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Episode 1


In the dead silence of the early hours of the day, the village of Ugala could hear the sound of the gong sounded by the famous town crier, Uche, the drunkard.

“Umunna (inhabitants/families of) Ugala ooo…” he screamed at the top of his voice.

He hits the gong again three times
“Umunna Ugala ooo. Make sure your ears are opened. Wake up and listen very carefully. The great Ogugu, will be making a tour around the village after four Eke market days by 12pm. Tomorrow is Eke, so we have Nkwo, Oye and Afor market days to go. Remember, no windows should be opened. No animals, woman or man should be found outside. He or she that sees the great Ogugu, the human-demon will not live to tell his or her generation the tale of moonlight stories. I have spoken..” he said as he struggled along the lonely bush path that leads to the Eke market’s square.

He hits the gong again and made the same statement all over the village. After which he retreated to a nearby kiosk 2 take his early morning alcohol.

The whole villagers that day were in great confusion.

“When shall we be free from the hands of these devil in human skin? Shall we continue like this, ehn?” Chinedu, one of the young hunters in the village said. He was with four other hunters whose names were Kelechi, Uzoma, Ozioma and Chigozie.

“In fact, I’m tired of this constant slavery. I am tired. I can’t stand and watch this village of Ugala sink into Darkness every year because of this devil of a person called Ogugu…” Chigozie said furiously.

“We must challenge him as brave hunters of this Kingdom. Ahhhhhh! Chiamaka’s blood must be avenged! That devil killed my sister the last time he came out of his hole…” Kelechi said with bitterness.

“What was her fault?” They all asked him.

“She was so pressed that night and wanted to ease herself. It was announced that the demon would come out by 10 p.m. we all obeyed and went inside. On normal grounds, he was supposed to roam the village for 2 hours which means by 12 a.m, he should have been through. Chiamaka, my sister, came out by 2 a.m to ease herself. The next thing we heard was her screaming and pleading for forgiveness for seeing that bastard. Oh, I wanted to go and rescue her, but my mother, with tears, restrained me. I couldn’t do anything. She was killed instantly the worst thing was that, we didn’t see her body.

“Chai!.. This is terrible!” Uzoma exclaimed.

“I must revenge. That bastard must die..! Kelechi, the oldest as well as the bravest hunter among them said. He was boiling with anger.

All the hunters were also angry as they have lost some of their animals who strayed from their cages during Ogugu’s tour around the village at sometimes.

“We are moving to that cave where this bastard is. Today, he dies! Ozioma spoke out with anger.

They all lifted their guns and shot into the air. Sounds of birds and animals could be heard scrambling for where to hide to avoid the hunters.

They marched like brave warriors into the thick forest chanting war songs and saying… “today, is your end, Ogugu,… Ogugu.. Today you will die!

Their footsteps of bravery and painting of courage was so strong that the grasses bowed before them as they marched on courageously to the vicious abode of the human demon, the great Ogugu.

They came before a dark cave and met the chief priest who attended to the welfare of the great Ogugu.

“The rat that dares to compete with the cat in its own den won’t survive except it bones” the chief priest said disdainfully as he looked at the young brave hunters.

“The snake that strays into the house of brave hunters will find its flesh tasty in the hunter’s pot. We have not come for you, but to challenge Ogugu in a fight…” Kelechi said as he breathes very hard.
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“Why do mortals always brag in impunity against what is higher than them? To challenge a fellow human is an act of bravery, but to challenge a human possessed with a demon… hmmmm… To challenge a demon is an act of stupidity and regrettable foolishness. I advise you all to go back to your holes and rest from this display of childishness” the chief priest warned them.

“Never! Today, Ogugu must die! If you try to hinder us, then you will die with him!…” Uzoma shouted furiously and then pull his trigger at the chief priest.

The chief priest eyes became red. He caught the bullet and it became like sand in his hands. He then began to chant some incantations and then disappeared.

“Where did he go?” Chigozie said as he turned around looking for the chief priest.

“We are not afraid of you. Come out, you bastard! Today is your end. Ogugu, I said, come out of that cave!….” Chinedu commanded.

Suddenly, a heavy wind began to blow. The clear bright and sunny sky began to embrace a thick dark cloud. In the matter of seconds, rain began to fall. The place became dark, but, not as dark as the night.

“I am Ogugu. The human demon. The sun rays are not permitted to touch the hair of my skin. At my sight, the rain falls and the darkness kisses the Earth. I eat humans for food and drink their blood for water. Who dares to disturb me today? Who dares to see my face and live….?” The great Ogugu said. His voice was like thunder. As he spoke, fire came out of his mouth.

He was a man. Not old, but quite young, although, an adult. The visage of his face makes him look like a demon. He was tall and put on a black garment.

The brave hunters pull their triggers at him, but it didn’t work. In an instance they were burnt by the fire that mysteriously was released from Ogugu and they died.

Ogugu went inside. The rain stopped. The dark cloud bade the sun a momentary farewell and everywhere became as normal as usual exposing the chief Priest sitting in front of the cave laughing wickedly at the five burnt bodies in front of him.

“Fools…The goat that dares to challenge a lion in a fight will become the Lion’s meat…” he said.

Meanwhile, God was preparing and cooking up His generals for this great warfare.

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