Delicate Bond episode 6

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(Episode 6)

From that day Richard and Lucy became good friends, Richard was heartbroken when he learned that Lucy was married but regardless they remained friends.
It took months for Lucy to digest the shocking fact that the handsome and overly hot Richard was her friend, Deep down in her heart she knew this was a death trap considering the situation of things with her husband, but she tried to act maturely, decently and she played cool. Richard had a clean mind towards her and acted like a true friend, On too many occasions, he had told her to introduce him to her husband Nathan but Lucy was scared, she wondered how her husband would react.

One-day, Nathan was to meet up with a new client at a Chinese restaurant, He just arrived at the restaurant where he sighted his wife with a strange man, The sight of Lucy, talking to a good looking young man almost gave Nathan a heart attack. For some weird reasons, he couldn’t understand why he suddenly became angry and somewhat jealous. Lucy’s sight went to where her husband was standing and she pretended as though she didn’t see him, she kept talking with Richard.

Nathan managed to walk closer to where his wife was sitting with the strange man and said to his wife “Lucy what’s going on here” but Lucy was mute. Her silence was beginning to get on his nerves and he started boiling with anger but he kept his cool.

Richard got up, he had sensed that Nathan must be Lucy’s husband and he politely introduced himself, “My name is Richard, your wife have told me alot about you, we are friends and that makes you my friend too, nice to meet you sir” Richard said smiling faintly but Nathan gave him a disgusted look but he managed to give him a hand shake. “Nice to meet you too” Nathan chipped in Richard was a bit confused, he was finding it hard to figure out why Nathan stared at him disgustedly, “what is going on between this couple?, they both act so weird” Richard thought , “I think I’ll be leaving now” he said finally and he left as well.

As Richard left, Nathan couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He gave Lucy a piercing look, sighed and walked away. After he left too, Lucy took a deep breath and shook her head. She suddenly became sad and she stood up and left too.

As Lucy headed home, she couldn’t stop thinking about Richard, “he is such a gentleman?” she thought. When she arrived home, she tried calling him but he didn’t pick up, Later, he sent her a text message that he will call her back later that he was in a meeting.
Lucy didn’t know why she was not scared of losing her marriage with Nathan her husband but was scared of losing his friendship with Richard. For some weird reasons, she felt she no longer felt anything for Nathan.

All through that day Nathan wondered why he felt jealous at the sight of his wife and the so called Richard, “I don’t even love her” He told himself “She is free to meet new people as I meet new people everyday too”.
When he returned home that evening, he didn’t bring up the issue with his wife Lucy, he acted cool as though nothing happened. Lucy was hurt, Nathan’s reaction confirmed that he was not in love with her. She wondered how she got her life trapped in a loveless marriage with Nathan.

Days passed, Nathan still felt jealous whenever he remembered Richard, his wife’s so called friend.
“What should I do, it’s like I’m having feelings for Lucy now” He thought “Well maybe it’s because I’m used to having her around, nothing more, two years is not two days oh”

On the other hand, Lucy was thinking about Richard, she had fallen for him, all day, all she does is reminiscing about Richard, she thought of all the times Richard made her smile. She took a deep breath and immediately diverted her thoughts to her problems, she cried as she wondered how long she will continue to stand Nathan’s bad attitude and thier loveless marriage.

End Of Episode 6
To be continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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