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Sequence 1
©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
I watched her as she slowly peeled her snip of a panty down her sleek legs.
To say she was a beauty would be an understatement.
Now this girl was a re-classification of beauty.
She was dark, probably the darkest girl I had ever been with, but her darkness glowed, as if she had some kind of light beneath her skin that came on when she was naked.
Her tummy was hollowed out, punctuated by that round dot of a navel that added artistic beauty to her general aura of mystique.
Her legs were long and perfectly-formed, her thighs sleek and stream-lined. Lord, her breasts were perfect orbs of sublime beauty, standing firm and proud but curving gently outward from a heavier down-t----t.
Her back…now that was something else!
Twin m----s of succulent beauties that a man could watch and play with forever!
She looked at me out of those large, wide-set eyes that for a moment were filled with a level of uncertainty again.
Now I was getting tired with her uncertainties, and I was in no mood to convince her all over again, and so I reached down and pulled my boxers to my ankles, flinging them off with a toss of my right leg, and then I flopped back on her large bed and held out my hands to her with a sweet, loving look on my face.
“Oh, Akushika!” I whispered with a catch in my voice. “You’re so beautiful! The loveliest girl I’ve ever seen! I’m going to spend my life with you because I love you so much! Come to me, my Ga angel, my Queen, my love.”
She looked down at the juncture of my thighs and saw the nodding appendage there, and then she smiled uncertainly and put her right knee on the bed.
“I love you too, Yao,” she whispered, her voice now very unhappy. “You know I’ve stayed a Christian for so long, three years now, and in that time I haven’t slept with any boy! My first boyfriend – the one that took my virginity – married a girl from his hometown. I swore I wouldn’t let any other boy see my nakedness until marriage! So why can’t we wait, Yao, please, if indeed you love me and want to marry me?”
It was a story I had heard over and again in the eight months I had pursued Akushika. She was the beauty in the neighbourhood, the one they said no boy could have. Her heart, they said, was cast in tempered iron and surrounded by a fierce volcano.
No boy could have her, they said. She was a Christian freak too, and it would take a special angel from heaven to open up her heart.
Well, we had been here before, right here in her bedroom, where she had been ready to do a little tumble, and then she had started that whole speech-thing again.
This was about the fourth time, actually.
The first three times I had played the part of a smitten, understanding and loving boyfriend whilst inwardly amused. Somehow, her confusion always set off a tiny pinprick of guilt in my guiltless body, and I always stopped myself from forcing her to make love.
Well, this time it was not going to happen again.
I had wasted enough time with her already, not because I couldn’t force a closure, but basically because I had enjoyed the thrill of the chase, and I had wanted to prolong it a little bit more.
This lady had taken me on a hot chase, sure, and at a point in time of the game I had been convinced that she was the real deal, the exception to the rule that the great Yao Biko always, always got his prey.
I got up on my knees and put a hand on her waist, looking at her with fake eyes of love, with adoration dripping off my face in waves, but inwardly I was chuckling to myself.
With trembling lips I claimed her right n----e, and she shook violently like a tsunami was taking place within her sweet body. Her hands fell on my shoulder, and she made to push me away.
“Yao!” she moaned softly. “Please wait…wait, please…”
My right hand sneaked around her neck, and my lips covered that protesting mouth of hers, and I kissed her slowly and deeply. She went pliant like melted butter, and then I pulled her gently onto the bed.
I was still kissing her and slowly running a hand across her nipples, causing her to tremble with sweetness and lustful desire playing a rhythmic accordion on her body.
My hand sneaked to her thighs and played with the hair under her abdomen, but when I tried to caress her, I realized her thighs were clamped together like clams, and no matter what I did she refused to open up.
I could give up and try to talk her into a mellow mood, but I knew that would be futile with Akushika. Once that uncertainty about making love to me entered her heart, the results would be another unattained goal.
There was always another way of opening up a girl’s thighs when they were clamped shut that tightly. Now, this approach of opening up a girl’s thighs was not a sure-fire route, no, because some girls might have a total aversion to the whole act.
