Dayo’s angel episode 18

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Dayo’s angel episode 18
‘Get my gloves’ said Dayo as he positioned the man on the carpet.
From his assessment, the bullet had narrowly escaped his heart but it punctured his chest. The man needed to be saved as he needed to ask him so many questions.
‘Why didn’t you take him to the hospital’? Kayode asked as he helped Dayo position the man.
‘That would call more attention, what if the kidnappers were after me too’? Dayo wondered.
‘He’s right; this is the best place for him to stay’ Emem had always had a strong aversion for Dayo, but it all suddenly vanished.
She prayed nothing bad happened to him or his sister who’d been kidnapped.
Minutes turned to hours, as Dayo worked on his latest patient, the removal of the bullet had been very successful and the unconscious man was gradually coming back to life.
‘Now he needs blood’ Dayo sighed, this meant that he’d have to go to the hospital.
‘I’ll go, just give me instructions’ Emem offered, to Kayode’s amazement. When had she suddenly become a fan of Temidayo?
‘No, I’ll go’ Kayode fetched his car keys.
‘No, I have a better idea; I’m calling Wale’ Dayo decided to reach out to his lawyer who was a very smart man.
Wale tried Dayo’s number thrice but he wasn’t reachable. His job at the Harem was successful. Moyo seemed like a smart person, so she would figure out how to read the letter.
Now his major concern was Dayo., he’d returned home and switched on his television, only to find something very disturbing.
Dayo was to spy on his sister at the Blue Lounger bar, coincidentally, that same bar was attacked and one man was reported killed, a lady was kidnapped and so many were injured.
Wale adjusted his tie and sank into the cushion; he hoped and prayed nothing bad had happened to Dayo.
They had a lot of work to do, ‘Larkin’, the man who owned the Harem bore the same name as Adaeze’s father or was that purely a coincidence?
He needed to go to the police station, maybe they could help him search for Dayo, his phone buzzed loudly and he rushed to pick it up.
‘Hello, I am happy you’re safe, what really happened there’? Wale asked.
‘There’s so much I have to tell you’. went Dayo.
‘Adaeze has been kidnapped, the man she went to meet was shot but I have saved him.
I need you to go to my hospital, meet nurse Mercy and ask for three pints of blood, that’s three bags, I have the machine in the car to transfuse the blood.’ Dayo instructed.
‘God!’ Where are you’? Wale was shocked by the news.
‘Kayode’s house, I couldn’t go home because I was scared those men may have been following me’ Dayo explained.
‘How much do you trust your friend’? Wale asked as he scribbled some notes on his jotter
‘I trust him with my life’ Dayo wondered why he’d ask such a delicate question.
‘Good. You made a wise decision; that would be your hideout for now, till Moyo is found and all this is sorted out. Text me the address, I’d be there in an hour’ Wale replied.
‘Thanks man’ Dayo sighed with relief.
‘This has ruined all our plans, now Larkin knows Abu was trying to run, he would double up security and you know what that means, we’re never getting the hell out of here’ tears of frustration welled up in Linda’s eyes.
‘Please don’t say that, that lawyer guy said he would do something, if Dayo knows I am here, he’d surely come for me’ Moyo whispered hopefully.
‘How can someone rescue us from this fortress? Shantal should never have told Larkin about Abu, everything is working against us now’ Linda still blamed Shantal for the failed plans.
‘Hey, it’s okay, She thought what she was doing was best for us at the time, don’t blame her much’ Moyo said.
She was so happy that Dayo thought about her, so he felt it too? She wore a dreamy smiled as her thoughts went out to him.
‘What are you thinking about’? Linda noticed the smile on her lips.
‘Nothing’ Moyo said too quickly.
‘Nothing? You look like someone who is in love’ Linda shrugged.
‘Maybe’ Moyo grinned
Suddenly the door burst open and Cindy came in with Shantal.
‘So what are your plans’? Cindy was the first to ask.
‘We don’t have a plan; we’re all depending on the lawyer guy Linda replied coolly.
‘Well, something came up and it would work in our favor, but we need to act fast’
Shantal pulled out a little box that contained a phone Larkin had given her, since she was replacing Abu, her new position came with so much privileges, but he’d warned her sternly not to betray him else he’d cut off her head.
‘Is that a phone? Oh my God, this is a miracle’ Moyo rose to her feet.
‘Yes yes, but we have to be very careful, maybe we should call the police’ Shantal suggested and Linda frowned.
‘The police? So you even trust them that much? Those reckless fools’ Linda hissed angrily, she was in a bad mood.
‘Linda is right, the police are the last people we should bring into this, maybe we could call the lawyer?’ Cindy suggested.
‘He didn’t drop a phone number’ Moyo replied flatly. She wished she knew Dayo’s number.
‘Before we make use of that phone, we have to make sure it isn’t bugged.
‘now that Larkin doesn’t trust anyone again, he may have bugged it to listen to the calls you’d make and receive, that should be our number one priority’ went Linda
Linda took the box from Shantal and assessed the Tecno D7 phone.
‘How do you know all these things’? Moyo was amazed at Linda’s sharpness.
‘My father’ she replied silently as she worked on the phone.
‘There is no bug, it means Larkin is willing to trust you, we must use it to our own advantage’ Linda said.
‘Dayo’ Moyo rose to her feet.
‘Huh’? Cindy rolled her eyes.
‘Let’s call Dayo, Adaeze must have his number, if we could get to her somehow, we may get the number’ Moyo suggested but the faces of the women paled and she wondered why.
‘We can’t. Adaeze has been locked up in a place of perpetual torture, the dungeon, getting in there is like walking into a lion’s den in broad day light, it’s too risky’ Linda said.
