Dayo’s angel episode 21

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Dayo’s angel episode 21
She couldn’t believe her eyes; it was still like a dream that she was no longer in the Harem. When Ada had given her instructions, she’d felt it led to some trap but as she crawled through the tunnel, it opened into a street.
It wasn’t so difficult locating Dayo’s house, as it was one with a unique architectural design and a well-known owner.
‘Thank you lord’ Moyo prayed inwardly, but her joy wasn’t complete; she thought about Dayo’s biological sister and the pain she’d passed through, she thought about Shantal and Cindy and sensed they would be in trouble once Larkin realized she was missing. And what about Adaeze who’d helped her escape? Her joy wasn’t complete when she realized her friends were still in captivity.
‘Oh my God, there she is, I am so happy, it’s just like a dream’ Dayo couldn’t hide his emotions; it took strong will not to bash into the tree that she stood under.
‘She is truly back, my angel’ the words escaped Kayode without his knowledge.
‘Kay, please open the door for me’ Emem requested but her husband was already far away with his friend as they both rushed to meet Moyo.
‘I’ve been such a fool to think you could ever love me’ a tear slipped from her eyes as she watched Kayode from the car.
‘Moyo’! Dayo rushed towards her with outspread hands.
‘Dayo, I’m so happy to see you’ she rushed into his arms and buried herself in him. In his arm, she found comfort and solace, the last time she felt something close to that was in her mother’s arms.
‘Moyo…’ Kayode called her as they broke apart. His heart was torn into pieces as he realized Moyo and Dayo were in love, it was only a blind man that wouldn’t attest to that and it hurt him greatly.
‘Kayode’ Moyo acknowledged him with a smile.
‘I am happy you’re back’ Kayode said. It dawned on him that he’d been a fool, from the look of things, even if he fought to the death for her, she would never love him the same, she would never look at him with such admiration, he dismissed all his evil thoughts there and then and accepted his fate. He was bound to Emem.
‘You left someone in the car, who’s that’? Moyo could hardly recognize the lady that had led to her kidnapping.
‘Oh, my wife’ Kayode smiled and rushed to open the door for her.
‘Your wife’? Moyo arched a brow and faced Dayo.
‘Yea, they got married’ Dayo replied.
‘Excuse me, I’ll have to take this, it’s my lawyer’ Dayo pressed the phone to his ear.
‘Yes, she is here with me’ Dayo answered.
‘Bring her to my office, I was able to get authorization by the Secret Security Service, they are prepared to work with us, Abu has given them all the vital information but they still wish to speak with Moyo’ Wale explained.
‘That wouldn’t be a problem, but she’ll need to shower and eat first’ Dayo cut in.
‘Of course, I am so happy; this case would give me a huge promotion’ Wale was excited.
‘Then congratulations, Justice Wale’ Dayo broke the call.
‘Was that Mr Sheik’? Moyo asked.
‘Darling, Mr Sheik is my lawyer; his real name is Wale, Justice Wale’ Dayo winked and beckoned to Kayode and Emem to join him indoors.
‘I am sorry honey, I totally forgot, please don’t be angry.’ Kayode caressed her face and helped her out of the car.
‘Do you love me? Or maybe we could divorce, it’s what you’ve always wanted’ Emem asked.
‘Divorce? Why would you even think that? I love you completely, and I promise never to treat you badly. I swear’ he held her hands.
‘I love you so much Kayode, please don’t break my heart’ she begged.
‘I would never’ he kissed her soft lips and smelt her hair.
‘Thanks, I need to apologize to Moyo now, I was such a b---h, but you couldn’t blame me, I was in love’ Emem felt ashamed of her past.
‘She is an angel, she’ll forgive you’ Kayode tickled her and they left for inside.
‘I know we have a lot to discuss but that would be once you’re back from your interview with the S.S’ Dayo rubbed her shoulders gently once she was out from the bathroom.
‘Yes, I am so happy I’ve regained my freedom’ Moyo replied.
‘I couldn’t get you off my mind, since the first day Kayode brought me to you for treatment; I’ve never felt this way before. It feels beautiful’ his heart fluttered as he stared into her beautiful eyes.
‘Me too, I thought of you all the time’ she looked away shyly.
‘Tell me about yourself briefly’ he asked.
‘I am orphan, I was actually running away from home, my aunt’s husband made advances towards me and I got scared he would have raped me one day, so I ran, that was how Kayode hit me’ Moyo explained. She suddenly realized they knew next to nothing about each other, yet they felt so strongly for themselves, was that possible?
‘I’m so sorry dear, I promise to protect you with my life, no one is ever going to hurt you again, okay’? Dayo caressed her face and kissed her lips.
‘Thank you’ tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered her aunt.
‘Don’t worry, that evil and mean Larkin would soon be brought to book’ Dayo assured her.
‘Larkin? How did you know of Larkin’? she asked.
‘My lawyer went to the scene where your guardians were murdered and found a card on which Harem was written on it, he got curious and began to investigate, that was how he connected the dots, right now, Abu, one of Larkin’s men is with our agents and they need you too. Larkin took away my life, could you imagine Adaeze was a stooge? She isn’t my real sister and I’ve been living an illusion for such a long time’ Dayo was still hurt.
‘Yes, I knew all of that from the day I got to the Harem, Adaeze isn’t your sister, she was sent here by Larkin to get your inheritance, your real sister Linda is still in the Harem, Larkin blinded her in one eye so she wouldn’t escape. We need to get her out of there’ Moyo felt sad for her friends.
‘My sister is blinded in one eye? I would kill Larkin myself’ anger poured on him.
‘It’s okay, I pray these detectives find him and deal with him’ Moyo laid a hand on his shoulder.
‘That’s why we need you, now hurry and dress up, let me prepare you something to eat’ Dayo winked and dashed out, though the thought of his sister being blind hurt him badly, Moyo’s smiling face gave him reason to hope, to believe.
‘Welcome love birds, I made some pancakes but you’re lacking honey’ Emem set the table and watched as they both stepped into the dining room.
‘Thank you’ Moyo settled into a chair. She remembered the lady really well now; she had been the one that had threatened to shoot her at Kayode’s place.
‘Moyo, I am so sorry for what I did to you, I admit I was foolish, I don’t know if we can ever be friends, but all I need is your forgiveness’ Emem offered her apologies and hoped Moyo would take it.
‘You really hurt me real bad, but I forgive you, just try and love your man up, he is a nice person. He saved my life’ Moyo smiled as she remembered the accident.
‘I will honey, now eat up’ she smiled proudly at her husband.
‘I want to feed you, my angel’ Dayo snatched the plate from her and they burst out with laughter, it echoed into the streets.

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