Enticed episode 28

Yesterday when I was looking at the photo I really couldn’t believe that Emily’s mother is alive so I left her shopping alone and returned home only to find that hell has broken lose the mother is missing and no one really knows where she is. I thought about telling Fadz when but then I am not sure maybe that’s just Emily’s look alike. Now today when I saw the mother I almost fainted and well my brothers were not really cooperating as to what’s happening. No one was in a good mood and father… I had never seen him talk more than five sentences but today he was the one making all the noise. A little while later i saw henry running downstairs with Trisha in his hands without a t-shirt and he looked like shit, I wondered what happened to him until I saw father looking like he was in a wrestling stage. I stopped thinking about it immediately because I don’t want to think about what might happened. Finally Fadz’s sister walked alone to the garden then I got a chance to actually speak to her.
Me: excuse me sister, Stella right
Stella: yes… and you are
Me: Zenzele… I am henry’s brother
Stella: oh
She rolled her eyes
Stella: what do you want?
Me: I want to make sure of some few facts please don’t take this the wrong way
Stella: sure what
Me: Emily is your child
Stella: yes
Me: Fadzai Zanindi is your sister
Stella: yes… How do you know that?
Me: I don’t know how you are going to react to this but…
My phone rang and it was Fadz. I quickly remembered that I have not seen her this morning.
Me: your sister is my girlfriend
Stella: what!
Me: and she is calling me right now
I took my call.
Me: hello
Fadz: hey… how are you
Me: um… I am fine
Fadz: why do you sound tense… where are you I thought you would be here in the morning to take me to work.
Me: I am sorry sweetheart I am on my way to meet you right now, we have to talk
Fadz: okay… are you sure you are okay
Me: trust me…. I am coming.
I hang up and looked at Stella who was still confused. I have to go. Stella held my hand as I was about to turn away
Stella: are you going to break up with her
Me: what… no
Stella: but that would have been the best decision
Me: are you nuts, go and take your meds
I left her and headed to Fadz’s work place. When I arrived I found the shop closed and she looked nervous and worried.
Me: why is the shop closed?
Fadz: don’t worry.
I gave her a kiss on the cheek
Fadz: are you breaking up with me
Me: what!
Fadz: do you have another older girl
Me: Fadz… why are you being so negative, I am not breaking up with you and no I don’t have any other girlfriend apart from you okay… I love you
Fadz; then what’s wrong
Me: I can’t believe you thought I was breaking up with you…
Fadz: you just left me yesterday and then you didn’t come in the morning you didn’t call last night and you didn’t show up for lunch, today you said we need to talk in a very serious tone then you peck my cheek when normally you sweep me off my feet and leave me breathless with your kisses.
I slightly laughed. It’s so adorable to know that she worries
Me: we do need to talk though, we are going to have some bumps in our relationships okay
Fadz: what do you mean?
Me: have you seen the father of your sister’s child
Fadz: no… my sister barely talks about her
Me: I happen to know who it is
Fadz: oh no… is it you
She turned pale in a split second
Me: Fadz: I will take you across my knee and spank you right now… stop thinking like that.
She swallowed hard and looked down at her knuckles. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she looks so cute like this. I gave her one of my kisses that apparently sweeps her off her feet and leaves her breathless
Me: are you feeling better
She tried to hide her shy smile
Me: okay back to reality, Trisha’s husband is Stella’s baby daddy
Fadz: what!
Me: yeah… she is at my house right now and it’s a little bit of havoc
Fadz: oh my god…
Me: yeah
Fadz: I can’t believe this
Me: but don’t worry it’s not our battle to fight okay, I know it’s going to cause some hiccups here and there but we are going to remain strong
Fadz: my sister… I haven’t seen her this year
Me: I talked with her this morning
Fadz: what did she say
Me: don’t worry.
I hear soft distorted voices around me but I can’t make out who is talking. “Trisha…. Trisha I am so sorry” “don’t you think you are disturbing her, she can’t hear you know” “yes you are right I am disturbing her but…” the voices fade and the darkness swallows me a while later I feel a bit lighter.
“Good news… are you fuckin kidding me doctor…” after that angry voice I hear a few people calling henry and the door slamming. Someone gets which I suspect is the doctor gets angry and threatens to throw them out. I drift back into my darkness.
I wake up with Chloe and Rena by my side. Which actually surprises me, who is with the kids at home. Rena stands to call the doctor
Henry… henry… Were the hell is he?
Chloe: you are awake, am I glad to see that
Me: Chloe… where is henry? Is he okay?
Chloe: it’s okay relax…
Me: no it’s not okay… it’s not okay
I stand up just as the doctor enters
Doctor: Mrs. Tyson relax
Me: no, where is my husband
What if his father killed him?
Rena: Trisha… henry is at home okay
Me: I want to talk to him.
