Delicate bond episode 5

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(Episode 5)

Few months later they got married, thier wedding was elaborate and the talk of the town. The newly weds moved to thier new matrimonial home: A huge mansion in the island, Two years into their marriage, Thier union was unhealthy, Nathan was a nonchalant husband, he is never there for his wife, he never wants to be there and chooses not to be there. Each day he loses interest in the marriage.

He doesn’t care whether his wife is happy or unhappy, He never gives his wife the first place and never makes her a priority. He was always busy with work and when Lucy can’t get the reciprocation of her love from her husband, she ended up feeling disappointed, disenfranchised and disillusioned.

One-day, Lucy stumbled upon Nathan’s birth certificate in thier bedroom and she was glad when she saw her husband’s date of birth, “September 2nd, Nathan’s birthday is next month?, I will definitely prepare a party for my husband” She told herself and then she wondered why Nathan barely celebrate his birthday.
She quickly told Nathan, about her plans to celebrate his birthday that year. “Honey, you have never mentioned your birthday, I can’t believe your birthday is next month” Lucy said excitedly

“Because you never asked” Nathan said with a straight face
“well honey, thank God I came across your birth certificate, this year will be different because I will prepare a party for you, by next week I will send invitation to everyone we know” Lucy said happily

“What? ” Nathan asked “Don’t you dare do that” And walked out from his wife’s presence angrily, Lucy was heart broken. Nothing she does ever pleases Nathan, she told herself, “Last week, He didn’t even remember our second wedding anniversary and when I told him about it, he acted as if it was nothing, He never appreciate me or the things I do and I can’t go on like this, Nathan is a bitter person, I wonder why he so bitter and full of hate” She thought.

Everyday, Lucy woke up with the hopes of living a normal married life like every other married woman but Nathan was still the worst husband in the planet, Lucy gave up and she stopped begging Nathan for his love and attention. She cried herself to sleep on many occasions. Her life was miserable and very unfortunate.

Few months after, it was her birthday and she knew that Nathan would never care about her birthday because he never cared about his own birthday or thier wedding Anniversary. At noon she took herself out, she was tired of feeling sorry for herself, “It’s my birthday and I’m going to make myself happy today” She told herself

She went to the mall to do some shopping and finally headed to a restaurant in the mall. Lucy used the elevator and it took her to the first floor of the mall. There was a fancy restaurant at her left, so she walked towards that direction. As she entered the restaurant, all eyes where on her, so she walked quietly and sat down. Few seconds later, A waitress came to her and asked her what she wanted to eat or drink, “Give me your most expensive wine, For my meal: I want Fried rice, with salad and a roasted chicken” she said.
Few minutes the waitress brought all she ordered.

At the other corner of the restaurant, A young guy was sitting opposite Lucy and this particular guy couldn’t get his eyes off her. He was smitten by her gorgeousness and was thinking on how to approach her. After a while of being lost in thoughts, he noticed that Lucy was almost done with her meal.
“There’s just something about that girl thats sitting over there, let me go and talk to her, she is so beautiful and elegant, I can’t get my eyes off her” The young guy told himself

After the boost of morale, he summoned up courage and walked towards Lucy , “can I join you to sit” he jokingly said. Lucy looked up and beheld a gentle and good looking man, “You can sit if you want to and what makes you think that I’m here alone and that I’m not waiting for someone?” she asked, “You have been sitting here for a long time now and your facial expression says you are not expecting anyone, you are alone and I’m here to entertain you, I can make you laugh so hard” he replied smiling as he sat down. Lucy smiled and looked downwards, “My name is Richard, can I please know your name?” he asked, “I’m Lucy” she replied, “Beautiful name” he complimented and she thanked him.

Richard tried to start a conversation with her so he asked how her day went and they got talking. “Well, Today is a good day, actually today is my birthday” Lucy said calmly
“Wow! Happy Birthday Lucy” Richard said happily.
“Thank you” Lucy replied
They talked and laughed for a while till the waitress brought Lucy’s bill, “I’ll get that” Richard said, “No don’t worry, I’ll pay” she said but he insisted “consider it a gift from me to you on your birthday”
and she finally let him foot the bill.

End of Episode 5
To be continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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