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Chapter Two.


Blue,  blue had always been one of my favorites, blue was the Color of the beautiful sky above my head, blue was the color of the beautiful sea beneath me.  Blue, today didn’t signify all those beautiful things. Blue signified helplessness, my inability to fight for who I wanted…..’him’.

“Hey, Baby are you okay?  You seem shaken” Cherry said concerned.  “I’m fine Cherry,  congratulations. I’m happy for you” Skye smiled holding back the hurt in her heart.  In truth,  she wasn’t happy but there wasn’t anything she could do.

This must be the case of the Learned helplessness theory ‘the view that clinical depression and related mental illness may result from such real or perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation’

Right now she was slipping into the claws of depression again, just like she had when Cherry moved in with Melvin three years ago.

She’d always imagined or dreamt that perhaps Cherry would grow bored of him and leave him or Melvin would end the relationship. That dream was shattered now,  Melvin and Cherry planned to get married, have babies that she’d call her nieces or nephews. 

Skye stood up “I’d like to use the bathroom,  excuse me” She said and left the table. Olivia looked at Skye a little worried? Had she read the whole thing wrong then, was it more than a crush? She asked herself.

“Excuse me,  I need to use the bathroom too” Olivia said leaving the table. Cherry looked at Olivia concerned, was anything wrong with the girls? She wondered.

Melvin must have read her mind  “I’m sure they are fine. Would you like more wine?” Melvin asked. Cherry nodded with a brilliant smile plastered on her face.

“Skye,  what’s going on?” Olivia demanded walking into the bathroom.

“Didn’t you hear that? They’re getting married” Skye said in a tears laced voice. She was sitting on the floor with her back against the marble tiled wall.

Olivia knelt in front of her “I heard that Skye but isn’t that good news? You should be happy for your sister” Olivia said.

Skye sobbed “How can I be happy for my sister? She’s marrying the only person I’ve ever loved” She said selfishly.

Which was just fine,  it was okay to be selfish. Her father was also selfish, she wanted to be selfish.

“Melvin loves Cherry, and Cherry has given up a lot for you.  Give up this silly love you have for Melvin, be happy for your sister” Olivia begged.

“I can’t…..I want to but I can’t” Skye sobbed.  “Then pretend, pretend everything is fine. Pretend you’re happy for your sister, pretend till everything is over.  Skye I hate the fact that you’re hurting.” Olivia begged.

Skye nodded and smiled appreciatively at Olivia. “Hey,  you want to go get some ice-cream?” Olivia asked with a small smile playing on her lips. Ice cream was Skye’s favorite treat.

“Yeah,  let’s leave this place” Skye said getting up.  Olivia took her hand and led her out of the bathroom.

“Feeling better now baby?” Cherry asked.  “Yes,  Olivia and I want to go get some ice cream” Skye announced.

“Alright, take all the time you need. After all, we’re sleeping over” Cherry said.

Louisa noticed Skye’s tear stained face even when Cherry didn’t, she smiled and turned to Melvin “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.  I always knew you two would get married and that nothing could separate you two” she said flicking a look at Skye.

Skye felt a lump in her throat. “Any other person wants ice-cream?” She asked. Melvin declined, Cherry wanted Strawberry while Louisa claimed she was on a diet and also declined. “Let’s ask Teddy if he cares for ice cream” Olivia said.

Louisa scoffed “He doesn’t” She answered. Teddy walked into the living room. “Going somewhere?” he asked Skye.  “Yes,  we’re going to get Ice cream” Skye replied.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll take you girls” Teddy offered. “Thanks Tee”  Skye was saying when Louisa stood up.  “Actually I know a great ice-cream place, why don’t I take you?” Louisa offered and grabbed Skye’s hand before she could protest.

“Skye’s friend stay behind, we’ll be back really soon” Louisa called right before they stepped out of the dining room.

“So where are we going to?” Skye asked as they got into Teddy’s car.  “Nibbles, they have different flavors of ice-cream you’ll enjoy” Louisa said.

“Okay, great” Skye smiled.  “So… Painting right?” Louisa asked turning on the ignition.  “Yes…. I really do hope Cherry agrees” Skye said.

Louisa rolled her eyes. “I doubt it” She replied. Skye turned to her with a frown “Why?” She asked Louisa.

“I know your sister, she doesn’t trust Teddy.  You know how over protective she can be, she won’t let you go” Louisa said slyly.

“But… But.. That’s what I really want” Skye protested.  “I know sweetheart but listen, Cherry doesn’t really care about what you want, she wants you to go to the university. She wants you to be like that rich friend of yours”  Louisa said. Oh! how easy it was to brainwash teenagers, Louisa smirked.

“Why?  I love Olivia but I don’t want to be like her,  we’re polar opposites” Skye pouted.

“I think you don’t need that friend of yours, you’re done with high school now , make new friends. Adult friends not children.  That girl is a child, she can’t offer you shït” Louisa said.

Skye remained silence “All your life, Cherry and your father have been controlling your life, making decisions for you. It’s time for you to let them know that you’re your own person and not their puppet” Louisa advised.

“How?  It’s not that easy. Cherry is my everything but you’re right, I’m tired of her controlling me,  undermining my actions, undermining my dreams.  How do I stop it?”  Skye asked looking at Louisa’s pretty face.

“Oh it’s pretty easy. Rule number one,  when you want something, you go for it. Screw everyone else” Louisa said.

Skye nodded “Even if what you want is already taken by another woman, even if it’s Cherry” Louisa met her eyes.

Skye’s eyes widened in shock “You know?” she asked. Louisa nodded “Yes I know you love Melvin, your secret is safe with me” Louisa winked.

