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    Part 4

    what is he gonna do to Mr Adams?
    Betty thought as
    they walked towards his office, she was tempted
    ask him but her tongue was tied.
    Boom! Jay-Jay kicked at the door with the
    inscription”MR ADAMS” and it flung open, he
    her in and bolted the door.
    Mr Adams was alarmed and he rose to his feet.
    “You!” Jay-jay started pointing a finger at him.
    he said again moving towards him.
    Mr Adams backed away “Jacob please”He
    And Betty was not suprised he knew Jay-Jay.
    Jay-jay continued moving towards him,when he
    finalled got to him,he pushed him to the wall; his
    eyes bloodshot. “Jacob please…”Mr Adams
    pleaded again “What happened?” Jay-Jay growled.
    “I swear..I was paid to do it” Mr Adams shrieked
    “Did you touch her?” Jay-Jay whispered “I swear…
    I did not, ask her…I swear” Mr Adams was
    writhing in pain.
    Jay-Jay turned towards Betty “He did?” “No” she
    replied, she enjoying the whole scenery, she
    was tempted to laugh at the look on Mr Adams
    Foolish man! She thought,Oya come and drag me
    your guest house now! She hissed within her.
    “who paid you for the job?” Jay-Jay scowled
    go-off his neck. “It’s Gloria; G-gal” Mr Adams
    whimpered. Betty gasped, “hmn..”
    Jay-Jay grunted, he moved
    towards Betty, placed an arm on her shoulder and
    “so you look this fine girl finish come say you
    enter her london? You no knw say london get
    levels?”Jay-Jay chuckled and straightened up. “As
    you mumu reach, dem send you, you no fit look
    road, you no dey look eye? You no dey fear face?
    get moral to threaten her? Your guest house fit
    contain her? ” Jay-Jay added,his face hard and
    voice rising. “I’m sorry” Mr Adams whimpered
    Wham! Wham!! Jay-Jay’s palms landed on his
    He reeled and almost fell down, and Jay-Jay
    charged towards him. Kpas! Kpas!! Two slaps
    followed. He threw a
    punch,and Mr Adams staggered, he held the wall
    support “Please don’t kill me” he pleaded,his voice
    was croaky. Betty who was enjoying the scene
    backed away;
    alarmed.”Jay-Jay?” her voice was shaky. “of
    course I won’t kill you”Jay-Jay chuckled “I’m Jay-
    Jay, I don’t shed blood” His chuckle was louder
    “Now…I think you’ve gat the message, do not
    with just any girl. Tell all your fellow lecturers;
    Amah is my sister! Understood?” “Yes sir” Mr
    Adams whimpered “Good! Next time you try that
    nonsense; ama use
    your balls for suya! Now apologise to her!” “I’m
    sorry” Mr Adams was sobbing. “Good! Nnem, let’s
    go” Jay-jay took her hands;
    slamming the door behind them. “Thanks, I’m
    very grateful”Betty said as they got out
    of the building. “Aiit, you’re like a sister to me,
    any problems just call
    on me ok? This is my phone number”He wrote it
    on a paper. “Thanks brother” she said excitedly
    hugging him. Emeka was driving past the
    biological sciences
    garden; he was thinking of Betty, he tried calling
    few minutes before now but she didn’t pick his
    perhaps she was busy reading her books.
    He ran his free hand through his hair and glanced
    the garden,- he gasped. He quickly stopped the
    car, his heart was racing. He saw Betty with Jay-
    Jay; they were sitting on a
    cane chair, Jay-Jay was leaning towards her,
    she was smiling happily.
    Emeka bounced out of his car and sauntered
    Betty turned unexpectedly,their eyes met. He
    expected her to freeze or jump up, but she
    calm; her smile was wider now. “hy Bestie..” she
    said with a grin “hy” He didn’t smile “Bestie
    please meet Jay-Jay…Jay-Jay meet Emeka”
    she said gently. “Hi, nice to meet you” Emeka was
    stretching forth his
    hand for a hand shake “Its my pleasure” Jay-Jay
    smiled, he didn’t take the
    hand shake “errm..I was driving by..then… errrm…
    I just wanted
    to say hi” Emeka said gently pocketing his hands
    “Wow…thats so sweet of you, you’re such a
    Betty laughed is she high or something? “Bye”
    Emeka turned to
    leave. “Ciao” Jay-Jay chuckled
    Emeka gave him a cold look before walking away.
    “and what was that?” Betty queried “uhm?” Jay-
    Jay smiled “You refused to shake him, and..”her
    voice trailed off “are you angry?” he chuckled
    moving towards her “yes I am” her voice was
    rising. “That’s not how to be angry…” he kissed
    her lips”
    this is how to be angry” he added moving away.
