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Spark episode 7

Title: Spark Episode 7 Written by Victor Olusa The electricity went to her brain and triggered it. I watched as she slowly opened her eyes glancing around. She kept glancing around until she saw me. “Who are you” she asked “I am Mark your son” I replied almost breaking down into tears. Finally I have …

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Spark episode 6

Title: Spark Episode 6 Written by Victor Olusa ‘My mom is dead’ I said with narrow eyes. ‘That’s what you think’ he replied. ‘Don’t try playing tricks’ ‘If you don’t believe, then check this out’ he said then pointed to a screen. The screen displayed a woman who was unconscious and had an oxygen mask. …

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spark episode 4&5

Title: Spark Episode 4 & 5 Episode 4 Written by Victor Olusa “I can’t give you my phone dad” I replied clinging to the pocket where my phone was. “Ok then we use my phone” he said bringing out his phone from the pocket of his white lab coat. “Better” I lowly said. “I will …

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Spark episode 3

Title: Spark Episode 3 I staggered backwards seeing myself displaying my already exposed powers. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind. Dad finding out, the government serching for me, everyone seeing me as a hero……. But who had this video uploaded. “Shit” I cursed under my breath as I made way to my desk. It …

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Spark episode 2

Title: Spark Episode 2 The drunk guy with the phone turned the camera of the phone towards my direction like he was expecting some action from me. The one with the unbelted trousers stood up from between Belinda’s legs and staggered his way towards me. “Wetin you want” he spoke out with his breath stinking …

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spark episode 1

Title: Spark Title: Spark Prologue My name is Mark Scott. My mum died before I was born. She was involved in an electric shock when she was pregnant of me. She died if electrocution before she could be rushed to the hospital by my dad. I was born prematurely through caesarean operation and was put …

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