Danger dash episode 2

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Episode 2

My classmate being a permanent stubborn boy walked out on him while the copper rushed him instead to trade some sweet blows with him.

We were not left out, my classmates took this opportunity to deal thoroughly with him. Everyone was very sure they landed him a blow, including me because I wouldn’t want to be left out so I gave him some punches more than his face could carry.

We finally left him after some separations techniques was conducted by the teachers. We returned to our various classes feeling happy while some students where busy praising the guy who engaged the fight with him.

The guy head had already swollen as a result of saturated praises

To further celebrate our victory, everyone(my classmates) who was fortunate to owned a phone brought it out to participate in the multiplayer game called mini militia.

Mini militia is a game will don’t joke with in my class, only the boys can relate.

Some can steal, fight, or quarrel for that game. Infact, our teachers always avoid our class whenever they notice we are playing it as all their effort to teach will prove abortive.

As we were busy enjoying the game, suddenly the atmosphere lost it’s exuberance.

“They are coming oooooh!!!!!!”, shouted one of my classmates.

Nobody seems to pay listening ears as everybody was busy punching their phones.

“Soldiers are coming ooooooh”, it came the second time

Trust me, this , ?words can bring back dead bones to life. This time, everyone became at alert.

I peeped through the windows only to see battions of soldiers with different weapons approaching our class.

To be Continued

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