Forgiveness in marriage episode 1

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My name is Jane, when i was in secondary school i met this young man called
Alex, he asked me out to be his girlfriend, i rejected the offer for the
first time, but after some months, he came back again and was pleading that
i should become his girlfriend, i agreed but i gave him one condition, i
told him never to break my heart, he promised me he will never break my
Me and Alex dated so long, i see him as my blood brother, Alex was the one
that broke my virginity, it happens that he invited me to his house one day
to come and cook for him, after cooking for him, he started playing with
me, and the play later resulted to another thing, he broke my virginity
that very day, i never regretted it for one day because i love Alex so much.
As time goes on, our love became more stronger, Alex parents were very
poor, my own parents didn’t have much but they are not poor like that of
Alex parents.
My parents never loved Alex for once, they warned me never to have anything
in common with him, i told my parents that i love Alex and i cant leave
him, its either i marry Alex or i remain single for life.
My father forced me to leave Alex and look for another man, i insisted that
i must marry Alex.
On that fateful day, Alex came to our house looking for me, he met my dad
and asked him whether am at home, my father insulted him and threatened to
take away his life if he did not stay away from me.
Alex returned to his home with anger after the incident that happened
between him and my father.
when i heard what happened, i was very angry with my father, that night i
did not sleep in the house, i left and went to Alex house and slept, and
from that day, i never went back home.
After some few weeks, my parents began to search for me, they later knew
that i was staying with Alex in his house, and they knew that they can
never do anything to change my mind from marrying Alex, they started
pleading and begging Alex to release their daughter.
After one month, they noticed that if i continue living with Alex, he will
pregnant me, so they called Alex and told him to come and pay my bride
price, Alex didn’t have much money, but with the support i gave him, he was
able to pay my pride price and he took me home as his wife. what a strong
love indeed.
after living with Alex like about two months, there is this secret
character he have, i don’t really want to talk about it, but because i want
you to learn from this story i will tell you the secret character.
Th secret character is this, whenever Alex want to have sex with me, he
will be using cond0m, i told Alex that we are no longer
dating as boyfriend and girlfriend but we have gotten married, he gave me a
reason why he always use cond0m on me, i will tell you the reason in the
next episode.
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