Delicate bond episode 7

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(Episode 7)

Lucy was still crying when her phone rang, she picked up her phone to see who it was, she quickly wiped her tears and stopped crying, She was glad when she discovered that the caller was no other but Richard, she had not heard from him for days.
“Hey Richie” She said
“Hello Mrs Lucy” Richard said calmly at the other end of the phone, Lucy wondered why Richard was being formal with her but she kept mute.

She was mute for a while until Richard added
“How are you today? I’m sorry about the other day, I hurriedly left you and your husband at the restaurant just like that, everything was awkward and uncomfortable with your husband staring at both of us like criminals, Lucy, I hope I didn’t get you into trouble”
“Everything is fine, my husband doesn’t care” Lucy said calmly
Richard sensed that her voice was down and enquired if something was wrong, But Lucy insisted that she was fine, Finally Richard promised to visit Lucy at noon, so they could talk better.

At Noon, Richard paid Lucy a visit at her matrimonial home as he promised, Richard was glad to see Lucy, they sat on the couch in the living room, “your home is beautiful” Richard told Lucy. He became uncomfortable when he looked around and saw their wedding portrait.
“I hope my visit to your home won’t upset your husband, if he finds out? “Richard asked
“Of course not, my husband is not like that, he doesn’t care about all that, he trust me and moreover we are not doing something wrong, you are my friend and it’s not wrong you came over to visit me” Lucy said,

“Lucy, I’m sorry for the numerous questions” Richard said. and Lucy told him it was fine, ” you can feel comfortable, what do you want to drink? ” She asked. The way Lucy politely communicated with him melted his heart, his mind relaxed a bit and he told her, “Anything, wine or champagne!”.

Just like Nathan and Lucy, Richard also came from a well to do family. He studied abroad and he is an entrepreneur and a successful one at that. Without wasting further time, they started talking and it dawned on Richard that Lucy was not happy in her marriage with Nathan. There’s sadness in Lucy’s voice each time she talked about her husband or her life.

Lucy found her mind swaying back to her sad situation and loveless marriage. Richard noticed something wasn’t right so he asked her what the problem was but Lucy said she was ok, “you are my friend, so feel free to talk to me” he said. There was no way Lucy was going to tell the man she occasionally fantasized about that she was tired of her marriage and that her husband doesn’t love her, No way!

Richard figured she was resistant, so he respected her privacy and shut the conversation down. There was a little silence afterwards and Richard broke the silent by asking how long she had been married
“For 2 years now” Lucy replied, “Wow! Thats good to know” he said smiling and Lucy smiled too

Richard couldn’t help but admire how beautiful Lucy was as she smiled, he quickly remembered she was married and called himself back to order.
“I pray I get married to someone like you because you are so beautiful and you are so down to earth, I cherish every moment I spend with you, your husband is a lucky man” he said and Lucy smiled more, “Well fortunately, he doesn’t appreciate what he has” she said still smiling

Richard was surprised and shocked at the same time, “So you mean your husband doesn’t appreciate you?” he asked and Lucy nodded “Yes”.
“But you both love each other?” Richard asked
“My husband is the love of my life, I honestly can’t imagine being with someone else”. Lucy replied, Richard smiled and asked “Another meaning for love Is appreciation, How can you be so sure you married the love of your life, when your husband doesn’t appreciate you?”. That question hit Lucy , she was mute and couldn’t find the right words to give as an answer.

There was grave silence and Richard figured he went too far with his question. He apologized and he told Lucy “I will be leaving now, thank you for having me over, Thank you so much, my regards to your husband”
Lucy bid him goodbye as she walked him to his car outside.
She was consumed with thoughts and couldn’t get Richard’s question off her mind.

She kept telling herself “Nathan is not the love of my life, he never loved me, he always told me that he was incapable of loving anyone and I stupidly agreed to marry him, it’s all my fault not his, I thought he Will one-day fall in love with me, I was so wrong”

Richard ’s harmless words became a torn on Lucy’s flesh “another meaning of love is appreciation” she was having a hard time getting her mind off it. The scary part of the whole thing was that she doesn’t feel anything for Nathan anymore. Richard’s words kept replaying in her mind and it was evident that she was wallowing in confusion and regrets, she wished she could turn back time to make everything right.

End of Episode 7
To be continued
A Story by Christabel Nwoko

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