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    EPISODE ♠ 1
    MIDNIGHT (2:00AM)
    Author’s POV
    (Nathan Robert heard a loud bang on the door he frowned when he looked at the clock next to their bed. It was 2:00am in the midnight who could be at the door? It was way too early for anyone to be here,maybe it is one of his wife’s customers that is here to collect his or her dress but it too early to come for a dress. Nathan rubbed his sleepy eyes as he made his way to the door whoever was out there will receive the insult of his or her life today for knocking at this hour
    Nathan: who the hell is out there?!
    (He yelled angrily)
    “I am here to get my dress from Mrs Robert”
    (A female voice said)
    Nathan:you will get your dress in the morning Miss
    “Please Mr Robert I have an interview as early as 7:00am”
    Nathan:come back by 6 or 6:30 to get your dress my wife is asleep right now and I don’t wanna disturb her
    (He was about walking back into the room when he heard a masculine voice)
    “Open this d--n door or else I will break it down!”
    (That might be her husband he sure meant business..not wanting anyone to bring down his door Nathan replied)
    Nathan:okay..okay.. Just a minute lemme get my wife to give you the dress
    “No…Mr Robert don’t wake her up just open up and lemme get my dress and leave”
    (The female voice said)
    Nathan:sure you can identify your dress?
    “Yes Mr Robert”
    (He walked back to the door and immediately he opened a hard blow landed on his right eye. Nathan screamed in pain which awaken his sleeping wife and blind daughter. Madison became frightened when she got to the living room she saw Four men and a lady all dressed in black outfit and mask with guns in their hands)
    Nathan:who are they Maddie?…she only said she wanted her dress
    (He said holding his bloodshot and swollen eyes)
    “Shut the f--k up!”
    (The gang leader snarled at Nathan)
    Ria:dad are you there?
    (Ria asked holding the walls trying to find her way to the sitting room)
    “Bring the girl here”
    (The leader who was in his thirties gestured to one of his guys to bring Ria)
    Nathan:please what do you want from us?
    (He asked shakily)
    “You will find out very soon”
    (Two guys dragged Ria to the centre of the room beside her mom and dad as she wrapped her hands around her mom quickly)
    “Lock the door Speedy”
    (One of the guys named speedy went to lock the door)
    Nathan: please who are you?
    (He asked fearfully)
    “Mr Robert we are the Money gang”
    (He laughed wickedly)
    Nathan:money gang? Please…I..haven’t see your faces..before
    “Well many know us in Idaho as MML”
    (The Roberts gasped in fear)
    “Do you know us now?”
    (They all nodded fearfully and the gang laughed out loud. The leader dragged Ria away from her mom and caressed her cheeks. Ria shivered in fear)
    Madison:please.. don’t..touch her..she is just a little girl
    (She sobbed)
    “Your daughter is a beauty Mr Robert…”
    (He tried to kiss Ria on her lips but she avoided him which amaze him)
    “Can your blind daughter see me?”
    Nathan: she can’t but she can only feel things around her
    “What’s her name?!”
    “Hmm…a beauty with a nice name..Ria do you know who the MML are?”
    (She nodded slowly)
    Speedy:we are really famous boss..even the blind one know us
    (They laughed..MML means Money Make Life they are notorious robbers and hired assassins. Every young and old souls in Idaho know the MML but no one has ever seen their faces before and all effort to apprehend them had proved abortive)
    “Perhaps should we take her with us Kelly?”
    (He asked the only female among them as he grabbed Ria’s Jaw)
    Kelly:she is of no use Boss
    (She replied out of Jealousy)
    “She will be Kelly..cause she is giving me a hard on”
    (He said pointing to his already protruded member down his pant which caused his team to laugh again)
    Speedy:we can take her so she can serve you Boss
    Nathan:no..no..please don’t take her away just tell me whatever it is you want…
    (He pleaded with tears dropping down his cheeks)
    Madison:please don’t take her away from us.. she is our only child
    (She held on to the leader’s leg)
    “She is just a little girl”
    (Maddie said)
    “Well I like little ones”
    (The leader replied as he kicked Maddie and she screamed in pain)
    (She tried to find her way to her mom but speedy and Kelly held her down)
    Nathan:please tell me what you want I am willing to pay you
    “How much do you have?”
    (The leader laughed wickedly)
    “You are so poor Robert… A poor man like you can’t pay us”
    Nathan:please that’s all I made from my driving business and minor job yesterday
    “Well I am not here for your money Robert”
    (He collected a brown envelope from one of his guys and threw it to Nathan)
    “I need you to sign these papers then I and my team will leave in peace”
    (Nathan went through the are in the envelope)
    “It the paper work to the inheritance your late father left for you..all you have to do is sign it”
    (The paper contain the transfer of inheritance to someone)
    Nathan:did Frederick send you guys?
    “That none of your business just sign it!”
