Episode 33

The mood in the offices today is just quiet, no one knows what’s going on or what happened but all they know is that all of them came to work when Jane’s office was already open and functional, she looked to be busy calling and receiving calls…..the employees could all tell she was either making appointments for their boss or she’s rescheduling his appointments…… they are still wondering about this love affair between Melanie and their boss, some of them think that it’s so strange miss Melanie would have such terrible accident not far from the reception area and yet Janet has insisted she heard nothing, some of their heads are working and they suspect she must have somehow found out about Mel’s affair with the boss because it’s not a secret she has been lusting after her boss……..even though they continue doing their works, they are mostly thinking of ways how to get information about Mel’s health from the looking very busy Jane………..

Mac has successfully led Tobi into Melanie’s room where she looks to be sleeping, Mac didn’t go near the bed but stood next to the door

“I think we came at the wrong time…. she’s still sleeping as you can see” Mac says

“Sure but you don’t expect me to get out of this room before seeing her beautiful face and hold her hand….it’s been a day since I last saw her”

“A day not a year Tobi”

“Whatever…. but I need sometime with her, I really missed her”

“On one condition brother…. don’t wake her up before it’s her time…….it’s not healthy and secondly, pass by my office after here we have lots to discuss”

“You’re forgetting another important thing….. visiting my Angel”

“Oh!…. I had almost….. let me leave you two, I will be back to take you to see your daughter” Mac closes the door behind……. for a moment it felt as if Tobi remained standing in one place but then Melanie started hearing him take steps forward, she shut her eyes more and refuses to make a move…….. Tobi sits down on the bed and takes Mel’s hand in his…..he uses his other hand to wipe her tears

“You don’t have to pretend you’re sleeping babe… least not with me”…..Mel doesn’t know why he knows her this much, she didn’t realise her tears would betray her but now more fresh ones come pouring when he said that, she slowly opened her eyes and sees him with blurred vision…….Tobi all smiles cleans her face

” How are you feeling my person” Mel tries a smile too

“Better…..the pain is not very strong like when I first woke up”

“Did you eat something already”

“When I woke up,I felt thirsty and needed only water but Mac didn’t let any one serve me that”

“You didn’t know???….. you could have died but anyways……. Mac called me saying you were asking after me”

“Did I….but I don’t Remember”

“Or are you only pretending not to be remembering” he tries to be playful but she’s stiff and plain, it’s like she’s not liking him holding her hands

“I’m here babe……your person is here…..I’m so excited, we have a daughter now” she just stares at him

“Do you remember what happened to you, how did this accident happen”

“Just like you have put it out Tobi, it was an accident and accidents just happen, I stripped and fell maybe it was my shoe sole”

“I don’t think so but what’s important is that you’re fine and our baby too is fine…… I will talk to Mac and ask when you’re going to be discharged from here…. I need to look after you personally”….Mel tries to turn on her own but the pain makes her effort futile, and Tobi helps

” Melanie…… I know this isn’t the right time or place to talk about this…’re sick and so unable to talk but I just want you to know that I’m aware you heard everything my mother said out there but I’m not Happy with the way you’re trying to act upon that now….. we should be thanking God and celebrating this miracles not like this…. get rid of that face and let me handle my mother…… all I need from you is to not give up on us…..don’t you ever” he looks so sincere but as he said those words, she remembers Ron, a tear escapes and Tobi didn’t waste anytime but cleans it…..she looks at him and in her eyes he looks like Ron, she remembers how he got so furious with his mum when she could not allow them to date, how he defended her, how he made her believe real men still existed out there but only for him to hurt her Even more than he would have had he listened to his mother before it was too late…………Tobi is becoming so scared because Mel is just starring at him with tears but saying nothing

“Babe…. are you here” he shakes her up and she gets to her senses

“Tobi….don’t promise what you can not fulfil….. she’s your mother and she has done so much for you….. I beg of you, I can even get out of here now and go back home……I can take well care of my daughter from there”

“Our daughter Mel…. our daughter don’t forget that…she’s still so fragile and you can’t take such risks with her unless you want her dead ”

“Tobi…..I can never be hurt by anyone when he or she abuses me of my poverty…… why should I be hurt when it’s the truth, that’s who and how Melanie is and it can never hurt me…’s my identity” now it’s time for Tobi to shade his own tears

“I shall not refuse your help here because I’m sure I can’t even afford this hospital….. you have been nothing but my guardian Angel….. go, go see our little Angel” at least this statement is consoling

“I named her Alesi Miracle…. our miracle Mel” he can’t hug her right now but she’s so excited for the name and all they do is hold hands and he brushed them on her face