    She gasped.
    She turned gently and walked away. Betty was
    mute. She kept toying with her glass of
    “Hey! Are you okay?” Jay-Jay was sitting right
    facing her. She almost forgot she called him to
    her here. “Helloooo, Nnem, talk to me” he called
    out again. “Jay…I don’t like what you’re doing.”
    she started “Emeka has refused to pick my calls
    because of your
    attitude yesterday” she stopped to lower voice
    “you even kissed me…imagine, Jay that was too…”
    she stopped again. “So what are you trying tell
    me?”Jay-Jay said quitely “You taking advantage
    of me!” she snapped. His eyes narrowed; she
    wished she never said that.
    “You see Jay…” she stopped not knowing what to
    say. She searched his eyes. “Are saying I’m
    responsible for whatever is going on
    now between you and Emeka?” His voice was
    She made to speak but he stopped her. “I’ve
    never had any silly intention towards you, I
    regarded you as a sister and nothing else. I’m
    for the kiss, that was not a kiss but a peck!” he
    up “You know what? I think you’re the one taking
    advantage of me!” he walked away. “Jay-Jay” she
    called but he didn’t look back. She sighed. Placed
    her knotted fist below her chin.
    She was in trouble. “Hi” she looked up,it was
    Emeka. “I’m sorry for what happened yesterday”
    muttered “its okay, so was that your boyfriend?”
    He didn’t
    seem angry “He is a friend like a brother” Betty
    Emeka sighed, he waved at the waitress, gave her
    ” so what are you doing here all alone with your
    filled with eatables? Emeka smiled.
    She managed a low laugh, ThankGod Emeka is no
    longer angry, she need to see Jay-Jay…where is
    she gonna find him? Emeka was staring at her,
    she looked away and
    sighed again.
    “Where the hell are you going?” Edith queried.
    Betty didn’t reply, she quickly combed her
    hair,held it
    into bun with her ribbon; she rushed to pick her
    shoes “I asked you a question” Edith squeaked
    Betty rolled her eyes, she wasn’t ready for Edith’s
    interrogation. “This girl! Have suddenly gone deaf
    or dumb?” Edith
    squeaked again. “You told me the other day to
    face my problems
    alone” Betty retorted. “You’re not going
    anywhere,till you tell me where
    you’re going”Edith eyed her “see, I offended Jay-
    Jay, I need to go and apologise”
    Betty replied shortly “Ehn?” Edith yelled, Betty
    grimaced “You wan die abi?” “No..I’m going to
    Jay-Jay’s house” Betty said applying
    her lip balm. “have you been there before?” Edith
    squeaked. “no, i’ve got his address” Betty picked
    her phone and
    purse. “Don’t go o” Edith was screaming now. “If
    you don’t see me after two days, call my mum
    tell her I’m dead” she was close to tears now.
    “Betty, please don’t go” Edith pleaded.
    Betty opened the door, turned to glance at Edith;
    then at the wall clock-it was past five already,
    left hurriedly. “Sister number wetin?” the cab
    driver asked “number…errm…34″ Betty replied
    glancing at the
    paper in her hand as if to be sure.
    She was already in Odutola street, just a few
    from Jay-Jay’s house. The street was scanty, if
    anything happened to her here, there’d be nobody
    help. “We don reach” the cab driver announced.
    She got down, gave him some naira notes;
    a thankyou and moved toward the gate. She
    knocked and knocked no answer; she got tired
    and decided to leave. “Hey! Na you knock this
    gate” someone roared behind
    her. Her stomach churned, she turned swiftly. The
    guy had a muderous look on his face. “yes…
    errm..I’m looking for…errrm..Jay-Jay lives
    here?” she stuttered “Jay-Jay?” the guy asked as
    if to be sure. “Yes, good afternoon” she could not
    help flexing her
    knees. “why you dey find am?” “I’m his friend…
    sister…I need to see him” she
    The guy scrutinized her with his eyes.
    “You no fit see am nw, him dey busy” he said
    with a
    note of finality. She felt weak, tears welled up in
    her eyes. She turned
    slowly to leave. ” Tiger you and who dey talk?”
    She gasped, she turned sharply, she saw Jay-Jay.
    “na one sister like that” the guy replied.
    Their eyes met- she and Jay-Jay, he looked away;
    melted- she must have hurt him much. He
    something and walked in. “him say make you
    enter” Tiger told her opening the
    gate wide for her.
