he starts the car but his mum wants an answer for her question

“It’s still too Early to tell mum, she’s just a day old and I couldn’t see her yesterday”

“Hmmmm!….. how strange” Tobi decides to put the music loud so he would not listen to his mother’s rantings…..he drives for like three minutes when Mac’s call came through

“Bro….what’s up”

“Where are you”

“On my way coming….. how are my people doing”

“Mel was in too much pain after waking up from the operation but she was given some painkillers but she fell asleep”

“How long will she take to sleep”

“I’m sure it won’t be long, she was asking for you so I just called because you need to be here when she wakes up”

“On my way, I just need to grab some breakfast for mum and aunt….any other thing”

“Some drinks for Mel maybe”

“That’s fine” he ends the call and drives to the usual supermarket where she shops from, his mother has just been quiet all throughout, he packs the car at the parking lot and opens the door

“I’m coming with you to pick whatever you may need”

“That wouldn’t be necessary mum but if you really want to you can” he comes down and opens for his mother…… they both enter and the employees are so happy to see him, he shops for quite a lot, some diapers, drinks and a few other things, his mother help to pick even more and Tobi is not liking her attitude, they reach the counter to pay for all they have shopped…..

“Sir….today you left Melanie behind, that’s unusual”

“She’s actually in the hospital…..”

“Oh my God… what happened”

“Just a slight accident that led to emergency surgery but she’s doing fine….I’m now a proud father of a baby girl”

“Congs Sir…. I’m so happy for you”

“Thank you Joy…”

“My greetings to miss Melanie and congratulate her for me please”

“I sure will” He picks the shopping bags and his mum picks some…..on their way to the hospital his mum starts again

“This Melanie of a woman is not an ordinary woman like I thought” Tobi doesn’t find this statement pleasing but he chooses to ignore

“I see she has a way of warming her way into people’s hearts”

“She’s a good woman mum…she doesn’t have to impress any one”

“I know….I was having some doubt but it’s clear you have been seeing each other for a long time and you have done quite a lot for her”

“You’re wrong, I have not done anything for Melanie…. she’s not a materialistic woman”

“Well we shall see for how long”…. Tobi is furious and stops the car

” I think accepting your coming here was a very big mistake but it’s not too late yet, you can go back because the last thing I want right now is for you to disorganise me and say something that would upset my people ”

“Easy…..I never meant it to upset you”

“Then shut up and let me continue in peace and I’m begging you in the name of God, if you have any plans of going there with bad intention, you still have a lot of time to go back” Monica finally shuts up and it wasn’t long before they reach pioneer hospital……..

“Come with me” he says to his mother who quietly follows, after they pick the things they bought…..Mac had arranged a specious private room for them and but Mel still is kept in another private room with her baby who is still in the nursery…..Tobi first decides to drop the bags in the room where Ofelia and her Sis were, they reach the room and knocks on the door,Ofelia could tell it was him so she didn’t waste time to open

“Son…it’s you”

“Good morning mum” he gives her a brief hug but Ofelia freezes on seeing the woman with Tobi, she could tell she’s his mother but she doesn’t even know how to address her

“Good morning madam” she says a quick hello to Monica and ushers them in

“How are you aunty” Tobi greats Jessica who is just observing this woman with him, she can tell she’s trouble

“Sorry….this is my mother with me” he uncomfortably makes the introduction and the they greet anyways…..

“Have you seen my people” he asks Ofelia

“Not yet, the doctor came here telling us Mel had woken up and she asked for you”

“Alright…. I already spoke with him on my way here….I got you breakfast and it’s in one of these bags….let me check up with Mel”

“Thanks son….”

“Mum” he says to his mother

“Come with me please” his mother who has been quiet follows him out without any problem and when they were out of earshot, Monica finally erupts

“Tobi I’m so disappointed in you”

“Mother please”

“No…no no no you have no right to say mother please…..tell me, were you blackmailed, did you do something that they used to threaten you that they would reveal if you don’t do as they say”

“What’s your problem…. mother”

“My problem is I don’t want to have anything to do with that wretched family….. those no bodys…. rubbish” she’s becoming so uncontrollable

“If that’s how the mother and aunty are, I don’t even wish to see the woman herself….. much less the baby”

“Well I never asked you to in the first place” this earns him a slap

“I’m giving you only two days…..two day Tobi to end all this nonsense, if it’s money they want, I’m willing to pay”…. they continue to shout but unknown to them, they are standing at Mel’s door and she is listening, it was Tobi’s voice that woke her up

” Listen carefully Tobi….. I didn’t work my ass flat to see you make it in life successfully only for you to go out there and collect some trash in the names of Melanie as a woman you Want to marry…..I will not not sit back and watch you make that mistake NEVER!!…it’s either me or her….you have two days to make that choice…. only two days….” Tobi could not even answer because he’s still stunned Mac sees them and comes

“Brother you’re already here” they hug

“Mum I’m excited you’re here too… you wish to see your grandchild now”

“I was but not anymore….all I want is to get the hell out of here and I’m on my way” she turns to Tobi

“Two days Remember….. only two days” she walks out in fuss and Mac is so shocked

“What’s up with mum”

“Don’t mind her…..we shall talk but right now all I want is to see my people”

“She’s right here…..but I’m not sure she is awake but we can check right”Mel hears their talk and pretends to be asleep but unknown to her, she forgot to clean her tears and the door flies open……

To be continued

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