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FINAL EPISODE of Dayo’s Angel
Larkin was pleased to meet Alhaji Tanko’s beautiful mistress; the tall dark skinned woman had requested for two girls, she wanted to try a threesome with her man.
This was the first time a lesbian had come to the Harem.
‘So how much will that cost’? Agent Davina smiled at the man who fit Moyo’s description.
‘now hundred thousand per girl; my girls are clean, no infections and they’re experts too’ he continued.
They had conversed for a short while, when they heard gunshot and loud screaming.
it occurred to Larkin that the harem could be under attack, but he was confused, who would attack him? he’d always covered up his tracks.
or could it be something else?
‘You’ll have to excuse me Alhaji and Madam, let me see to some things’ he rose to his feet and made for the dungeon. If it were the police, he needed to escape, if they caught him, they could kill him.
‘No Larkin, there is no escaping for you’ Agent Davina pointed her gun at him and he froze because he wasn’t carrying any weapon.
‘Excuse me’? He was shocked, so he was set up?
‘Shut up and turn around, if you try to run, I’ll put a bullet through you, now call your men off and tell them to surrender’ she ordered him.
‘Stand back boys, please, listen to me’ Larkin yelled atop his voice.
‘What do you think you’re doing’? Agent Davina was surprised when Alhaji Tanko, the Harem client that had agreed to work with them brought out a gun.
‘Nothing goes for nothing, I helped you for a reason and if this man should testify in court, men like me have a lot to lose. Starting with our reputation’ he fired the gun and Larkin fell to the ground.
‘Take the body out, arrest all his men, burn this place down’ she had no choice, but she’d have preferred Larkin alive.
‘I cannot wait to see her, do you think she would like me’? Dayo waited nervously at Wale’s office.
The news spread like wild fire about an underground brothel that forced girls into prostitution.
‘Me too, I miss all of them’ Moyo was excited.
She’d spent few days with Dayo, he was such a beautiful man. He woke her up in the morning with kisses, he made breakfast for her and whenever he returned from work, he’d come back with a gift.
But she wasn’t still satisfied, their relationship wasn’t defined, he’d never told her the three lettered word: I love you.
Linda was tense as she climbed down from the van, she’d lost two friends to Larkin; Shantal and Cindy, Cindy’s death was worse as she’d died at the edge of freedom.
Most of the girls that were being rescued were taken to rehabilitation centers and special homes, but Agent Davina had told her of her brother’s request.
It made her more nervous, how was she to act when she finally met him? A brother whom she had not set eyes on all her life?
‘You must be Linda, or should we call you Adaeze’? Wale recognized her easily.
‘Ada would be fine’ Linda replied and waited for the man to speak.
‘Dayo… she’s here’ Wale called out to him.
‘Ada….’ Dayo stepped outside and stared at this new face, this new person he was supposed to call sister.
‘Dayo…’ she drawled his name. He looked so much like their mother and that broke her heart. A tear slipped on her cheek and he rushed to hug her.
‘It’s okay, I am here now, you’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine’ Dayo smiled as she clung to him and wept on his shoulder.
‘I promise’ he rubbed her head.
Moyo watched the scene and realized just how lucky she was to be in love with such a man as Dayo, he was an angel.
A month had passed since she moved in with Dayo, it’s not as if she moved in, she had nowhere else to go and he had promised to take care of her. She’d learnt of the death of Shantal and Cindy her two friends, she’d mourned them and honored them, thank God Linda was still alive.
Dayo loved his sister very much and he had promised to send her to America for a plastic procedure that could restore balance to her face. he’d forgotten all about the impostor, Adaeze.
‘What are you cooking? Why are you stressing yourself, I offered to do it but you keep telling me to rest’ Moyo dropped the fashion magazine that Dayo had bought her.
He’d spoilt her with clothes and jewelries, but such things didn’t impress her much, she yearned to connect deeper with him, she yearned to hear him voice out his feelings for her.
‘Hello there, I am back, so why do you look so sad’? Linda stepped out of the kitchen with a plate of jollof rice.
‘Nothing’ Moyo lied.
‘Nothing eh? I take back my food’ Linda snatched the plate from her. She wasn’t blind, she knew her brother had feelings for Moyo and she did same for him.
‘Ding dong’ the doorbell cried and Moyo rushed to open it so she could avoid Linda’s penetrating gaze.
‘Hello Ma’am, are you Miss Moyosola’? she saw about six men holding a bunch of different flowers.
‘Yes I am and you are’? she raised her brows.
‘Delivery men, this is for you’ the man handed her a note and the rest surrounded her with flowers, roses, yellow bells, hibiscus, Dahlias, iris, honeysuckle.
‘I love you, yes, yes, I will be your wife’ she yelled in excitement and rushed out of the gate but she saw no one.
Her heart sank, why would he play tricks on her.
She wasn’t vigilant enough, so he crept behind and scooped her up.
‘Dayo, you scared me’ she laughed happily.
‘I am sorry my angel, so what is your answer’? Dayo asked.
‘Yes I will be your wife’ Moyo replied.
‘Good answer, I love you so much, I pray we work out and I pray you be the mother of my kids’ he kissed her head then dropped her on the ground.
‘I too’ Moyo smiled.
‘You’re Dayo’s angel’ he whispered again and drew her closer for a long and deep kiss filled with sweetness, pure intentions and true love.


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