Chloe: okay fine I will call him
Me: are you sure he is okay…
Chloe: he is fine, relax
I take a deep breath and sit back. The doctor takes my blood pressure and temperature
Doctor: Mrs. Tyson
Me: please call me Trisha
Doctor: okay Trisha you have to start taking care of yourself… the amount of tension shown in your body is not healthy for both of you
Me: you mean for me
Doctor: uh… yes and your babies
Me: excuse me
Doctor: oh, I am sorry I didn’t tell you… you are pregnant Trisha… and according to our scan you are going to have triplets
I felt bile rise up to my throat… I am pregnant with triplets… at a time like this, I quickly remember how my last pregnancy didn’t even last a second because of the wrong timing. I have a desperate wish to faint again
Me: are you sure
Doctor: yes…. You are 14 weeks pregnant
Me: oh jeez
The doctor regards my reaction
Doctor: are you happy…
Am I happy…? I look at Chloe and Rena and they look tensed at hell
Me: I am carrying three babies?
Doctor: yes, how do you feel about that?
Me: I don’t believe it… you are mistaken I can’t be pregnant
Doctor: why is that?
Me: I have been taking the pill
Doctor: those are sometimes ineffective
Me: then why the f--k do you sell them
I am freaking out right now,
Doctor: I will prescribe some pills for you, your blood pressure is low as well as your temperature
Me: is there any chance that you are mistaken
Doctor: we can do an ultra sound scan if you want
Do I want that? Do I want to confirm if I am really pregnant? No I would rather stick to assuming that I am not pregnant because somehow I know that I can’t be pregnant
Me: no I am not doing your stupid ultra sounds, I am not pregnant. I mean having pregnant for 14 weeks with triplets then I am sure that I should be gaining weight right… 14 weeks is close to three months
Rena: honestly Trisha… you are gaining weight
I give her a look.
Doctor: Trisha… I am sorry if this news are not such good news for you but you have to start knowing that you are expecting and take care of yourself… it seem your body and mind been subjected to a lot of stress that’s why you fainted in the first place.
Me: I am not pregnant
Chloe: Trisha
Me: I want to talk to henry and I don’t want to hear anyone talking about me being pregnant because I am not.
Uncle Thapelo: we have come to a solution
He looked at all of us everyone was around the table and mom was sitting next to me. Dad was sitting across me and I felt nothing but anger towards him. I couldn’t really make out his feelings his face showed no emotions at all. Stella was sitting at the far corner of the table.
Uncle Thapelo: we have decided that Henry should take Stella as his wife
Oh dear…
Mom: (yells) what! Thapelo are you crazy… henry has a wife
Uncle Thapelo: sister, it’s not against the law to marry a second wife
Mom: it’s illegal under my house… henry is not doing such a thing I will not allow it
Uncle Thapelo: well what do you suggest we do?
Mom: I suggest you come up with a better solution. Trisha is pregnant she doesn’t need any more stress.
Dad: henry… what do you want to do
Me: I will ask Trisha
Mom puts her hand on my shoulder and I flinch because my whole body is sore I feel like I have been ran over by a train. Dad really did a number on me and right now I feel like getting to bed and resting until my body has healed. I wonder what thinking when he gave me a beating. ,y mind drifts to Trisha. If she was here I am pretty sure she would have fainted again after listening to the uncle’s solution.
I felt my heart swell inside… I don’t know why I always seem to hurt her with every chance that I get. I love her… I really do but I never seem to do anything right. Maybe I shouldn’t have married her… maybe I should ha let her divorce me when she hated me… I am pretty sure she hates me a lot right now but she is pregnant with my children. Well if she wants to call it off this time I don’t know what I would do because I don’t want my children growing without their father, I took a deep breath and my phone startles me from my thoughts. It’s Chloe.
Me: Chloe… is everything alright
Chloe: Trisha is awake and she wants to talk to you
Me: hold on, is she okay
Chloe: well she looks fine physically but the doctor said her blood pressure is low. But mentally… henry I think you may have a problem.
Me: what happened?
Chloe: she doesn’t want to believe that she is pregnant.
Me: okay give her the phone
After a moment I hear her soft voice
Trisha: henry
Me: Trisha
Trisha: are you okay
Me: yes and you
Trisha: I am fine… I thought you would be here
Me: I am sorry I am not there
Silence falls on us and I can’t help but wonder how she feels about me. I want to raise the topic of her pregnancy but I am afraid it would be a wrong step. She finally talks
Trisha: I am being released
Me: that’s good
Trisha: yes it is. We will talk when I get home
Me: okay
Trisha: henry
Me: Trisha
Trisha: I love you
It’s as if she just kicked me on the heart with those three words I don’t deserve her love at all. She hangs up and I put the phone down.
Stella: I am fed up with this drama
She stood up.
Mom: excuse me
Stella: I am not up for this family drama… I am going home. You can keep my baby
Dad: I thought you wanted her
Stella: it’s okay… you know what. My child doesn’t need any kind of confusion right now so I am leaving
Dad: young lady where is your mother
Stella: don’t know don’t care
I stood up leaving them arguing and dad calling falling after me. I went straight to bed and got under the blankets. Dad entered after a few minutes and I pulled the sheets over my head but that didn’t stop him from talking.
