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(Episode 9- Second To Last Episode)

The worst form of betrayal and pain; is catching the person you love pants down with someone else. Nathan had fallen in love with his wife Lucy even though he was trying hard to wave the feeling off, the sight of seeing another man on top of his wife alone crumbled him emotionally and completely shattered his heart into tiny pieces.

Nathan’s heart was completely shattered and seemed almost impossible to fix again. he was devastated and couldn’t stop the tears that flowed down his eyes, he was in pain and at the same time shocked, the pain triggered ugly childhood memories he had tried so hard to forget.

“Nathan please wait, let me explain” Lucy said as she caught up with him in their bedroom, Nathan ignored her and walked faster towards the exit door. Lucy grabbed him tightly from behind but he knock her hands off, “Don’t you ever touch me in your life again, I don’t want to unleash the demon in me” he warned and gave her a disgusted look.

“You are a shameless woman and honestly, I think I’ve wasted my precious time sticking with you, thinking you will be the reason I become a better person and I stupidly fall in love with you, I was about to tell you about my feelings yesterday, when I got a call that my mom was unwell , I always knew that love is a dream that would never become a reality, last night, I was about to tell you that my mother was critically ill but my phone’s battery died” he added sobbing.

Lucy looked at him, she was shocked and she said, “ Mom is ill?, oh I don’t know! …Do you think this is the life I wanted to live, do you think I feel happy that I cheated on you? You pushed me to where I have found myself today? you left me starved and lonely, you were never around whenever I needed you. You are always angry about everything I do, it killed me everyday knowing that you never loved me, I was mad at you all the time in my heart and you pushed me into becoming this horrible person that I am today. I know that I messed up right now and I am going to hate myself everyday for what I did. I was about to ask you for a divorce yesterday, I was frustrated and angry with my life, I was tired of everything, I convinced myself that I don’t love you anymore, Asking you to forgive me, would be me asking for a grace I don’t deserve. I’m so sorry for sharing my body that belonged to you with someone else. It was a mistake that I wish I could undo. I’m so sorry Nathan, please find it in your heart to forgive me even if you don’t want me as your wife anymore. I’m ready to face the consequence of my actions, before you return, I will be gone, please take care of your mother, don’t tell her what I did, it would break her heart”.

Nathan couldn’t stop the tears that fell off his eyes as Lucy spoke, He felt guilty too, he was not a good husband to Lucy.
“Regardless of anything I did wrong, it doesn’t justify your actions. I’m your husband, I married you, that means I choose you over other ladies, marriage isn’t for kids as it requires commitment and endurance, I told you the truth from the beginning when we were dating that I don’t feel anything for you but eventually I fell in love with you after we got married, I tried so hard to wave the feeling off but the feeling was still there, Lucy, no matter what I did or no matter how I wasn’t there for you, giving another man your body is disrespectful to our union and worst of all in our matrimonial home. Two years ago, Didn’t you promise on our wedding day that you’ll stick with me for better and for worse? You got married to me, even when you knew that I was not in love with you but now when I’m in love with you, you messed up, you weren’t patient enough. I know I’m not a perfect husband, but God sure knows that I’m a good man with pure intentions for you, I grew up in a divorce household, My mom caught my Dad with his lover pants down on thier matrimonial bed on my 10th birthday, I grew up sipping all my mother’s rage just because I looked just like my Father, I hated my birthday and my life too. But ever since I met you, I have been battling with my self to love and care for you cause you are special, not because you are senator Evan’s daughter but because I thought you are a good woman and you deserve all my love, ever since we got married, i never cheated on you, I know you won’t believe me, I know I was terrible at expressing my feelings, the only way I knew how to express my feelings is through silence and many times that I was speechless, I had so many things to say to you, like when I saw you with your lover at the restaurant, I was not happy about it but I don’t know how to express my displeasure” he said sobbing, “I need to go now, I don’t think I will ever see you again” he added,
And then he sighed and walked away leaving her there in thier room. Nathan left for her mother’s house with few of his personal belongings.

Immediately Nathan left , Lucy burst into uncontrollable tears, She wished she was patient enough, “Nathan, fell in love with me? That’s what I have always wished for, His love is all I have always yearned for” Lucy thought and then she remembered Richard, She looked around for her friend and it dawn on her that he had left .
When Nathan arrived her mother’s house, he walked straight to her mother’s bedroom, he rushed to his sick mother.

End of Episode 9
To be continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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