    He led her to the mainly building
    but stopped by the door leading inside. She
    the door gently and went inside. She closed the
    behind her, and looked at him, he was
    standing, his hands behind him, his face was
    neutral. “What do you want?” “Good evening Jay-
    Jay..” she started “What do you want?” His voice
    was firm. She sighed, what was she going to tell
    “I’m sorry Jay-Jay…” “so?” he cut her sharply. “I’m
    truly sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” she
    pleaded. She moved towards him but he backed
    away. “what makes you think I’m hurt?” He asked
    “I’m sorry, please” her voice was shaky. “So?” he
    asked again “please forgive me” the tears rolled
    down her cheeks,
    she went on her knees. He looked away, he hate
    to see her cry.
    “Stand up” He whispered. “Not until I’m forgiven”
    she said amidst tears. “It’s alright” he said
    pulling her up, he had forgiven
    her since, if he hadn’t forgiven her he wouldn’t let
    in. “Ebezina- don’t cry” He said wiping her tears.
    She searched his eyes. “Thank you” “anything for
    you sister” he said patting her head. “Sit down” he
    gestured to a sofa
    “what do i offer you?” he asked smiling. She felt
    homely now. “We have water and…you don’t take
    alcohol?” he
    said amidst smiles “I don’t” ” well, little sis, water
    is the only thing for now” He
    moved towards his fridge.
    He offered her a glass which she drank, he stared
    her for some seconds. “you suprise me!” he
    stated, she looked at him
    questioningly “you know, you came straight to my
    house without
    any fear that i might kill or hurt you, I gave you
    you drank without fear that I might drug you…you
    seem trust me so much” He said shaking his
    head “every sister trusts her brother, and no
    brother would
    drug his sister” she said smiling. “yea, you gat me
    at that”he chuckled. “your favourite channel?” he
    picked up the Tv remote.
    “Fashion TV” she replied relaxing into the sofa “I
    knew it” he chuckled.


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    Part 5

    Betty sipped some water and swirled it in her
    before swallowing it., that was her fifth glass, she
    was lying down on the soft rug watching
    BadooTv.Com with Jay-
    Jay who was sipping some wine.
    Her eyes drifted to the wall clock. She suddenly
    became time conscious. “Jeez!…” she quickly got
    up “did anything bite you?” Jay-jay asked sipping
    wine “yes…no..time” she pointed at the clock
    “what’s with time?” he didn’t look up. “Its past
    8pm already, and the gate to the hostel
    closes by 7:30.” she said pitying herself “you can
    pass the night here if you wish..”he started
    she stared at him- in her wildest dreams. “If you
    think you can spend the night in the harem of
    cultists, then you are welcomed.” He added
    smiling. “No”. She said almost in a whisper
    “uhm?” “I’m leaving now” she said picking her
    purse. “okay.” he picking up something that
    looked like a
    reciever”bring over the camry” he said into it.
    “Lemme drop you off.” he told her. “I’m going to
    Emeka’s place- I..i’ll spend the night
    there” her voice was low. “I’ll drop you there,” he
    He didn’t seem to care. He led the way out, they
    into the car and drove off. The journey to
    Emeka’s place took 30 minutes.
    “here we are.” Jay-Jay whispered, stoping the car
    right in front of Emeka’s flat. “Thank you” she
    smiled “I’l call you tomorrow morning” he was
    smiling too. She knocked gently on Emeka’s door,
    she is really
    gonna suprise him. “Hi..” she said as Emeka
    opened the door. “wow..” was all Emeka could say
    before pulling her
    into a warm hug.
    “Sit down, let me get you something to eat” he
    sounded excited. She sat down; the thought of
    food made her happy. “To what do I owe this
    visit?” he asked placing a
    plate of jollof rice before her. Visit! “I was at Jay-
    Jay’s place, I wasn’t time
    conscious, it got late, so I decided to come
    know..spend the night here” she explained slowly.
    “Because Jay-Jay couldn’t accomodate you for
    night or what?” Emeka asked with a low laugh.
    Betty felt insulted, she stood up gently, picking
    purse and phone “I’m sorry for the trouble” she
    moving towards the door. “Hey, c’mon baby, that
    was not what I meant…” he
    said apologetically. She wasn’t listening, she left,
    he followed her, he
    looked left and right but no trace of her. He
    heavily, he was in deep poo! He should’nt have
    those words…He felt the world crashing at his
    Betty was standing by the road side, she was
    breathing heavily, she was trying her best not to
    D--n it! She cursed under her breathe, who does
    think he was anyway! She felt her forehead, her
    was aching badly. D--n the headache! d--n
    Emeka! D--n the hunger she felt! D--n…
    A car pulled up beside her, Jay-Jay got down,
    go home little sis” he whispered taking her hands
    gently, opened the door and she got in without a
    He looked at her briefly before driving off. He
    helped her out of the car, sat her down on a
    cushion in the living room “Stop crying” He said
    gently, she had been crying all the way. He
    opened a
    foil paper that contained suya “Eat” he whispered
    but she shook her head “please Nnem” he was
    pleading with her. She has
    never heard that softness in his voice before, she
    never knew he had the word ‘please’ in his
    dictionary. She took a piece, it tasted foul, she
    made an attempt
    to throw up, but he held her down. “steady there!
