Diary of an imostar deleted scenes tuesday 11/12/2012

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i drove straight to my hostel that evening with frank, after dropping off the girls, for we were very hungry, cos we hadn’t eaten anything since morning, and frank had no food in his room, since none of his resident girlfriends were around, while i had soup and stew which sussy cooked for me before leaving that morning……..

I quickly warmed the soup and prepared the garri, which i brought out and we ate, while frank gisted me on how it all went between him and lizzy……

“nna eeh dat idiot nearly fought me ooo”, he said to me as he swallowed his garri, “imagine just because, when una comot, i near where she sat come hold her for waist, the girl just frown oo sey make i comot my hand, hmmmm, i come think sey na joke, come draw her face to mine, come kiss her for her lips, o boy the girl provoke nobi small ooo, she just jump up come dey jinger sey “if for say she no like me, na slap she for don slap me, since i choose to disgrace her in front of her friend”, that ‘she even planned on doing whatever i wanted today, but i just spoilt it with the useless brain i dey nack’, o boy when she talk am i come regret, she come continue, come ask me how much fastfood be?, wey dey make me behave like small pikin, choi my bro, shame come catch me, i come dey apologise, dey give her one flimsy excuse, buh the babe no gree ooo, she come dey tell me sey ‘my own chance don go’, but bros you know how e be nah?, when i don already invest #300 for the chop{girl} choi na so i come serious, come dey rap like M.I , before she finally come calm down, come tell me sey ‘no wahala that she go give me second chance’ so my guy, na fast food tinz e finally go be since na her problem be dat oo, infact i never jam dis kind girl before” he narrated and concluded, and i nodded as i shruggled,

“finally fastfood no be big deal nah, so that one still dey” i said to him and he nodded, “yes my bro, but one thing i know for sure is that i won’t take them to the fastfood, with my own money ooo” he said to me and i smiled as i watched him suspiciously, “hmmmm, bros if you think say na my own money you wan use, that means you don jam brick wall oooo” i said within myself…..

But then true to his words, he did take them out, two days later without spending his money, neither did i spend mine……..

Hmmmm, and how was that possible, and whose money did he spend??……..

Do watch out for the next episode…….
To be continued……..
{pls friends sometimes i do make use of some english words, which may be wrong but i do use them like that cos they do fit in, moreover you know, i’m still not that good in english, so my story is told in a primary manner or lay man’s way… Pls i’m sorry if you find too much wrong words pls}

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    • Its true but sometimes you find good girls being friends with bad girls. It could mean one of 2 things. The ‘bad’ girl keeps the other around cos she knows out of everyone it is only that ‘good’ girl that will tell her the truth. Sometimes we need people to keep us grounded.

      The other reason could be the good girl is a bad girl at heart just not practicing or the bad girl is a good girl at heart just makes alot of bad decisions.

      Just my thoughts 😀