Danger dash episode 5

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I was running like neverr before and at the same time avoiding anything that may be an obstacle to me.

I heard the soldier man scream out of agony. Seems like something injured him but yet he still persisted in chasing me.

30 minutes gone, the temple run was still in progress. I was running more than my legs could carry me until I landed in a swampy area. This is the second I came in contact with it.

The whole bush is covered with swamps because of the streams around.

I began struggling in the swamp. My heart was already beating at the rate of 3 frequency per second. Tears of agony has already began running down my cheek. What am I going to do?

“For a man should lay down his life for his friends” now applies to me.

I have only little time to vacate the swamp or face the wrath of my village people. I can’t move front or back because this swamp in question is not an amateur at what it does to it’s victims.

I was still in the swamp when the soldier arrived running. If not that he is good at all these military skills, he could have landed in the swamp with me.

He stopped and looked around then finally at me. His face was already soaked in blood as a result of the aggressive plants in the bush.

“You bah, if you no die today nothing go fit kill you again”, the soldier man announced to me.

That word only nearly took my life. What did he just said?

At that moment I heard the voice of my village witches clearly and loudly saying ” it’s our work oooooohhh”

After that, my great ancestors announced to me saying “OYO”(On Your Own).

The soldier man made a brief call to tell others he had found me. Few minutes later three other soldiers arrived and together they managed to bring me out of the swamp.

Little did I know I was the only person they caught amongst my classmates. My beating began immediately I left that swamp.

The soldiers in that bush descended on me like a hungry lion will do to an antelope. I began crying, shouting, wailing, sobing, just name them.

They took me to the barracks and gave me some punishments to help me massage my body for the greater task ahead. If not for the deputy commandant who was an igbo man the whole Fulani and hausa soldiers in the barrack would have descended on me.

The corper we earlier beat was their brother, a Fulani man.

My people fear any soldier that is either a Fulani or an hausa man. Those niggas dine with the devil in the department of wickedness.

Even if not for anything fear their hands. Those hands can perform wonders on your body. Like these guys are capable of changing your stature, destiny or even your looks to disaster.

The Deputy Commander knowing I was also an igbo like him ask them to set me free since I was not the main offender.

Release me kee?

What’s the need of releasing me when they have already perform a lot of wonders on me. You need to see the look of my face. It’s structure is indescribable. Like the white men don’t have a specific English to qualify it.

But I was thinking, I wasn’t the main offender but they did a lot of damage to me, then tell me how the guy who fought the corper will look like. His grave will be on pending.

I left the barrack in pain and I went home straight. My mother has already been brief on what happened.

Poor widow, I pity her a lot.

She couldn’t recognize me when she saw me from afar.

“Ewoo Chidiebere nwamm what have they done to you”, she asked in tears. ‘Chidiebere’ is my native name which means ” God is merciful”.

“I have told you severally to stay out of trouble, now look at you. I can’t even recognized you again”.

I couldn’t say anything because my mouth was bitterly disfigured. I just left her there and went to my room to cry.

“Chidiebere you see where your stubbornness has landed you”, she shouted.

Well to cut the whole story short.

I resumed school after 2 months of receiving treatment at home.

That Monday morning, I was in the class when that same corper came in.

“What does he want again?”, I asked in my mind

He called and pleaded I should follow him, I did.

It was already break time. So, he took me to a nearby restaurant and ask me to order anything I want.

I don’t understand, is this another strategy to land me in the hands of soldiers again.

” Sir, I’m not hungry”, I lied. Of course I was hungry, I didn’t take breakfast before coming to school because we ran out of food stuffs.

“See man, I know we are not in good terms because of what happened earlier. I just want to apologize and at the same time I also want us to become friends. There is lot we can achieve together if we do”. The corper said

I looked at him and saw the genuine repentance in him, I made up my mind to forgive him also.

I cracked a joke and we laughed

Are you not going to order something, he asked.

The waitress came and made my order of one full plate of rice and beans with goat meat and chilled Pepsi attached.

So my people that was how I became a good friend to a once enemy of mine who was a corper

The end.

Till I write you again


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