    Its not the suya, but your heart- its full
    of pains” he said gently, pouring some creamy
    substance into a mug. “here, drink up, it’s milk”
    she drank it all,and drank another serving halfway
    before keeping the mug down. He pulled her up
    moved her towards his bedroom. “you need to
    sleep” He whispered tucking her in bed.
    He put off the lights leaving only the bedside
    lamp. “If you need anything, press the bell” he
    told her
    showing her a button by the bedside. “goodnight,
    I’ll share the spare room with Tiger” he
    explained before leaving the room. Her eyelids
    were heavy, she closed them gently, this
    is where she belongs-home. She was awakened
    by the sound of a gun shot. She
    sat up abruptly pushing the bed covers away, she
    looked around; Yikes! It was morning. She
    pressed the
    bell button on impulse.
    The door squeaked and opened with Tiger’s head
    poking in.
    “You need anything?” he asked he doesn’t have
    the courtesy to greet! Mtchew.
    “Where’s Jay-Jay?” she ignored his question. “him
    don comot, e say make I tell you say him dey
    come now now” tiger replied alittle bit politely.
    “the gunshot?” her voice was low, “Rox was
    loading his gun” he explained with an
    amused look who ever Rox was! Mtchew!
    “Thanks”she watched him
    shut the door. What the heck was Jay-Jay
    thinking leaving her here?
    What if Tiger beheaded her? She shuddered.
    Getting up gently, she moved towards the
    Slowly she washed her face trying to wave
    murderous face off her mind. She looked up at
    mirror, her eyes were swollen. Mtchew! Maybe…
    “Betty?” Jay-Jay called her she froze, “Where’s
    this girl?” she quickly wiped her face and ran out.
    “There you are! How was your night?” he asked
    dropping a polythene bag on the table . “Good
    morning” she sat down “uhm…your eyes are
    swollen, you cried alot
    yesterday..” he squatted beside her “wanna talk
    about it?” he continued. She shook her
    head. “okay” he sighed pulling the polythene bag
    He brought out a flask, bread, butter and boiled
    “breakfast” he told her standing up to get a mug.
    Gently he served her while she ate. “You have
    lectures today?” he asked, she nodded. “Eat up let
    me take back to school.” he sounded like a
    father, she wanted to laugh but kept a straight
    Betty was walking as fast as her legs could carry
    Emeka too was running after her. Why was he
    following anyway, can’t he just leave her alone?
    Mtchew! “Please Betty…” emeka pleaded holding
    her arm. “what’s it?” she glared at him “please
    I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you by
    those words” he sounded desperate. “hmmn, I’ve
    heard, you didn’t mean those words but
    you said them? I thought you were a friend” she
    started walking away “But I love you” He
    screamed after her. She stopped in her track, her
    heart racing fast, did he
    just say those words to her? A crowd of students
    began to gather. “Please baby, I truly love you, I
    wouldn’t hurt you”
    emeka was now on his knees. “gosh! Please
    stand up” she was nervous “forgive me” he
    pleaded “I forgive you, please stand up, we’re
    creating a
    scene” her voice was shaky.
    He stood up gently “thanks you.” he was
    her eyes “I love you too” she said quitely, those
    tears were
    welling up again. They hugged each other warmly
    and the crowd of
    student clapped and cheered.
    “ehen! See love nwantiti!” a plump girl exclaimed
    before walking off, the crowd began to disperse.
    “That was the most romantic display, I’ve ever
    it was Chuks. “ol’boy I feel you!” Chisom
    exclaimed “HI” Betty was grinning widely “Nwa
    oma, I never knew Romeo and Juliet were still
    alive” Chuks chuckled. Oh yes! She felt fulfilled, at
    least. “This calls for a celebration” Edith said
    from behind
    them. Betty hugged her. “yes”chuks and chisom
    chorused. “I guess sahara sweets will do” Edith
    suggested and
    they all moved towards Emeka’s car. Betty’s
    phone rang, it was a text message, she
    opened it… “Hey little sis, I saw that episode, I
    never knew you
    were that romantic…that was lovely, right now
    pop champagne with my guys. I’ll call ya later.
    kia and Enjoy!