“Why Alesi of all names….I had not even thought of a name for her, remember we had no idea about the gender, we didn’t want to know till when she come out ”

“I’m with you Melanie just because of love and nothing else….. we were given an opportunity to decide If we wanted to have this baby or not…..remember it was not and easy decision but finally we did, it was all for love…. all because of love that we chose to keep her…she’s our miracle” Mel has even forgotten about hearing the ugly conversation between Tobi and his mother and she’s so happy, she holds onto his hands tightly……………

It’s coming to eleven am when Jane checks her watch and realises she needed to go to the hospital to see how Mel was doing with the baby, she collects her things and locks properly the office and gets moving, she walks past almost all the offices with everyone looking at her with anticipation that she might say something but she continues to walk till when she gets to the reception, she was even on her way out already and ignoring Janet but Janet calls out to her and she stops form walking out

“I had no idea you were in here, I could swear you were not in here for real”

“Did you look for me Janet… did you or is there any problem…wanted something”

“No no no not at all thought you didn’t come to work since I didn’t see you come in” Jane wants to walk out but something tells her to come back, she stops, turns andshe starts walking towards her until when she got closer to Janet who is not only shocked but looks sick, the glass is still there and she spots it, she takes it in her hand and water spill down, she looks yo to meet her eyes

“I know you had a hand in Mel’s terrible accident Janet….. I know you did something”

“Excuse me….what are you saying Jane,….this is harassment”

“Oh yeah.! are you ready to report this ….well Mel told me everything and once she’s fine all of us are going to sit down and and see what happens….so if you know what’s good for you, you should start talking now”…..

Episode 34

Tobi has left Mel’s room to go pay a visit to their daughter who is kept separately in the nursery and no one has been allowed to see her because it wasn’t healthy to do so yesterday and today Mac felt Tobi should be the first to see her, he’s led into the room by a nurse

“Sir you won’t spend more than ten minutes in here, it’s still not safe to let people come see the baby, it is usually five minutes but Mac asked me to give you ten”

“Thank you miss…’s fine with me, I don’t think I want to put my Angel at risk anyways” the nurse exists the room and Tobi smiles with excitement……… he walks over to the small bed and could see her playing inside the glass, she isn’t asleep and just continues to make her little tiny fingers so cute

“Hey hey…cutie how are you, daddy is here you know he’s here with you,…… you gave us quiet a scare yesterday…… was as if I was going to loose you and Mummy but you guys are both fine now” he changes to her other side and looks at her properly waving at her to get her attention but all in vain….. it’s still so early to tell but his daughter is super cute…..she has no hair on her head and this is so funny to him

“I thought women were born with so much hair on the head but yours is the opposite baby girl……but you’re so adorable, daddy’s little girl, daddy’s sunshine….. you’re my world sweetheart, you and mummy are my people and for you I’m so capable of denouncing even my name……do you know why I didn’t want you having our family name? it’s not because I don’t want you but it’s because I want to start something new, that family only has two members my mother your granny and I ……I was only telling you because I know you would ask in the future, no child of mine will have that name but you shall all live and have everything you ever needed in life……I love you my miracle, love you sweetheart”

“Time up” Mac who sneaked in without notice speaks startling Tobi

“Men!…. you’re so annoying”

“Say what you want men but your time is up”

“Five minutes more please”

“Nope…a deal is a deal, you should have protested when my nurse told you you have ten minutes”

“She’s cute Mac…. very cute”

“Super gorgeous…. Tobi”

“When can I take them home”

“I want them to spend a few more days, or even a week…….Mel just got operated yesterday but guess what she has been feeding the baby and Mira can suck like an expert”

“Were you there”

“I’m a Doc men”

“Hope Mel covered herself up, I don’t trust you”

“Hahahaha…. let’s go we can’t be in here…. we need to talk in my office though” Tobi turns and waves to his daughter

“Daddy will see you later babe……uncle Mac has given you a shorter version of your name”

“Yeah babe…… Mira” Mac adds and Tobi is truly excited, they close the door behind and leave for Mac’s office…………

Jane is not done with Janet yet, their voices are beginning to rise and it’s starting to attract other employees, Jane picks up the glass cup in her hand and gets to Janet’s face

“You can say whatever you want to say but you don’t sound convincing, I know you and it’s not a secret you’re fantasising about Tobi”

“I’m glad you know……it’s no secret so get lost you bitter fool, you’re his puppet, you think just because you’re his favourite around here and works directly under him you’re something valuable, well you’re not….you wanted him to notice you but Nope, you and I are nothing different”

