Dayo’s angel episode 20

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Dayo’s angel episode 20
‘Who’s Larkin and why would he want you dead’? Wale had seen the name before, that was the name of the man who owned the Harem.
‘A very long story but I’ll be brief and I know it’s going to be difficult convincing you but you have to believe me because I was part of the plan’ Abu explained.
‘Sure, go ahead’ Dayo nodded.
‘Adaeze is not your biological sister, she is an impostor, a fake that was engineered to live with you, so she could get half of your inheritance and maybe kill you later. Your real sister is a prisoner of Larkin, she stays at the Harem’ Abu paused seeing the shock on their faces.
‘The harem? You’re not making any sense, Adaeze is my sister, we did a DNA test, you’re crazy’ Dayo laughed
‘Let him finish Dayo’ Wale watched the man closely, he seemed to be telling the truth but how was that possible?
‘The DNA test you did was manipulated, your biological sister, Linda, we got her blood and did the test and sent the results to the lab where it was offered. You have to believe me as crazy as this sounds; but Larkin has many connections. His eyes are everywhere. Adaeze got tired of pretending, so she suggested we work together and kill Larkin so she could be free.’ Abu explained.
‘And Moyo? Why did Larkin kill her parents? What was their offence’? Wale asked, he was now sure the young man worked with Larkin.
‘Moyo? You know Moyo?’ Abu’s face lit with surprise.
‘Yes, we know she is being held captive and now you’ve disclosed your identity, maybe you could help us get to her’ Wale said.
‘That would be difficult, Larkin considers her his primary possession’ Abu licked his lips nervously, he now had hope these men could save his life.
‘That’s a bloody joke’ Kayode wondered who this Larkin guy was.
‘Moyo was just unlucky, we kidnap random girls and turn them into prostitutes, we found her wandering and we took her. Weeks later, we saw on the news that her parents were looking for her, so Larkin sent me to kill them to kill the search case’ Abu explained.
‘You killed her parents? Just like that? Who is this devil of a man’? Dayo rose to his feet angrily.
‘Larkin took me in when I was homeless, that’s the only thing I know about him, please you have to help me, if he finds me alive, he’d torture me till my death’ a tear slipped from his eyes.
‘First, you have to help me find Moyo and what about my biological sister?’ Dayo’s heart was broken as he realized the lady he’d been living with was a total stranger.
‘Linda…her father gambled with Larkin and lost, so in his drunken stupor he bragged about his daughter who had an inheritance, that was how he killed her dad and kidnapped her to work for him. He now came up with this plan to take you out and get all the money for himself, which was why he sent Adaeze, who impersonated your sister whose original name was Adaeze. The woman you’ve been living with is Linda’ Abu explained and the room fell silent like a ghost just passed.
It was the ring of Dayo’s phone that ended the silence.
‘Excuse me, it must be one of my nurses’ Dayo stepped out of the room.
‘This is unbelievable, so how do we kill Larkin’ Kayode asked.
‘I’ll bring the Secret Security Service into this, Mr…’ Wale stuttered.
‘Abu’ Abu chipped in.
‘You’ll have to tell the agents we’ll bring everything you’ve said, accept this and I’ll save you from Larkin, I swear on my life’ Wale placed his right hand on his chest.
‘I promise to help, first the Harem is an underground brothel and is visited by the crème of the society, so Larkin is well protected’ Abu advised.
‘Sure, I’ve been there before, tell me something else I don’t know’ Wale brought out his jotter and scribbled.
‘There are two openings to the outside, one for all our clients and the other is hidden, close to the dungeon where others are punished’ Abu explained.
‘Wale! Something came up’ Dayo rushed back into the room.
‘What is it’? they all asked in unison.
‘Moyo has escaped, she stands in front of my gate now, I need to pick her’ Dayo searched for his keys.
‘Thank God’ Emem sighed with relief but her joy was brief, what if Kayode left her for Moyo?
‘Wait, what if this is a trap?’ Wale considered the possibility.
‘It can’t be, you reached out to her’ Dayo replied.
‘So how did she get your number’? Wale asked.
‘If Adaeze is still alive, maybe she told her, I believe your sister Linda and the other girls have been cooking up something for Larkin’ Abu answered.
‘Go and pick her then, be careful, make sure you aren’t being followed’ Wale instructed him carefully.
‘I’m coming with you’ Kayode rose to his feet.
‘You’re coming with me; we need to see the detectives’ Wale signaled to Abu.
‘Where is Moyo’? Larkin struck her again, an hour had elapsed and Moyo couldn’t be found since he sent Ike to find her.
‘I don’t know where she is, I swear!’ Shantal croaked. This wasn’t what they’d envisaged, they’d expected Moyo back once she was able to get the phone number from Ada but she wasn’t anywhere in the Harem.
‘I will be back, if you cannot give me any answers, say your last prayers’ Larkin stormed out of the study angrily.
How had his little empire come to this? He realized he’d made so many mistakes, Shantal had presented herself like a saint before him and now he realized she was about plucking out his eyes.
His thoughts raced, if Moyo had escaped like he was thinking, then it meant doom for them. She could report him and his illegal practices to the police and quick action would be taken against him, not even his rich clients could save him from going down, he knew this. They all cared for themselves and the pleasure they could get.
‘Ike, are you sure you checked the dungeon well? What if she is hiding there’? Larkin wondered.
‘I increased Ada’s punishment but she wouldn’t admit to seeing Moyo’ Ike replied.
‘Then I am doomed’ Larkin exhaled, he needed to think fast, he needed to act fast.
‘What have I gotten myself into, there’s no way I am getting out of this alive’ Shantal cried.
‘Hey, don’t cry, I’ll own up for everything, I’d cook up a lie and claim Moyo escaped with a client with the help of some of Larkin’s men, that would divide their camp and buy us time to figure out what to do next’ Cindy and Linda sneaked into Larkin’s study.
‘Are you sure that would work? That would be more dangerous and once Larkin realizes we’re still lying to him, he’d kill us all’ Shantal cautioned.
‘So what would we do? Because I am lost’ Cindy sighed.
‘She escaped, I can feel it, I didn’t tell her about the door in the dungeon that leads to the streets, but I guess Adaeze must have helped her, we have to be stronger than before, help is coming’ Linda advised the girls.
‘There was a door? And you never told us’? Cindy was surprised.
‘Yes…but after I lost an eye, I was so scared to talk about the things I’d seen down there’ Linda stuttered.
‘It’s okay, I cannot lie to Larkin anymore, I would just tell him the truth, even if it means my death but I’ll leave you two out of it, this is my contribution to our freedom,, just make sure you find your way out, no matter what happens, promise me you’ll get out of here alive so my pain, torture or death wouldn’t be for nothing’ Shantal cried.
‘No, don’t say such things; you wouldn’t die’ Linda sobbed, it was such an emotional moment.
‘No, this is the only way, promise me Cindy, Promise me Linda…’ Shantal cried.
‘We promise’ they sobbed quietly.
‘I see you’re all prepared for your last moments’ Larkin burst into the room angrily, he’d changed his mind about seeing Adaeze, maybe later, but he needed to question Shantal about Moyo.
‘Please boss, don’t harm her’ Cindy held his ankle but he shook her away.
‘Get these women out’ Larkin ordered one of his boys and they bundled Linda along Cindy out.
‘Now tell me what I want to hear’ Larkin fetched his shot gun.
‘I helped her escape, I couldn’t bear to see her in pain, it’s all my doing’ Shantal owned up.
‘Good. Now this is your reward’ without hesitation, he fingered the trigger then released it and the bullet crashed into her skull

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