    Jay-Jay” She smiled, Jay-Jay saw it too…G-gal
    can go hell and
    burn to ash, she doesn’t care.
    Students were crowded round the notice board
    to the faculty of sciences building, Betty and
    were among them. Their end of semester result
    just being place.
    Betty got a second class upper, but a course was
    ticked absent, she gasped. “how comes?” Edith
    asked “don’t know…but i wrote the exam” Betty
    confused. Edith thought for a while..
    “Errm, come, let’s go to see the lecturer.” she
    suggested. “what are you gonna do?” ” never
    mind, come with me.” Edith said taking her
    The lecturer was a female. Mrs Okoro.
    “Good afternoon ma” they both chorused “How
    may I help you?” mrs Okoro asked without
    looking up. “our statement of result says Betty
    Amah, was absent
    during your exams” Edith started. “So?” “she
    wasn’t absent, she wrote the exams.” Edith’s
    voice was rising now. ” Who knows, maybe her
    paper got missing” Mrs
    okoro replied eyeing Betty. “That paper isn’t
    missing, we need to see her
    booklet” Edith snapped.
    Betty gasped- Edith’s gat the liver “Listen girls,
    leave my office before I get provoked.
    Don’t you have manners?” Mrs Okoro was visibly
    angry now. “listen madam!” Edith was smiling
    “It seems you don’t know who Betty Amah is..”
    moved towards the table “have you heard of Jay-
    before?” she continued. Mrs Okoro glanced at
    Betty, then at Edith “Yes.” she
    said quitely. “Good, and hope you know what he
    can do when you
    tamper with his affairs? I guess you love your
    Edith wore a triumphant look. Mrs Okoro looked
    Edith and Betty made
    to leave. “Wait please” Mrs Okoro’s voice was
    shaky. “I have the scripts here” she said opening
    her locker. “Oh..” Edith smiled mischievously. “She
    had an ‘A’, I’m sorry” Mrs Okoro was visibly
    scared. “So why did you hide it?” Edith asked “I…
    I..was paid by Gloria; G-gal” edith laughed. Betty
    gasped. “anyway, thats your headache, amend
    every thing
    soon, go to the exams senate, I want everything
    cleared by nextweek” Edith ordered. “I promise”
    Mrs Okoro said slowly.
    Betty and Edith left the office happily. “What’s up
    with this G-gal?” Betty queried, “Don’t mind her,
    we’l handle her, atleast, we can use
    Jay-Jay’s name” Edith chuckled. “hmmn” “cmon
    cheer up girlie! Let’s talk about something
    better errm…let’s talk about Emeka!” Edith wanted
    make her happy.
    Betty laughed at the mention of Emeka’s name,
    it alwaays makes her happy.


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    Part 6

    Betty was sitting down on a step beside the twin
    She wasn’t reading the books she seemed to
    be staring at, she was thinking of Emeka and
    She tried to compare and contrast, she couldn’t
    who was the best,
    Anyway, she sighed, its a good thing I have a
    brother and a boyfriend; both in one campus.
    Her phone rang sharply interrupting her thoughts
    “Hello? ” “Hey, little sis, its me” Jay-Jay chuckled
    from the other
    end “Jay-Jay?” she wanted to be sure “yea, Nnem
    how are you?” he asked. “I’m always good, I was
    just thinking of you” she
    replied “oh no! Baby you should be thinking of
    Emeka.” he
    was teasing her. She laughed. “I gat to tell ya
    something” he hesitated.
    “I’m wouldn’t be in town for about two weeks, I’m
    gonna travel today.” he sounded serious. “Travel?
    To where?” “My dad wants me to come over
    urgently, details- till
    i’m back” he said slowly, “No tell me now” she
    wanted to hear it all. “No, you just take care, stay
    out of trouble okay,
    remember I have invisible eyes all over the
    he chuckled. “I’ll miss you, brother” her voice was
    low “I’ll miss you more, now take care” his voice
    was low
    too “Jay-Jay?” the line went dead. She tried
    calling and the network operator told her
    the number was incorrect. She sighed! She was
    d--n going to miss him.
    He has
    invisible eyes? Wow! He is going to explain
    when he comes back. They were both sitting
    close to each other on a block-
    Betty and Emeka.
    Emeka’s finger’s were playing round her cornrows,
    was another lovey-dovey session. He whispered
    something to her and smacked his hands
    playfully. “Ouch! That hurts!” Emeka said rubbing
    the spot. “are that weak?” Betty sneered “Oh yea!
    When it comes to issues like this, but I’m
    not weak at errm, you know..” he winked at her.
