Could this be true love episode 1

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Could This Be True Love (episode 1)

I returned from work that fateful day feeling very tired and angry. He still haven’t called me after our little argument since yesterday. Could he be fed up with me already or probably seeing someone else?

I mutter these words as I headed to the bathroom to take a shower. While bathing, I could hear the main door open and someone walked in. “Who is that?” I asked but no one answered.

I was a little bit scared so I hurriedly tied my towel and went to see who it was. Hey baby! I turned to see Charles seating on my bed.

I sighed and asked with anger “what are you doing here and why didn’t you call me before coming?”. He walked towards me smiling but I showed no excitement.

“Baby I missed you today” he said, but I wasn’t giving in to his sweet words anytime soon so I sighed again and said “Whatever!” as I walked back to the bathroom to continue my shower.

As I proceeded, I could hear his knock on the door begging to come in. “I’m naked” I said, but that didn’t stop him as he opened the door to join me.

Baby I’m sorry for yesterday, I shouldn’t have walked away because of the little misunderstanding we had, I should have handled it better. I’m sorry! He said, looking right into my eyes. I could hear my breath cease and my heart beating faster.

“It’s ok” I finally had the strength to mutter those words and before I knew what’s next, he planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t cause I was low-key ready to go down this road with him.

He reached out to my towel and pulled it off and I helped him take it off. He planted another kiss on my shoulders and I moaned with pleasure.

I reached out for his shirt to take them off and he gently carried me inside the bathtub. The water was still flowing from the shower and it got the both of us soaked and wet. We cared less because we were pre occupied.

Just as we were about to get deep he said “I love you so much nnekah”. Wait a minute, my name isn’t nnekah so who was he referring to? I opened my eyes in shock while his were still closed. I was so worried and suddenly wasn’t in the mood anymore. Who is nnekah?

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