Dayo’s Angel episode 1

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Rain poured on the busy street; she had no umbrella, just a little bag that contained her belongings and her last money on the other hand. She had nowhere else to go, no one to turn to, but she chose to stand strong in the rain, hoping and crying silently that God would send an angel.
The girl who stood in front of the coffee shop was Moyosola, she was tall and slender with a beautiful light brown complexion, her eyes were large and brown, her nose was sharp like an arrow and her lips were pink.
Moyo was an orphan, her parents had died in a fire, she still remembered the night. She had no siblings, so her aunt had taken her in. Everything had worked well, till her aunt’s husband started making advances towards her, she couldn’t take it anymore, and she knew sooner or later, the man would have his way with her.
“Better late than never” she inhaled deeply and stared at the skies, the rains had ceased, it was time for her to make the next move. She had no friends too, her aunt had been very strict and she didn’t mix much with people, though she had just started a course at the University of Lagos. Her heart sunk as she thought about school, now that she had eloped from home, who would pay her fees?
She swallowed the pain that filled her throat and stepped into the streets, there had to be a way out, but one thing was sure, she wouldn’t return to her aunt’s place.
Lost in thoughts and still shivering from the rain, Moyo moved across the road, without looking,
A sharp pain from the bumper of the black jeep brought her to the ground and people rushed to her aid.
“Oh my God” he brought the car to a halt as he realised he had hit someone; he had been on a call with his friend and had failed to see the girl that crossed.

A crowd had gathered round her, he took a deep breath and stepped down from the car, he prayed she wasn’t dead; he couldn’t have blood on his hands.
“I am so sorry” Kayode whispered as he neared the slender girl, her eyes were weak and she bled from the ankle.
“Oga next time, look your front wella” a rough looking young man cautioned him.
“Thanks” Kayode whispered and knelt beside the young girl. He didn’t know why, but he felt drawn to her immediately their eyes met, it seemed she was a magical creature and he was bound to her.
Her skin was light brown and creamy, her eyes shone like a thousand diamonds, but brown ones, it was her lips that gained his most attention, the pinkness and plumpness of them.
“I am bleeding sir….” Moyo managed in a weak voice, the man seemed to have forgotten she was still in pain, his eyes were fixated on hers and it seemed he was lost in another world.
“Oh, I’m sorry about that, I’m so sorry I hit you, let’s get you to the hospital” Kayode examined her ankle briefly. She seemed okay, but he needed to ensure she was safe, he suddenly felt possessive, he wanted to protect her, even in the confident glow in her eyes, he saw fear and uncertainty.
“Thank you” Moyo whispered, still scared. The man looked harmless and kind, was this her angel?
He helped her up and into the car, she prayed silently all went well, but there was still another problem, she needed a place to rest her head.
“So what’s your name? I am Kayode, “Kay” for short” he smiled at her.
“Moyosola” she replied and glanced briefly at him. Kay wasn’t too handsome, he was far from it, but there was this aura that surrounded him.
He was short and stout, with a dark brown complexion and beady eyes, he also had a goatee.
“Nice name, I am really sorry I hit you, okay? I promise to take good care of that leg and you too” he winked, he was already hooked to this one and he had to make her his’.
“Thanks” she murmured.
“So we are here, this is my friend’s place, he is a medical doctor, he would know what to do” he killed the engine.
“Okay” Moyo replied hoping she was safe.
Kayode helped her once again out of the car and they both strolled inside the mansion. Her eyes scanned her environment; whoever lived there was a very rich person.
“You like it here”? Kayode asked, he could see into her thoughts.
“Yes, it’s really beautiful” Moyo smiled for the first time and this pleased him very much.
“Then I guess you would love my house” Kayode smiled.
They had almost reached the front door when a deep baritone interrupted them, they both turned towards the direction of the voice.
She trembled as her eyes met with this good-looking stranger, in her twenty-three years on earth; she hadn’t come across a man like that.
…This is Dayo’s Angel: Episode One
Kayode quickly noticed the change in her and felt slightly jealous, he’d been friends with Temidayo for a long time and had never felt jealous of him, but one look at Moyo’s features crossed him greatly and he knew he had to fight for this one.
“Hello there” Temidayo sauntered close to his best friend and a very attractive lady, beautiful was an understatement. Kayode always had taste when it came to women, and he wasn’t surprised his friend had quickly moved on after his break up with Ememobong, his ex-girlfriend.
“Dayo, we have a problem, I need your doctor skills right now. This is Moyo and I hit her accidentally, she is injured” Kay explained carefully.
“Accident eh”? Dayo smiled and winked at his friend. The girl in question was in pain, as a doctor, he could sense that, she looked so fragile and he wished he could take her pain away.
“Yes, please hurry” Kay pleaded.
“Alright Moyo, give me few minutes, let me get my first aid box, it’s going to hurt a little but I promise you’ll be okay” he smiled and flashed a dimple.
“Thanks doctor” Moyo’s heart fluttered at the sight of his dimples. He was so cute, so angelic.
“Call me Dayo” he winked and rushed inside.
“You’ll be fine okay” Kayode patted her shoulder and she nodded.
“Where’s my darling”? A female voice called.
“Adaeze” Kayode smiled as the light skinned beauty approached them.
“Good afternoon madam” Moyo greeted and suddenly felt inferior to this sophisticated beauty.
“He went inside” Kay replied curtly and she ran inside without hesitation.
“Who was that”? Moyo blurted out and regretted her question, why was she concerned? She didn’t belong there.
” Adaeze? That’s his wife” Kayode replied and her heart sank.
“Are you okay”? Kayode smiled and shifted closer to her, he did not like the look on her beautiful face, her eyes had lost their shimmer and her lips were tight.
“I..I am fine” she stuttered.
But deep down in her heart, she knew she wasn’t, this feeling was unknown and very strange.
Dayo quickly gathered his first aid kit, ready to work on the angel he had seen outside. He felt curious to know more about her, how had Kay gotten that one? Her face was already etched in his mind and he felt bad, she haunted him.
He had been friends with Kayode for a long time, they were brothers, they loved each other and shared everything, never had envy come in between. He hated this feeling that crept up his spine, one that craved for Moyo’s attention, he inhaled deeply and rose to his feet as the door flung wide open. He needed to push his vile thoughts aside; he had other things to focus on, Adaeze for example.
“Darling, who’s the girl with Kay outside? I haven’t seen her before” Ada asked sweetly, the girl was almost perfect and this got her scared.
“I don’t know, I’m about to find out, make sure you take your vitamins, I’ll be back smallie” he patted her head and rushed outside.
“Really”? Ada’s eyes twinkled wickedly, she decided she didn’t like Kayode’s new girlfriend very much, only one thing had to be done. She also had her interests to protect.

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