    “Bad boy! You love dirty talks” she pulled his
    ears. “that shows I’m learning fast” They doubled
    with laughter.. “Hy Betty-love” someone called
    from behind them. they turned startled. A boy
    was walking towards them, he has a rugged
    look- with dreadlocks,tattoo’s all over e.t.c “I’ve
    been searching for your all-over..” the boy
    continued. “Excuse me, do I know you?” Betty
    asked confused. “C’mon what’s the meaning of
    that, you don’t
    recognise me anymore? It’s me Kay- your baby”
    boy replied, trying to take her hands. “I don’t
    know you!” Betty snapped, standing up. Emeka
    stood up too “Who is he?” “I don’t know him, I’ve
    not seen this face before!”
    Betty replied looking more confused now. “You
    heard she doesn’t know you, can you leave
    now!” Emeka told the boy. “Betty-love, is it cos I
    didn’t come over last night or
    what?, okay,I’m sorry, you know I love you” the
    said trying to hug Betty, but she pushed him
    “Leave me!” she shrieked “Kay! Or whatever you
    are, leave this place now! I
    won’t have you harrassing her right in front of
    Emeka’s voice was rising. ” see this one o, wetin
    consign you? How many tines
    have you tasted her p---y?” the boy retorted.
    “You’d better tell him to leave me o, else I would
    our secrets o” he told Betty Emeka gaped at Betty
    who looked horrified.
    “I don’t know you, we don’t have any secrets”
    “Ehn, okay, where did she tell you she spent the
    night yesterday? Library right?” The boy asked
    Betty gasped, she truly was at the library
    last night with Edith, they were solving some
    assignments. “She was at my place:” the boy told
    Emeka. “Its a lie!” Betty yelled. Emeka made to
    ” You aint gonna believe him are you?” Betty
    whimpered “see you! How boy’s have slept with
    you in this
    campus, ehn?” the boy added Emeka couldn’t wait
    anylonger, he walked away.
    “, have a nice day, I just did my
    The boy told her before walking away.
    Betty could feel her spinning, her vision becoming
    blurred, she sat down, picked her phone “Hello!”
    “Edith where ever you are, come now, I’m dying.”
    managed to say before letting out a heart rending
    sob. Edith looked at her friend Betty, pitying her.
    She has
    been in a bad mood for todays now- since that
    episode with Emeka. “girlie, its high time you’d
    stop doing this to your self,
    you’ve not been eating o” Edith knelt beside her
    Betty didn’t open her eyes “Try to call him
    again…” she added gently ” Can’t you gerrit into
    your head, that he switched off
    his phone” Betty snapped, her eyes still shut.
    “Now girlie, Keep your cool, huh?” Edith told her
    “And do you know whats hurting me more?” Betty
    up. “no..” “I saw him with G-gal this afternoon, at
    The Mama’s
    Kitchen” tears welled up her eyes “serious?”
    edith’s eyes almost popped out. “I think…” betty
    got down from bed.
    “I think, he is doing that to hurt me, and I’m truly
    hurt!” she moved towards the mirror hanging on
    wall. “G-gal of all people! Sometimes I wonder…
    if…” her voice trailed off, she sniffed and wiped
    tears. “Hmmmn, but, I think G-gal is the one
    forcing herself
    on him, I don’t think…Emeka would do such” Edith
    told her wiping her tears. Betty smiled a faint
    smile, she knew that too, but she
    think she is losing. “When is Jay-Jay coming
    back?” “In the next four days.” she replied. “I’l
    arrange something, atleast before he comes back,
    we’l handle G-gal in our own way” Edith said
    “How?” Betty couldn’t help laughing. “wait and
    see! G-gal will have to pay.” Betty stared at Edith
    suprised, what can she do, but
    Edith was wearing this determined face,.
    Emeka nimbled at his meatpie, he was thinking of
    Betty, are his actions right? He should have
    to her. And this G-gal following him about, what
    she want? Mtchew
    He noticed some thing unusual about the
    he was in, on each table he saw a boy, each
    wearing a black jacket, they weren’t looking at
    him, so there’s
    nothing to fear. “Hi” He groaned, it was G-gal
    again, she sat down facing
    him, wearing that seductive smile.
    Something caught
    his attention, he saw Edith talking to someone on
    phone, she waved at him and hurried out of the
    restaurant. “Having lunch?” G-gal asked does this
    look like lunch? He wanted to tell her
    “Errm…not really” he replied drinking from a can
    maltina. “Hmm, you look nice” she quipped
    “Thanks, you see G-gal, you need to leave now,
    expecting my Girlfriend” he wanted her to leave
    alone. “Hy?”
