Dayo’s angel episode 19

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Dayo’s angel episode 19
Finding the door wasn’t easy, she’d acted wisely like she was searching for something, then when she watched the guards for a long time and noticed they’d all gone from their vantage points, she pushed it open and stepped into the darkness.
Luckily, she’d gotten the phone from Shantal and it had a torchlight.
She saw the door to the tunnel, a circular and metallic one, without wasting time, she pushed it open and crawled in.
‘Oh God save me’ she cried as she heard the whispering of rats and singing of crickets, the tunnel was still wet and she prayed she came across no snake.
Luck had really been on her side, she’d found the dungeon easily and there were no guards, she climbed some steps and jumped into the room.
‘This is wickedness’ Moyo muttered to herself as she touched some of the torturing equipment. She tried to imagine the pain Linda had passed through while being held there.
‘What are you doing here’? Adaeze’s weak voice alerted her and she jerked.
‘Adaeaze! Oh my God, what have they done to you’ Moyo’s heart softened briefly.
‘You cannot be here, Larkin would kill you’ Adaeze spat blood.
‘I needed to see you, I want you to help me, I need Dayo’s number so he can find a way to get us all out of here’ Moyo fetched the phone.
‘How smart, I knew you wouldn’t take your gold digging eyes from him’ Ada laughed hysterically.
‘What are you talking about’? Moyo was lost.
‘I can’t give you his number, we’re all in this together and if he cannot have me, no one can have him. So go away with your tricks, just go’ Ada said.
‘My tricks? You’re insane; I came here to get Dayo’s number so I can tell him how to get us out of here. You ruined Linda’s life by taking her place, by lying to Dayo that you were his sister, the least you can do now is to help me.
Do you really think Dayo would forgive you once he learned your true identity? But if you help me, I could put in a good word for you.
You have no choice Adaeze, if you give me his number, there’s a chance that we could all be safe but if you choose to be silent, then we’ll all die, is that what you really want’? Moyo asked
‘Don’t you understand? There’s no escaping Larkin, no matter how far you run, he’ll still find you’ Ada cried.
‘Just give me his number, I promise you’ll be fine’ Moyo asked.
’01-122-344-666′ Ada called the digits for him.
‘Thanks’ Moyo dialled the number immediately.
‘Hurry, you have to get out of here’ Ada warned her; she could hear the tunnel door creak.
‘Oh my God, someone is coming, what do I do’? Moyo paced round nervously, she knew what it meant if Larkin were to find her in the dungeon.
‘You have to run, get out of here’ Ada replied.
‘How? There’s only one way in and one way out’ Moyo was confused.
‘Follow that door. There’s another tunnel that leads to the outside and you can escape from the Harem’ Ada nodded towards the brass door.
‘How do I open that?’ Moyo asked fearfully.
‘I don’t know, you have to be fast and use all your strength’ Ada wished she could help but she was bound by strong ropes.
‘Moyo, you have to hurry’! The footsteps are getting louder.
Moyo inhaled deeply, filled with so much fear and confusion, what if she was being led into a trap, was there really a way out of the Harem?
There was no time to ponder, no time to make analysis, no time to ask questions, so with all the energy she had in her, she pushed open the door and stepped into another dark room…
‘Are you ready to talk or not’? The dungeon door burst open and Ike stormed in.
‘I want to speak with Larkin and not a vermin like you, now get out’ Ada spit on him; she was trying to buy Moyo time.
‘You’ll speak to Larkin eh’? Ike launched her a blow which landed on her nose, it bled profusely.
‘Yes, I’ll speak to Larkin’ she nodded vehemently.
Slowly Abu’s memories came back, he was in a bar talking to Ada when someone shot at him.
‘Larkin…’ Abu groaned, the pain was sharp, he knew Larkin must have found out about his meeting with Adaeze.
‘B---h must have set me up’ he cursed and wondered where he was.
‘Good morning, here’s your breakfast’ Emem closed the door gently behind her as she dropped a tray of scones and chocolate drink for the wounded man.
‘Where am I and who are you’? Abu asked.
‘Just eat up first; you’re safe’ Emem replied and stepped out again.
‘Safe’? Abu scoffed. His fate was sealed, he knew he would die soon; Larkin was not a believer in forgiveness.
‘He’s awake Dayo’! He heard the woman shout.
‘Awake? Let’s go and check him out’ Dayo signalled Wale who’d been dying to speak to the strange man.
‘Good morning, I saved your life, you had a meeting with my sister before you got shot, she was kidnapped as well.
Could you tell me what you guys were discussing’? Dayo didn’t have time for pleasantries.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, just get me out of this chains, I don’t know your sister and whoever kidnapped her’ Abu lied.
He recognised the medical doctor very well; he was a pawn in Larkin’s game.
‘Look here young man, you better tell us everything or we hand you to the police, whatever shady business you had going with Ada pissed off someone dangerous and he shot you,
he meant for you to die but you got lucky, we saved your life and now you must save Ada’s, tell us everything’ Wale took over from Dayo.
‘I can’t, Larkin would kill me anyway, so saving my life wasn’t worth it’ Abu spat out the bread he was eating.
‘Really? Kayode’? Dayo called gently, he’d offered a course in psychology and he knew just how to act with the man.
‘Yes’? Kayode came eagerly.
‘Fetch me your rifle, let me end his life, I’m sure my sister’s kidnappers would find another way to contact us’ Dayo requested.
‘Dayo’? Wale called him gently.
‘You want to kill me?’ Abu was shocked and scared; he could see the determination in Dayo’s eyes.
‘Yes and I can do it’ Dayo replied.
‘Let’s make a deal, if I tell you everything, I need you to help me get out of this country, to get as far as possible from Larkin else he’d kill me’ Abu decided to work with them, so Ada had been kidnapped?
‘Who’s Larkin and why would he want you dead’? Wale had seen the name before, that was the name of the man who owned the Harem.
‘A very long story but I’ll be brief and I know it’s going to be difficult convincing you but you have to believe me because I was part of the plan’ Abu explained.
‘Sure, go ahead’ Dayo nodded.

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