‘Risky? But that’s what our freedom is about, it’s about risks, this is the only chance we have and we could take it’ Moyo rose to her feet, if no one would stand by her, she was ready to break free.
‘Is there no other way?’ Shantal asked quietly.
‘I think we should get to Dayo except you have the phone number of some other powerful person’ Moyo suggested.
‘If there is no other way, we’ll wait for your lawyer friend, but I wouldn’t support you going to the dungeon, you may not come out alive’ Linda advised.
‘Okay then, I’ll risk my life for us all’ Moyo replied defiantly and snatched the phone out of Shantal’s hands, she would take the risk.
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‘So you mean, this Harem place has been keeping Moyo? I am so happy that she is alive, finally!’ Kayode caressed the picture on Dayo’s phone.
‘Let me see’ Emem stretched her neck to see the beautiful girl that she’d thrown out of the house, she suddenly felt guilty for her barbaric actions.
‘I am sorry Dayo, this is all my fault, if I had not acted on my insecurities, this wouldn’t have happened’ she offered him her sincere apology.
‘It’s okay, I am happy you’re changed now; I see Kay is working on you’ Dayo smiled. It was no fault of hers that Moyo was kidnapped, whoever was after her parents, were after her.
‘Thank you’ Emem replied silently but the glint in Kayode’s eyes as he looked at the picture so intently sent a chill down her spine.
His eyes were the eyes of man who was in love and it scared her. Now Moyo was about to be found, his feelings for her could change and she had nothing else to hold him back.
‘Wale is here’ said Dayo as he rose to welcome him.
‘Thanks man for doing this; I’m going to pay you heavily’ Dayo got the blood bag away from him and rushed into the house.
‘Good day’ Wale waved to Kayode and his wife.
‘Welcome sir, you’ve done a great job; Dayo told me everything’ Kayode acknowledged him with a smile.
‘Thank you Mr Kayode’ Wale returned the smile and they all followed Dayo to the room where the injured man was kept.
‘Help me; please don’t kill me’ the man groaned with eyes half open.
‘He’s still breathing thank God’ Emem pressed her hand against her beating heart.
‘I need you to hold him still while I do the transfusion so he can regain his strength; he has a lot of explaining to do’ Dayo instructed the men.
‘Are you sure you can do this? You don’t have to, I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything bad should happen to you’ Linda tried to hold back Moyo but her mind was already made up.
‘There’s no point Linda, we can’t put all our eggs in one basket, what if the Lawyer doesn’t get through to us? This is our only chance, we need to feed him information from the inside, all I need is a map to the dungeon. If you’ve been there, you can tell me where to go’ Moyo said.
‘I have been there before, when I first tried to escape and I was caught by Larkin’s men, he kept me in the dungeon for two weeks before he blinded me’ memories rushed through her brain as she gave Moyo directions on how to get there.
‘Turn to the left once you get to the bar, there’s a big black door, if you can open it, you’ll find a tunnel, once you crawl into it, it would lead you to the dungeon’
Linda paused, she wondered if telling Moyo her secret was safe.
Since the Harem was an underground brothel, there was a way out connected to the dungeon, but if Moyo tried to escape and was caught, that could be her death, so she decided to keep quiet about it.
‘I wish I could join you but I am terribly claustrophobic’ Cindy retorted silently.
‘It’s okay guys, I promise to return, if you don’t see me by nightfall, move on like nothing happened because if you act like I am missing, Larkin would know something is up, just stay strong, we’ll get out of this, I promise’ Moyo hugged them and scurried off.
‘Lord help me’ she inhaled deeply. She’d never felt so terrified in her whole life, she’d sounded so strong and confident back then with the girls but inwardly she was scared to death.
What she was about doing was something that had to do with life and death, but she had no choice, she needed to send a word to Dayo.
‘Hey, where are you going? Do you have a client’? Ike, one of Larkin’s boys stopped her.
‘No, I want to see Cindy, she’s at the bar, we have a deal’ Moyo lied and hurried past him.
‘Okay’ he replied and went on his way.
Larkin had taken time to draw up his plan, like the tortoise that he was. He’d analysed every detail of his plan, the possible failures and the loopholes in it. He sighed comfortably and spun round in his arm chair, no one could deal Larkin a blow and leave empty handed.
‘Come in, I have been waiting for you’ Larkin had sent for one of his boys.
‘Good morning sir’ Ike sauntered into the study.
‘Yes, how is our prisoner today? Has she said anything yet? Has she told you of whatever plans she had with Abu’? Larkin asked.
‘No sir, she’s bent on being stubborn but we’ll break her eventually, she has refused to say a word even after we tortured her for hours’ Ike informed him.
‘Always the stubborn goat; I know her very well, that’s why I chose her for the job, she is obstinate, she fought with the streets, that’s how she was able to survive on her own when her parents died’.
‘ let’s give her time, just three days, if she refuses to speak, we’ll increase the punishments.’ Larkin rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
‘Okay sir, if that is all, I wish to attend to some of our clients’ Ike said.
‘Shantal told me our client, Mr Sheikh was very pleased with Moyo, I felt very pleased when I heard the news’.
‘Send Moyo to me; that was wonderful on her first outing if she fetches us more clients, rich ones like Mr Sheikh, who knows? I could promote her’ Larkin smiled greedily.
‘Moyo? I am sorry but Mr Sheikh wasn’t very pleased with her, I was there when he almost made trouble saying Moyo was boring, we had to find him another girl’ Ike had been there.
‘Are you sure about this? How could Shantal lie to me? What would she stand to gain?’ Larkin sat upright.
‘Yes, I am sure, Shantal is probably covering for Moyo’s failure to please a client’ Ike scoffed.
‘Good, I need to see them both, send me Shantal and Moyo at once’ Larkin barked angrily. He hated lies and deceit, especially now someone had just betrayed him.

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