However, a greater number of them, especially those who hadn’t tried it before, always opened up for a probing tongue.
It was time to find out if Akushika could carry on her charade forever, or she would go for the adventurous.
My hands left her thighs, and my tongue descended across her belly, rotated merrily around her navel, and then descended down to the close-cropped hair nestling on her Netherlands.
I probed deeper, expecting her thighs to tighten up and perform a vice shutdown like Alibaba’s greedy brother getting trapped inside the thieves’ cave, but they relaxed, and a little space was created.
“Yao?” she whispered tremulously as my tongue darted onto the knob of delight above her Gate of Honey. “What are you doing?”
Now, why do girls always ask the silliest of questions around this time?
My tongue was playing some finely composed jazz lines on your wet points and you were asking me what I was doing?
I am cooking yam, I almost shouted at her, and then I stopped myself just in time and giggled.
“I’m loving you, my sweetest Aku!” I whispered instead, and my voice was tenderly tender.
Her thighs flopped open, admitting me fully.
“Oh, Yao, my love, my King!” she whispered.
Once again I almost giggled.
King? Really?
I used my tongue, and soon she was tossing and moaning like a hummingbird. I opened one eye and saw that the fingers on her right hand were bunching up the bedsheets in blissful sweetness, and her legs were spread very wide now, her toes clenching and unclenching as if she had some motor reflex disease!
Her left hand was on top of my head, pressing my head down into her like she wanted to pop my head inside her and give birth to me.
Well, these were the signs that a woman was lost, and she wouldn’t close her thighs again even if her father appeared with a gun.
I eased up her body, using a part of the bedsheet to wipe my mouth clean, and then I was on top of her, teasing her entrance with my entry request.
She was bucking and whimpering, and looking at me like a lost orphan, her face all twisted up with passion.
She draped her calves across mine, and for a moment I almost drew back, but her right arm went around my neck and pushed my head down, at the same time she reached down with her left hand, held me and performed a divine guidance where there had been a devilish closure a few minutes previously.
There was only one thing to do then…
Ooooooooh yeaaaaaah!!
Two hours later I pulled my T-shirt down and stood staring down at her.
She was asleep, breathing gently with a happy smile on her face. She was tired and absolutely worn out. It had been that kind of session. In the end, she had lost all inhibitions and let herself go.
I had that effect on them, and I could draw out their passions and make them do things that they normally wouldn’t have dreamt of.
There was a tiny pinprick of guilt in my heart again as I looked down at her angelic face.
Here was a girl who had treasured her virginity, and in the end given it to a boy she thought loved her. He had eventually left her for another woman from his hometown, and she had immersed herself with Christianity, vowing never to make that mistake again till she got married.
And here I was, Yao Biko, smashing her stocked-up barriers and making her do sexual antics that a professional would have been proud of.
I sighed deeply and pushed my baseball cap on my head, and then I gently left her room. I went through their living-room where their house-help was cleaning the dining-table and reprimanding Aku’s younger brother who had evidently messed up the table with fufu and palm-nut soup.
A few minutes later I was in my car, driving away, when Aku’s call came through.
I looked at the screen and ignored the call.
She called twenty times more, but I didn’t pick up.
My WhatsApp pinged and kept pinging!
I dragged down the notification, and saw twenty-five messages from her…and still counting.
“Sorry, love,” I whispered and muted my phone, turning it upside down.
When I got home she was still calling through and messaging and sending voice notes! I sighed heavily and just switched off my phone.
First things first, though…
I sat down in front of my laptop and powered it up.
It was in hibernation mode, so it came on pretty quickly.
There was a folder on my desktop with a girly icon named HONEYZ.
I opened it up.
There was a word document in there named DIAL.
I opened it up…
It simply contained a list of girl names.
I scrolled to the name bullet-numbered 39, and I hit the enter button.
40 automatically entered, and I typed her name AKUSHIKA.
I closed it up and looked at the folder name DIAL…
Now try and read that backwards…
Akushika just made it on the Yao Biko DIAL list.
She got laid….
To Be Continued…

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