Skye breathed out relief “I don’t want Cherry to know, please keep this between us” She begged Louisa who nodded.

“You want to know what  I think?” Louisa asked. Skye nodded “I think you deserve him. Cherry treats Melvin like crap and honestly she’s only marrying him because his family has connections. He may not be as wealthy as Teddy but he has a dignified name” Louisa said.

“Wow… I didn’t know. I would never do that to Melvin, I love him,  truly, I’ve always loved him” Skye said.

“I did tell him but he didn’t believe me, I think he’ll believe you if you do.  If you want to get Melvin for yourself,  you need three things” Louisa said taking a U turn.

“What?” Skye asked already hooked by Louisa’s lies.  Louisa knew of course that Skye was no match for her sister. Honestly she doubted anything could break Cherry and Melvin up, that wasn’t her goal. Her goal was to get Skye out of Teddy and Cherry’s life for good.

She’d always hated competitions and right now Skye was becoming one.  “Well you need Plan A,  you need Plan B and you need me” Louisa said.

“How?” Skye asked.  “Well both parties listen to me,  and I know you’re not smart enough to think of a plan all by yourself, so I’ll help you.  I have rules of my own though” Louisa said.

“I’ll do anything” Skye said strongly. “Rule number one,  no telling that friend of yours or anyone else about this conversation, not even Teddy. Rule two, don’t even think of trying to double cross or outsmart me. Rule three,  don’t you dare drag me down with you if you fail.  If you’re found out, you’re on your own” Louisa said sternly.

Skye swallowed hard before nodding, for Melvin anything was worth it. “I’ll do anything you say” Skye promised.

“You also have to do a little something for me” Louisa said.  “What?” Skye asked innocently.

“Play the player” Louisa smiled. “What do you mean?” Skye asked.

“Teddy, I want you to accept his advances. Take advantage of his love for you and play him” Louisa said. Skye looked at her confused “What are you on about? Teddy  sees me as a little sister” Skye said.

“You think?” Louisa asked sarcastically. “He has feelings for you, I don’t know why and how but I want you to exploit it” Louisa said.

“Louisa, I can’t do that. Teddy intends to help me achieve my dreams, I can’t betray him. He’s a good person” Skye said.

Louisa scoffed “In that case, you can forget your precious Melvin. Enjoy the wedding and just so you know, Cherry will never consent to you going to France. So get ready to be stuck in a university, get ready to watch the man you love fück your sister and have mini Melvins and Cherrys that would call you aunty” Louisa said with a hiss.

“I don’t want that” Skye said. “I don’t want you to go through that too, do what I want and I’ll help you get everything you want” Louisa said.

“Why do you want to hurt Teddy?” Skye asked.  “He hurt me….that’s all you need to know” Louisa’s voice broke.

“If you want me to do this, I want details” Skye said.  “Fine! but after today, we won’t discuss it again” Louisa said stiffly.  “That bad?” Skye asked.

Louisa sighed “Yes, that bad. I didn’t love Teddy at first, he did the chasing. I finally gave in,  fell hard and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I told him…..right before highschool graduation but he ran off.  Ran away to South Africa and stayed there for years, we didn’t even officially break up.  He didn’t contact me when he got back, do you know how I found out?” Louisa said bitterly.

Skye shook her head “What happened, how?” She asked.  “He came back and started sleeping with everything in skirts and dresses.  Travelled here and there with different women, I found out he was back when he began dating a girl I worked with.  Some anorexic bîtch,  I confronted him. It didn’t end well,  we fought and I left in a fit of rage.  I was so angry and heart broken that I didn’t focus while driving, that was the night of the accident. Everything fell apart because he decided to be a jerk to the one woman who loved him. Those other girls, they only want materialistic things from him but he prefers them” Louisa gritted her teeth in anger.

“I’m sorry” Skye said sympathetically. She couldn’t believe that Teddy had hurt Louisa that way.

“And now he wants to do the exact same thing to you, if you’re smart. Better do as I say or who knows what kind of accident you’ll find yourself in” Louisa chuckled bitterly.

“I’ll think about it Louisa…..” Skye said unsure of her next action. “Get back to me before the end of next week, after that I would have changed my mind” Louisa said.

Skye nodded and looked out of the car, her eyes caught the lit up sign of the Ice cream bar.

Was Melvin worth the sacrifice? Her heart said yes,  her head on the other hand couldn’t decided. She didn’t want to be helpless anymore, she wanted to be able to fight for what she wanted.

She could do that, with Louisa by her side,  she could fight for Melvin.

“I’ll do it” She said quickly. Louisa smiled “Smart choice” Louisa said. Now everything would fall in to place, Skye was the pawn in this game and the dümb girl wouldn’t even know it. 

It’s funny how Love turns people’s brain to mush or were all teenagers that stupid? She too had been stupid at sixteen, stupid in love.

She still was, stupidly in love with Teddy.

“You look better now, could it be the ice-cream?” Cherry smiled at her little sister. Skye shrugged, her eyes solely on Melvin.

Very soon you’ll be mine, she promised herself. Her eyes moved to Teddy whose expression was solely on Louisa.

She hated to betray him but the offer of Melvin sounded better.

Louisa picked up her phone from the dining table when it chimed and saw a text from Teddy. He was looking right at her. ‘Want to talk?’ he texted.

‘I’m done talking, do whatever you want. If you want to be with her then do so’ she texted back.

‘*sigh*’ Teddy texted back. ‘Stop texting me, just leave me alone. I’m done with your ass’ Louisa texted and placed her phone on the table.

She met his eyes, game on Teddy. Game on

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