    He looked up it was Betty. “Hope I’m not
    disturbing anything?” she asked
    mockingly. “I…errm” He felt nervous. “Emeka, this
    is a very bad thing to do, G-gal of all
    people!” Betty said quitely. “Are you Jealous?” G-
    gal retorted. Her hands were too swift, she
    grabbed the can of
    maltina Emeka was drinking from, splashed some
    G-gal’s face and emptied the remnants on her
    dress. G-gal stood up astonished!
    “You! How dare you!” she made to slap her.
    Betty held her hand to stop her. “Hey steady
    there. You don’t want the drama to start
    now huh?” Betty chuckled, “Why don’t take a look
    around you?” Edith said from
    behind them. G-gal’s eyes moved round-
    about five out of Jay-Jay’s boys were present.
    Tiger waved his dagger as if to say hi, Rox was
    cleaning his gun with a tissue, three other boy’s
    adjusted their belts in a bid to show them the
    and knives they were carrying. G-gal gasped,
    Emeka too was like What the Bleep!
    Even Betty was suprised, wow, Edith knew Jay-
    boys? How comes she got them here. She felt
    secured. “So you see…” Betty continued
    “You shouldn’t try that okay, I’m not the Betty
    used to know, I’m now Jay-Jay’s sister.” she
    chuckled. “And I am warning you, stop stalking
    me! Stay off my
    affairs! Stop lingering in my paths” Betty told her
    turning to leave. “Hey! Didn’t you forget
    something?” Edith was
    laughing. “Oh yes!” Betty looked at her hands, and
    whoof! Her
    hand landed on G-gal’s face, her other hand
    swiftly. “And that’s just the foretaste of what she
    would do to
    you, next time you cross her paths” Edith told G-
    giving her a knock. She made some signs, and
    waitress brought three cans of maltina.
    “Let’s party..” Edith whispered as she and Betty
    emptied the contents on G-gal’s head. “It’s
    enough. Let’s go.” Betty said dropping the can.
    They both left the restaurant with Tiger and the
    following suit. Emeka swallowed hard, he stared
    at the ‘maltina-
    drenched’ G-gal, she was crying now.
    He felt like
    bursting into fits of laughter, he was impressed,
    was fighting for him, she truly loved him.
    He left the
    restaurant happily.


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    part 7

    Betty and her friend Edith rushed into their room
    gleefully. “Girlie, you are too much.” edith said
    hugging her
    friend. “You show her say you no be Igbo girl wey
    dem born
    and train in yoruba land for nothing” Edith was
    praising her.
    Betty laughed.
    “Have you ever seen me dance before?” she asked
    Edith. “Omo, you sabi dance? Edith was laughing
    too. “Hey! Play this song…errm, is it gaga crazy?
    That one
    the guy was saying ‘sugar cane no be
    gerrit?” Betty was removing her jacket. “We are
    really going crazy!” Edith replied searching
    for the song in her phone. They both started
    dancing, celebrating victory.
    phone rang.
    “Who is it again!” she hissed “Who is it?” “Who
    else? Emeka now! ” Betty threw the phone and
    it fell on the bed. “Hello?” Edith picked the call
    “Hello? Baby…” “She’s not the one, she can’t talk
    to you now! Call her
    later” Edith snapped ending the call. “Go and learn
    how to beg properly” she hissed.
    Betty was still dancing and humming “who is in
    garden, a little fine, can I come and see her? No
    no no
    no” Edith laughed smacking her buttocks. “Don’t
    reduce the size o” Betty warned her playfully,
    before slumping into bed.
    Jay-Jay was kneeling down before his father
    Robert Ezigbo. The whole place was tensed.
    “jacobs! What has come over you? You- a cultist?
    Unbelievable!” Robert yelled at his son. “what
    happened to the godly upbringing I gave you?
    You know how much reputation I have in this
    society?” Reputation my foot! I like what I’m
    doing, leave me
    alone- Jay-Jay wanted to snap. “I’m sorry dad.”
    he said in a low voice “shut up! Now listen, no
    more schooling for you!
    You’re going to work in my company at
    Zimbabwe! I’ve
    made arrangements, you’re leaving next
    yelled before walking into his room.
    Jay-Jay gasped, the first thought he had was
    he can’t leave her, not while G-gal is still alive.
    Exams was fast approaching, all the serious
    are getting excited, while the dull ones are getting
    nervous. Betty was sitting with Emeka (they’ve
    reconciled) and
    Edith in the Library, they were studying with keen
    She soon got bored;
    “I’m tired” she sighed. “me too” Edith whispered
    while Emeka grunted. “and famished too” Edith
    added. “Lets go to the coke village, we can come
    back here
    later” Betty suggested. “You guys go, I wanna
    finish solving this physics.”
