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(Episode 10 -Final Episode)

Sandra had cancer and the disease was at its final stage, the doctors discharged her last night because there’s was nothing they could do to save her. Nathan sat beside his mother, he remembered how he cried when the doctor told him last night that his mother had been battling with the disease for few years now.
“mom, why didn’t you tell me?” He asked almost as if he was whispering he had cried so much, his voice was down and he was exhausted
“I’m so sorry My son, I didn’t want you to feel bad” Sandra said calmly
“it’s OK mom” Nathan said smiling faintly

Nathan kept staring at his mother, with tears dropping off his eyes at every gaze. It was a terrible day for Nathan, he hoped for a miracle, “My mom won’t die, I won’t let her die, first thing tomorrow morning, I will seek for second opinion from other medical specialist” He told himself ” or I will flown my mother abroad for more advance treatment”.
It’s sad that all he could do at that point was to pray and hope for a miracle.

Sandra held his hands as she thought of how badly she had treated her son Nathan all these years. She cried
“I’m sorry for being so hard on you, all these years you paid for the crime you never committed, a crime your father committed, I’m sorry My child, please forgive me” Sandra said tearfully
“It’s OK mom, I understand, my father was not a good man” Nathan said calmly.
Now he understood how his mother felt and how shattered she felt all these years all thanks to Lucy’s betrayal.
Nathan’s eyes were red and swollen and his mother wondered what could be going on in his sad mind. But her thoughts went to Lucy.

“How’s your wife? You didn’t tell her that I’m sick?” Sandra chipped in
“Of course I did mom” Nathan said sadly
“And why is she not here yet?” Sandra asked
“I don’t know” Nathan entered
“My Son, you can’t lie to me, I can sense your pain, please don’t lie to me” Nathan’s mum said with tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. She could see through his son and she knew that he was in pain.

His mother laid his head on her chest as he sobbed, “Mummy, Lucy messed up?” he said in a low tone, with tears falling off his eyes. Sandra didn’t bother to ask what Lucy had done wrong, she doesn’t want to meddle in her son’s personal life anymore, she regretted getting involved in the first place. She kept mute for a while and then she broke the silence.

“My son, at times things happen for the best, i’m sure you would be genuinely happy one day, It breaks my heart to see you suffer like this, I’m sorry for everything you had to pass through just because you are my son. I love you forever and I’m proud of you, I have always been so proud of you and always saw your achievements even at a young age and now you are a reputable lawyer, I’m sorry that I never applauded you…… My son, try and open your heart to love again; you can’t shut the doors to your heart and deny yourself a happy family, I pray you fall in love and you won’t be cheated on or be deceived, forget about your past and what you went through, you are not like your father and you are not like me either cause we both failed as your parents but I have realized over the years that you are alot better than us and I’m proud of you…Life is good, please enjoy life my son, You will always be the apple of my eyes my darling son , now wipe your tears and cry no more. I assure you everything would be alright eventually and you would definitely find reasons to smile again”

Sandra’s words this time were like sweet music to Nathan’s broken heart. It gave him the strength he never felt he needed, his mother had never spoken such nice words to him before, they had never sat down together and talk to each other.
“Mom, you are the best mother in the world, you stood by me all these years, you are the reason why I am a renowned lawyer, you are always there for me despite how shattered you were, you remained unmarried even when Dad got married to someone else, you were still here for me, I’m sorry for everything I have done wrong that reminded you of my horrible father, I love you so much mom, please stay with me, don’t leave me, I won’t allow you to leave me mom, I love you Mom!” Nathan uttered tearfully, Sandra stretched her hand and touched her son’s face to wipe the tears on Nathan’s face. “I love you so much my son” She added She held his hands afterwards and she prayed silently for him

At around 6:00 Am the next morning, Sandra died, his son Nathan was inconsolable.
He moved closer to his mother’s body and he touched her hand and kissed her forehead. “I love you so much mommy, I will miss you so much” Nathan uttered tearfully.

Sandra’s sudden demise brought Nathan so much grief, agony and pain. So much sorrow that he thought he was going to die thinking about her. Many nights after her burial, Nathan would stay awake and cry. Until one day, he met a beautiful Lady named Joy, Nathan and Joy fell helplessly in love with each other and in no time they got married and they union was blessed with two lovely children.

Don’t transfer your hatred for that irresponsible father or irresponsible mother of your children to your children
Your children deserves happiness and love too. Your child/Children shouldn’t pay for the crime they know nothing about.
Speak nice words to your children!
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Marry that special person that you love and that loves you right back. Don’t settle for less.

Affirm your spouse at home so they won’t go out looking for affirmation from someone else.

Be careful, Marriage is a delicate Bond, Marriage bond is so fragile and can break easily.
Marriage is not a fairy tale, Marriage is all about love, selflessness, patience, Tolerance and enduring hard times together. If you cherish your marriage, Flee from infidelity!

*The End*

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