Dad: henry… will you cooperate
Me: did you want to kill me
Dad: henry… have you ever thought why a father would agree for his daughter to get married at a very young age to a very older man… I promised her father than he is leaving her daughter in very responsible hands and you proved me wrong… I am sorry things had to get to this point but you really pushed me to the limit and I got carried away trying to push out the anger
Me: you could have killed me
Dad: I would never kill you… you are my son henry
He moved away then I immediately drifted into a very deep sleep.
I walked back into my room and he was curled up under the sheets. I took a deep breath and walked over to him. I don’t think anyone should experience what he experienced. I sat beside and pulled the sheets from his face, I gasped and stared at his face he looked so different in pain. He had a bruise just below his left eye. I pulled the sheets away from his body and he quivered a little.
He was wearing a muscle top and I could see all the bruises from his shoulders down his hands. I took off my jacket and went to the bathroom. I took some antiseptics and medicines from the vanity unit. I sat by his side and dipped the cotton wool in a mixture of Dettol antiseptic liquid and water then I gently massaged around the bruised part of his face. He flinched and winced. I stopped and he opened his eyes then stared at me. Our eyes locked without words exchange for quite some time. When I was tired it I continued to clean his bruises but then he flinched again.
Me: is it that painful
Henry: no it’s okay
I continued and this time he kept still although his face remained tense. After a while I moved to his shoulders.
Henry: you are back here
Me: where did you want me to be?
Henry: it’s not where I want you to be Trisha… it’s where you should be
Me: where
Henry: with your mother
Me: I am fine henry… I want to be here with you
Henry: why?
Why… what kind of a question is that?
Me: can you take off your vest
He stood upright and took off his vest and my God he looked like he was attacked by lions.
Me: did you get checked at the hospital
Henry: no… I didn’t want to
Me: you should have
Henry: why is it that bad?
Me… oh no don’t worry you will be fine
I lied, his skin is not only swollen and bruised, his back has blood clots and patchy. I closed my eyes to take a deep breath then I felt a little anger towards his father… what was intention, to murder him. I continued cleaning his bruises
Henry: Trisha
Me: yes
Henry: why do you want to be here with me?
Me: henry, I am your wife
Henry: but I don’t deserve you
Me: don’t say that.
Henry: it’s the truth… do you think you deserve to go through all this
Me: is there anyone who said marriage was going to be easy.
Henry: Trisha… what is wrong with you
His voice was so slow as if I am doing something that’s getting him all worked up.
Me: I hate your dad for doing this to you.
Henry: do I have to remind you that Emily’s mother is alive
I took a deep breath as he said that. I have thought well and hard about all this and I came to a conclusion that I overreacted, I am not going to be selfish. I am going to solve this in a more drown up manner. I started applying cream over his body massaging him gently and he kept on groaning.
Me: I am sorry… I shouldn’t have ran to your parents
Henry: no, you did well Trisha
Me: you make feel so guilty. I want us to go back to our house
Henry: but things are a mess
Me: I think we can work them out
Henry: I think otherwise
Me: why…
I looked at him and he avoided my eyes.
Me: you have more secrets
Henry: it’s going to hurt you
Me: bad as your last revelation
Henry: could be worse or not it depends on how you take it.
Me: why do you have so many secrets henry…?
Henry: maybe I thought the less you know the happier you will know
Me: what have you been keeping from me?
Henry: this could ruin our marriage
Me: yes… I want to know
I locked my eyes with his and he gave me a deep passionate kiss
Henry: I understand if you want to live after this
Me: say it please
Henry: before I dated you I once dated someone close to you
Me: who?
Henry: Tracy
Tracy! The f--k! You once dated Tracy? I felt bile build up in my chest
I immediately recalled Tracy’s story.
Me: oh God… did she know about Stella
Henry: yes
I made to the toilet in time to let all my breakfast out through my mouth. I don’t even know when I stood up. I slipped down to the floor and closed my eyes. I thought of the worst news he could actually give me but this… this is disgusting. I returned to him.
Henry: are you okay
Me: yes
My voice was a little brash
Me: why
Henry: I was never into her in the first place and she noticed that I was more onto you that’s when she called it quits
Me: why didn’t you tell me?
Henry: I don’t know
I gave him some Advil
Me: you are right
Henry: about what
Trisha: I need some space from everything
Henry: I won’t oppose to you
Trisha: I want us to separate for some time.
Henry: take as much time as you want and take care of my children.
He can’t possibly be thinking that am pregnant, I stood up and took my jacket and bag
Me: please take care of yourself
Henry: I promise you I will
Me: and see the doctor to address those wounds in your body
Henry: I will
Me: one more thing, let Emily know who Stella really is
Henry: you are okay with that
Me: yes, I have no right to deny Emily her mother
Henry: then I definitely will
Me: bye
Henry: bye
I walked outside and closed the door. I was sure that I had grip of myself I ran downstairs to the living room. As I looked at Mr. Tyson I felt fear creep up my mind, I won’t ever want to get on his bad side.
Me: mother, father I am going to my place
Mrs. Tyson: are you alright dear
Me: I am better than yesterday, I am sorry I won’t ever bother you with my issues
Mr. Tyson: no, you are going to report everything okay
I cringed at his tone and quickly agreed
Mrs. Tyson: go well my dear

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