“I’m glad you’re showing your true self Janet,you have been showing a fake angel face just to have his attention….. don’t you ever compare me with you, I’m nothing close to you, I like Tobi yes but as my boss and nothing more…… why should you want to have something by force if it’s clearly not yours, Tobi will never be yours because he’s taken, he loves Mel and guess what….. they are happy parents now”

“I don’t care”

“Oh yes You do….you’re dying of envy, jealousy and greed you’re so heartless that you used this glass to cause her accident and pretended you heard nothing”

“I did it…..yes I did it, I would do it again if need be….especially if someone like you pushes me too far, you have no idea what I’m capable of”

“I know….. I have seen your worst, I have seen the fake face you posses but if I’m not telling Tobi about what you did, it’s because I’m giving you a chance to change, I know you value your job here so watch out, you can’t have what’s not yours by force” she walks out of the building without looking back, by now all the employees are in the reception area, Janet is so mad

“What are you all looking at you incompetent idiots…..get lost” she’s furious and everyone laughs at her, she picks the glass and smashes it on the floor……….

Tobi and Mac get in to his office to have their private talk where no one can listen, Mac is still taken by surprise about what Tobi’s mother said to him

“If you had arrived a little earlier than that Bro, you would be shocked yourself……you will not believe it but Melanie heard it all”

“Jeeeezz…..what did she say”

“She has not said much probably because of the pain and all that but I can already picture what she’s going to want to do next”

“But what are you going to do”

“Do I really have to do anything?….. Mum has put me on the hotspot, she’s not going to like what I do”


“Yep!….. either she or Mel”

“But what are you going to do, this is not something simple”

“She better not push me…..Mel and Mira as you like to call her are my people, my family, my all in all….everything and that’s why she’s not going back to that house”

“You can’t take her to your home, Mum will not like it”

“Are you forgetting that I have my own house, all I need is to convince Mel to accept moving in with her mother and aunty but I need your help in order to achieve that”

“What help”

“You will tell Mel, it’s not healthy for either she or the baby to live in that house or something, I’m not a medicine man but you’re, use your brain and do something”

“That would be lying”

“Lying….. but it’s for the good….. please I beg of you”

“Fine….. I will do it….. but I wanted to talk to you about something else Tobi”

“I’m listening… hope it’s nothing bad”

“Depends on what you’re going to tell me…..who was that lady”

“Which one”

“The one you brought Mel here with”

“Hahaha…… you’re talking now, she’s my PA her name is Jane”

“Oh she’s the popular Jane”

“Mac i didn’t know I have been praising her in your presence too hahaha you should have told me you liked her”

“Is she taken already”

“No…she’s single she’s Amazing, beautiful in and out, I must confess I once thought she and I could have something other than work relationship”

“Did she reject you or what”

“I can’t tell if she was going to reject me or not, but I never asked her out, I developed cold feet every time I wanted to, it felt like it would affect our working relationship but again the issue with Mel came up and that was the end of it”

“Hmmmm….I have heard you talk much about Jane but I didn’t know she was the one….you know, I don’t know her personally, I have just met her once that was yesterday but she had me go men!…. I mean she has every quality I ever wanted in a woman, the typical African type she was even barefoot when she came here…. a total mess…..I felt attracted but I was too occupied to concentrate” Tobi is lost for words

“What a weird feeling!!….. I can arrange for you two to meet, she’s going to be here in a while”

“No don’t, I don’t think I want to meet her just yet”

“Alright whatever you say Bro…. I need to get lunch for Mum and aunty, at least I had brought some things for Mel”

“Let’s go…..”

Jane is dropped In front of the hospital by a cab, she has even brought lunch for Mel’s mum and aunt, she had left the office at 10am after coming to the office at 5am….from the office she went straight home to prepare something for the hospital people, she’s just at the reception asking for the room number when Tobi appears with Mac behind, she sees him and heads towards them


“Yes Tobi….. how is she” Mac is just starring but Jane doesn’t take her eyes off Tobi

“Melanie is getting better, our daughter is fine too…I’m only heading out to get some lunch for Mum and aunty”

“No need to, I came at the right time…..I was able to fix them something” she raises the food flask

“Did you buy on your way here” he takes it from her

“I hate fast foods, it’s for men who are bachelors not for women…. I prepared this myself”

“At what time”

“Started work at 5am, closed at 10am and went home to fix this….that’s nothing special” Mac just can’t believe a woman like this still exists out there

“Alright but first….this is Mac, my brother my friend…. the Doc who worked on Mel”

“Hi….I’m Jane Onyiru….Tobi’s PA”

“Nice to meet you Jane”

“My pleasure” they shake hands and both can’t resist a smile…….

To be continued

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