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Crazy Side Chick


“Maid?” Mwewa’s wife scanned Mwaka from head to toe.The girl was well figured and too beautiful for a maid,she thought.

“Yes,our maid,” Mwewa faked a relaxing smile.

“Can I talk with you for a moment?” The wife gestured a thumb into the house.

“Sure,” said Mwewa.

Mwaka was then left standing outside.

“That girl doesn’t look like a maid,” the wife clearly said.

“What do you mean,honey?” Mwewa pretended as though he never figured out what she meant.

“I know I asked you to get a maid while am in school,but not a girl like her!” the wife was too open, though.

“What about her?”

“Honey,that girl is too beautiful to do a maids job.You know pretty girls have attitude,” the wife tried not to make it look like it was exactly with her mind: the insecurity in her right now!

“Yeah…you right.Let me tell her you already employed another person?” Said Mwewa.He knew declaring Mwaka as their maid was somehow a bad idea.How could life with his secret affair and blackmailer be like in his matrimonial home? Weeeeisshh.

“Wait..Where did you find her,and why would such a beautiful girl be wanting to work as a maid?” The wife asked.

“I…I…,” He stammered,” she came hunting for a job as a cook or maid at the office.I told her there was no vacancy then she begged me to offer her any kind of job including cleaning the bathroom.She said she really needed a job so I told her I wanted a maid and so she told me she would take the job…and that’s how I came here with her.”

“Mmm,” his wife wondered,” well… let’s try her.But she is not going to be a live-in maid.”

“Try..try her…uhm..sure,not a live-in maid,” he said.

“Call her in,” she said.


“What do you think you doing?” Mwaka asked curiously as Mwewa came out of the house.

“Ssshhh,relax,” he said as he tilted his head over and over in the direction his wife would overhead them.”Look,I know what am doing,okay.For now just accept you are our new maid.This is the beginning of your journey as my very near future wife,okay?”

“Honey!” the wife called from inside.

“Yes,love,” he answered and quickly turned to Mwaka,” follow me.”

So he led Mwaka to his wife, inside the house.

“As I said,” he began,” this is Mwaka our new maid.Mwaka this is Majory,my sweet and loving wife.”

Mwaka gave Mwewa a quick grave look at the compliment on his wife such that he blinked away and shifted to his wife:

“I will leave you guys to discuss,” Mwewa said and went outside to his car.


He hurriedly reached for his phone,locked himself in the car and called Daniel.

“Boi the plan is messed!”

“What happened ?” Daniel asked keenly.

“The plan has gone sour,my wife came home without informing me,” he said.

“What?! She caught you red-handed?!” Daniel shrieked.

“No!M.oron…we found her already here,” He said.

“What did you tell her about Mwaka,then?”

“I told her that she’s our new maid”

“Did that work?”

“I guess so.My wife has accepted her as a maid and I have managed to convince the little b*tch to stay in her lane.She seems to have buried her destructive attitude for now.”

“So what’s the plan B?” Asked Daniel.

“Our first plan is still valid. I will still find a way to termi.nate Mwaka’s pregnancy minus her knowledge.Then I will pretend to be very disappointed and grieved at the loss.I will comfort her by lying to her that I want to make her pregnant again cause I really want to divorce my wife to marry her.She will believe that I really love her and want to marry her.And when she does,I will ask her to delete the video.When that destructive video is gone forever,she will know my true colours!”

“Good,” Daniel sighed over the phone,” just don’t mess up.And don’t keep her in your house for long or Majory will find out about her.You will then loose your chance to inherit her father’s wealth.And I,being your best friend,I cannot risk being considered just the same man you are.You Bloody Cheat!”

“Shut up, thief!Or I will send the rightful auditors to your office so you can be sent to Mukobeko Hotel(Zambian prison)” said Mwewa.

To be Continued……

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