colors of the heart episode 1

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The Boss

?(You work for me, that makes you my sex toy)?

Episode 1

? Brittany ?

” Yes! Yes! Go deeper! ”

I yelled in pleasure as he ride on me speedily.

” Faster ” I moaned in pleasure . My body was on fire, it’s not enough for me!

I am not satisfied! I want more!
How can a guy like him lack how to make s*x pleasurable for a woman?

” Get out ” I snapped!

” Ma’am?” He called staring at me with a confused look.

I angrily pushed him off me and he landed on the floor.
Not that I care anyways!

” Your work is done, take the money and get out of my office ”

He hastily nodded and dashed out! Fool!

I need someone who can do this well, untill then , I won’t feel any better.

I need someone to rock his d*ck on my p**sy.

My body became sweaty! The feeling hasn’t gone!

I pulled out my telephone and dialed just any number my hand pressed. Thankfully , someone picked up.

? Hello ma’am .

Goodness! A male !

? To my office immediately, in two minutes else you are fired .

I said and hung up clasping my hands together.

While checking down my self still naked on the bed inside.

Yeah! There’s a special bed in my office and the purpose is known to me alone.

All I want now is a man! I don’t care if I am at work or not.

It’s my freaking company and I have every right to do anything I wish.

I am the law maker , it’s not bad if I break it. The people under me will still concur to it.

” I am here ma’am ”
I heard a hoarse voice and my head snapped to the door .

” Come here and give me the pleasure I want ” I signaled with my hand calling him to the bed.

He dare not hesitate!
Without further talks or questions, he crawled into bed with me.

Of course all my male workers knows this! It’s nothing new.

They give me the hot s*x I need and get paid , as simple as that.

I sharply help him in pulling his dress half way!

And wow! His d*ck is huge! Just great!

I slapped his cheek as he k*ssed me on my lip!

” Are you nut?”

” I..I am sorry ma’am, I forgot the rules ” he pleased while I glared at him.

I might want them but there’s no kissing and smooching .

” Go down to business idiot ” I flared.

He put his d**k in my entrance before slowly penetrating!

” Oh yeah” I mo*ned

” Freaking faster”

He slowly grabbed my b*tts squeezing them in his hands.

He needs to be slapped again!

Well, sorry I haven’t introduced myself!

I am Brittany Martinez! Founder of my company B and M.

26 years of age!

I don’t care what you think about me being a s*x addict.

I just can’t control it either!
Anyways! Think anything that comes to your mind!
No need for long introduction.

My Dad died long ago and so I only have Mum alive.

I am the richest lady in the whole Philippine! God made me and no freaking person can change that!

I do what I wish to do but I don’t kill! That’s never part of it!
I am very kind but do not mess with my obsession which is s*x!

I have been this way all my life! I hate the fact that I am a s*x addict but nothing can change that!

I hate being argued with! When I say it’s blue, agree it’s blue !

I don’t have much to say but you will know me more as time goes on!
That’s it!

I feel so alive when the t----t gets deeper! Yeah! He’s definitely a man.
The kinda man I want!


” Yes, just make sure he signs the agreement ” I said to Karen and she nodded!

” Yes ma’am ” she replied and left!

” And you are sure he can cook all the dishes? Including continental dishes?”

” Sure ma’am, he’s good at it ”

” Okay then ”
Well, I need a chef! I am tired of eating from outside all the time due to the fact that I am always busy to cook for myself.

And yes! I don’t know how to cook! It’s not my fault, I was never thought.

Mum never had that time but I am glad I am going to have a chef!

To crown it all, he’s a guy!
Is he handsome?

I can’t wait to set my eyes on him. If he’s handsome! I will definitely make him mine like I have always done!

Even if he’s gonna be ugly, I don’t mind. My addiction isn’t selective!

When it comes, I let anyone I see around to f**k me.

” Hey baby ” Joel said coming in!

You should know he’s one of them but what makes him special is that he’s my friend!

” Hey Joel , how are you?” I asked seductively dragging him by the tie.

” I am always fine whenever I see you damsel ” he said going for a kiss!

He’s the only one that I allow to kiss me and that’s because he wouldn’t listen.
He’s so stubborn!

” I just came to say Hi to you ” he said while I narrowed my eyes!

A touch is enough to bring that sensation in me.

” Well thanks, you came at the right time”

” Really?”

” Yeah boo , come here” I replied seductively

I just want him buried deep inside me! My addiction is crazy!

I can stay sometimes if there’s no man in sight but if there is, I must have him be it old or young.

” I promise to make you wet down there, you will scream my name that you want more ” ……….

? Damien ?

I jumped up in joy as I received the email that I got the job I applied for as a chef in the almighty Brittany’s home.

I am very ready to face any challenge! I can’t leave the job because that’s what is going to sustain my family and I.

Do I have any option?

I graduated five years ago with a good grade but it seems luck isn’t on my side.

As large as Philippine, it’s difficult to get a job!

I had to quit searching and pick up this opportunity!

This is really great! I thought she wasn’t going to pick me but she did

This is a good news I can’t wait to share with Cathy.

Yes! Cathy is my girlfriend, I so much love her and I wish not to loose her.

I picked my phone and headed out to get a cab to her house!

I am so excited! This isn’t what I have to say over the phone.

I want to hear her scream in my ear directly?

I am sure she will be surprised as I am.
Cathy is just a lady any man will wish to be with.

She’s just so understanding and that makes me love her the more.


” Guess what ba..” my voice itched as I opened the door to see the greatest shock of my life!

” Cathy ?” I called in a disbelief tone . My heart wrenched!

Cathy in bed with another man?
I thought she love me.

Tears welled up my eyes immediately as I staggered back ward.

Shock was written all over her face !

” Dam, please I can explain. I am sorry” she said as she tied the towel running towards me while the guy lay comfortably on the bed

How long has this been going on? How did I stupidly believe that she loves me?

The flower I bought on my way fell on the floor.

Why am I always not lucky?

” Dam ..”

” Dare touch me and I will slap you Cathy, it is over between us. You can go back and continue having fun ”

” Dam please, I… I am sorry” I slapped her hand away and she landed on the floor.

What I hate most is heartbreak. She’s broken me again!

” Read my lips Cathy, it’s over between us” ……

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