Danger dash episode 1

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It was on Wednesday, already in school well prepared to discipline late comers. Am the library prefect but my level of discipline was like that of a head boy.

Everywhere was calm, the weather was bright and sweet but it doesn’t still change the fact that I hate Wednesdays in school.

It is the day our school authorities vividly designed to conduct moral instructions for students. We will have to undergo series of prayers which I termed “Last Man Standing”.

Not that I’m that sinful to exercise impatience while prayers are going on. But because I think Aunty Azuka always love to prolong her prayers.

Yes, anty azuka as she is fondly called by our students, is our English teacher who is fat, big, orobo, with her back side scrambling for freedom.

Let me stop there because I wouldn’t want to bother you with her troubles.

So, on that fateful day, it was on a Wednesday. All the students were in the hall for moral instructions as usual. My class was the leading class then in school.

The back extreme was always reserve for us. No student dare sit at that angle without our permission.

Now there was this copper who always see himself as the principal of the school. He create rules and regulations at ease without receiving any questions on it.

He came into the hall and ordered my classmate who will nicknamed ” Nutritious” come out. He did.

He found him discussing with his fellow guy, that was his offence

He again ordered him to remain standing until the moral instructions was over. Chaaiiii!!!

“Sir you say what?”

My classmate asked with fast and furious

“Are you deaf, I said you should remain standing until after the moral instructions is over”. The copper shouted in anger

Everyone in the hall paused a bit to know what will be the outcome.

To be continued

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