    Emeka told them. They both left hurriedly
    because the Libarian was
    looking at them. Betty sipped her juice.
    “Girlie, I’ve been watching you for some time now,
    you seem withdrawn, always looking distant, wats
    friend, or is it the exams?” Edith asked biting at
    chicken. “hmm” betty smiled “come Betty! I asked
    a question and you just smiled?”
    Edith queried “I’m fine” Betty’s voice was low. “I
    know that, but you aint fine in there” Edith
    towards her heart “Its just that..I…its Jay-Jay”
    betty told her. “Whats with Jay-Jay ?” “He said
    he’s gonna be away for just two weeks, but
    its almost a month now, no trace of him, no calls,
    texts…and worst of all Exams is just two weeks
    Betty explained looking down at her food “don’t
    worry, he’s gonna be fine, He would be back
    soon, okay, Jay-Jay can take care of himself”
    was trying to cheer her up. “Okay” Betty sighed.
    “Cheer up jor, eat up fast, Emeka is waiting!” Edith
    told her with a smile.
    Betty managed a low laugh.
    Jay-Jay was pacing to and fro in his room. He
    deep in thoughts. He has locked himself up in his
    room since last night, not even his father’s
    knockings made him open the door.
    Rubbish! He drew a sharp breathe, what was his
    father thinking anyway? Zimbabwe of all
    His fingers ran through his hair roughly. For
    once, he
    regretted being a Robert’s family member. He
    wondered what could be going on with Betty,
    Tiger called this morning to say she is alright, but
    even still…
    He is not satisfied The person who told his father
    he is a cultist will
    surely pay for this! For the first time he wished
    he had a mother. He had
    never known her, neither did his dad tell him
    her. He resigned never to ask about her, cos he
    thought she’d be dead. A sharp knock interrupted
    his thoughts… What the heck is this man looking
    for again! He
    groaned. He moved away from the door
    determined not to
    open it. His dad should just leave him alone!
    “Jacob please open the door” Robert pleaded. Jay-
    Jay inserted his fingers into ears. “Biko, open the
    door.” Robert pleaded again. “What is it?” Jay-Jay
    glared at his father, opening the
    door slightly. “Can I come in?” “Why?” “We need to
    talk.” Mr Robert looked sober.
    Jay-Jay opened the door wider letting his father
    in. “Sit down” Robert said quitely sitting on an
    arm chair. Jay-Jay didn’t sit down, he rested his
    back on the wall
    instead, folding arms across his chest. “I said
    sit…” “I don’t wanna sit!” he cut his father short.
    “If you don’t sit,then we won’t talk” Robert sighed
    “That means you aint ready to talk” “Jacob do you
    realize you’re talking to your father?”
    Robert’s voice was rising. “yes I do.” “Jacobs
    what has come over you?” Robert yelled. “Nothing
    at all!” Robert gasped. He shook his head gently
    “Linda!” he
    muttered under his breathe. “What?” Jay-Jay
    couldn’t help asking. “Your mother, you sound
    just like her, stubborn and
    unruly” Robert said gently. Jay-Jay was shocked,
    his mother?! “Jacob, you are just like your mum!
    She ran away
    when you were just one year old, I haven’t seen
    her, I
    came back to Nigeria cos of her, but can’t find
    He said painfully. “Jacob, you are my only son…”
    he continued.
    “I want the best for you. Ever since your mum left
    I’ve set my hope on you, my life is strapped on
    you…” his voice became shaky. Jay-Jay melted
    within, he sighed. “Jacob please, don’t let me
    down.” Jay-Jay squatted beside his father.
    “Dad I love you, you know that, I won’t hurt you…”
    “You already did, you joined a cult!” “Okay dad,
    let’s strike a deal, you’l let me go back to
    school and I’ll shun cultism.” He said placing an
    round his father. “I want your happiness, you’re
    going back to school
    tomorrow, please amend your ways” Roberts said
    quitely. “Love you dad” Jay-Jay hugged his father.
    “Love you son” Robert hugged him tightly. “So
    dad, tomorrow right?” he sounded excited.
    “Yea, promise me you’ll look for your mother”
    smiled faintly. “Yea” Jay-Jay cared less. “Come let
    me show you her picture…” Robert stood
    Jay-Jay followed him, Oh yes! Tomorrow he’l be


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    TNX babes @Sofia @jummybabe @hbankee(my boo) @frankkay no dey use side eyes check my ladies out ooo cux I caught u staring

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    Nice one..thumb up writer

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    Guy u got nice story here it look so real

    me ur boo? U beta dont let @Frank hear about dat unless he wont take it easy wit u dont say i know tell u oo

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    @sofia tankz 4 d i.v

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