Delicate bond episode 4

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(Episode 4)

Nathan won the tough case and the senator’s daughter was so happy with him, she threw a big party to celebrate her victory and of course Nathan was invited as the special guest, Lucy recommended Nathan to her friends, “He is the best lawyer in the whole city” She told her friends excitedly.

They partied all evening till Nathan had to leave at around 9pm. Lucy pleaded with him to stay for few minutes, “I have something to discuss with you” she told him
“What, I’m all ears” he replied
“Have not been myself, since we met, Nathan, I think I’m falling for you “Lucy told Nathan who was so surprised, he wondered how a beautiful lady like Lucy will woo a man, instead of the other way round.

“Falling for me?” Nathan asked
“yes, I love you” Lucy replied half shyly
“Thank you but I don’t believe in love, I guess you are just excited that you won the case, you are a beautiful lady and I don’t mind getting attached to you, let’s be friends…. Or friends with benefits that’s if you don’t mind” Nathan said smiling to Lucy who was so in love with him and it was obvious that he drives her crazy.
“I won’t mind if we are friends with benefits as long as you are mine” She told Nathan who kissed her on her lips and held her hands.

Few months later, Lucy and Nathan were in a relationship but to Nathan it’s just a fling or a friendship with benefits as he felt nothing for Lucy, he is incapable of loving anyone.
Their relationship was a perfect example of a one sided relationship and it was an obvious fact that Lucy was into Nathan more than he was into her.

Lucy and Nathan were both from influential families.
Nathan never loved Lucy but was of the school of thought that one lady isn’t enough for one man, he had so many girlfriends .
Often times, he wondered why Lucy was the only girl he had remained friends with for more than a month, he had never dated any girl for more than two weeks, “Maybe because she has class and she is Senator Evan’s daughter” He told himself.

Nathan was proud and he never said sorry whenever he was wrong, Lucy was always begging for Nathan’s love, she was blindly in love with Nathan, thereby making her unable to see the red flags and flaws of Nathan. Chat me on zero eight one thirty-nine seventy seven seventy eight eighty seven to be added to WhatsApp group.
The love she had for Nathan increased when Nathan unintentionally, introduced her to his mother, Sandra who fell in love with Lucy’s personality and her father’s influence, She was bent on seeing her get married to her son. Whenever she visited, Sandra will refer to her as Nathan ’s wife to be, That got Lucy excited, she couldn’t imagine her life without Nathan as her husband, even though he had not proposed to her yet.

Lucy cared for Nathan with all her heart and always made sure he was happy . But He hardly had time for their so called relationship, He always told his mother that Lucy was just a friend. It wasn’t a hidden fact that he had other girls in his life as his mother had caught him severally and of course she called him ” Useless and philanderer like his useless father, Lawrence”
“Lucy is a good girl and from a good family like ours, you must marry her whether you like it or not “Sandra always told her son Nathan.

One fateful day, Nathan invited Lucy over for dinner at his house and she was so surprised and excited, She had thought Nathan had finally fallen in love with her, On seeing Nathan , She became Nervous, his strong face would scare even the strongest person in the world,
“I guess he wants to end our relationship” Lucy thought to herself, she sat down at the dinner table facing Nathan, she looked everywhere for Madam Sandra, Nathan’s mother. “Where is your mom?” Lucy asked
“She travelled, why?” Nathan entered sharply
“No it’s nothing, I just want to say hello to her” Lucy replied

Nathan stared at Lucy, She wondered why she love him so much, after eating, they had few glasses of wine and talked for a while, “Lucy, you know I don’t believe in love but I have learned to put up with you, you are a good person and I want you to be my wife” Nathan said plainly.

“Nathan, are you for real, are you really asking me to marry you?” she said, she was surprised.
“Yes Lucy, it will make my mother happy” Nathan entered
“Your Mother? What about you, won’t it make you happy too ?”Lucy asked and he became speechless “It doesn’t matter” Lucy added “Of course I will marry you because you mean the whole world to me”

End of Episode 4
To be continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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