    Nathan:no..no…I can’t
    (Frederick Robert is Nathan’s step brother. He is a very rich man who own many companies in Idaho but very greedy. He is never contented with whatever he has)
    “You have to Robert”
    Nathan:no I won’t!..it my inheritance and I planned to use it to pay for my child’s surgery when the time comes
    Madison:please sign it Natty..just do it and let them go
    (She pleaded with her husband)
    Nathan:no..Maddie Ria has waited for to long..Ria needs that money
    Ria:just sign it dad…sign it..we will raise another money
    Nathan:that will take more time to save up for such huge amount of money
    Ria:we will dad
    (She sobbed)
    Nathan:No Ria!look Kill me…I’d rather die than give my inheritance to that bastard!
    (The leader pointed the gun at Maddie and pulled the trigger)
    Robert: No Don’t!!!Maddie!
    (She struggled to free herself)
    “I hate stubborn people Robert”
    (Nathan crawled to his wife’s bloody body.. She was shot in the heart)
    Ria:mom..mom..mom..(she sobbed as she finally free herself and crawled blindly to her mom’s body)
    Ria:mom..please.. talk.. to me..Dad do something!!
    Madison:Ria..always..remember… that.. I lo..love..you..and..
    (She coughed out blood)
    Maddie:hold..on.. to..our dreams..if –
    (Her hands dropped)
    Nathan:no..no..Maddie..wake up..Am sorry Maddie!
    (The leader screamed Ria and Nathan became silent suddenly)
    “I hate sad dramas..Now are you ready to sign it Robert?.. I advise you sign it or she will be the next”
    (Ria looked at her dad as if she could see him)
    Ria:sign it dad and let them go..
    (The leader threw a pen to Nathan and he signed it tearfully. All their dream crashed in one night. He had spend a lot on the inheritance process which was a huge sum of money his dad left him. He had planned to pay for Ria’s eye surgery and establish his wife’s sewing business but he won’t be able to do any of that anymore his whole dream of buying a better house and making his family happy is gone)
    “Good of you Robert”
    (He collected the paper and grinned wickedly)
    “But you know we can’t just leave like that anymore Robert…I was willing to help if only you had signed the papers without me wasting my expensive bullet on your wife.. But am really sorry..”
    Nathan:please don’t kill me
    (He pointed the gun to Ria)
    Nathan:no don’t kill her I beg of you..please leave I already signed the papers
    “No..you might tell the cops that Frederick sent us”
    Nathan:no I promise I won’t tell it to anyone…I will leave town as soon as you leave..before daybreak
    (The leader laughed)
    “So Smart Robert..but Frederick already paid for your lives”
    Ria:please don’t kill him
    “Oh sorry about that beauty..but don’t worry you will be fine without your dad…or maybe you will be with them soon too”
    (Speedy and Kelly dragged Ria away from her dad)
    Ria:let go off me..dad!
    “Say your last prayers Robert”
    Ria:no please don’t…dad!
    (She pleaded hot tears burning down her cheeks)
    Robert: I love you Ria –
    (He pulled the trigger again and Ria screamed)
    (Speedy placed his hands on her mouth)
    Kelly:what do we do with her Boss?
    (Ria struggled)
    (He pointed the gun again at Ria but dropped it when they heard a distance siren)
    “F--k! Someone called the cops!”
    (Kelly was about shooting Ria)
    “Don’t Kelly”
    Kelly:why Boss?
    (He pointed to his erected member)
    “I want her”
    Kelly:but you can’t take her here the cops are around
    (Speedy hit Ria with the bottom of his gun and Ria passed out in his hands)
    “Why speedy?!”
    Speedy:We don’t have time to waste..she is fine”
    “Move it!”
    (The leader said as Speedy threw Ria on his shoulder and they all rushed out of Robert house)
    Owen:young master
    (He called out to Ian who pretended to be asleep in his bed)
    Owen:young master Ian
    (He didn’t respond)
    Owen:sir Ian
    Ian:shut the f--k up Owen! And get the hell out of my room!
    (He threw a pillow at his bodyguard)
    “Can’t you f-----g see that am sleeping?!”
    (He threw his alarm at Owen but he dodged it)
    Owen: forgive me Sir Ian – Mr Bryant wants to see you
    Ian:go and tell that old man that am sleeping
    Owen: he knows you are awake
    Ian:tell him am sick and can’t come to see him
    Owen:I can’t tell him that sir
    Ian:you are such an idiot Owen!…you should do as I say you are my bodyguard you fool!
    Owen:forgive me sir I know am your bodyguard but Mr Bryant pays me
    Ian:you are so annoying Owen!
    (He threw the blanket over his face)
    Owen:Sir –
    (The bedroom door opens Mr Jack Bryant walked in)
    Jack:what are you still doing in bed by this time?
    (He replied)
    Jack:get up Ian today is Lorna’s birthday and she is expecting you to be the first person to give her a present
    Ian:I am not a kid amymore dad…I am sick and tired of giving gifts to Lorna every year for no specific reason
    (He replied from under the blanket, Mr Jack walked closer to his bed and removed the blanket from his body)
    Jack:get ready in five minutes
    Ian:five minutes?
    Jack:yes and look your best..I don’t want Mason to take your place in Lorna’s heart
    Ian:well I hope he does…
    Jack:then if Lorna falls in love with Mason instead of you be ready to –
    Ian:leave the state and stay with Aunty Elise in Idaho or go into the military or lose your inheritance
    (The eighteen years old boy completed his dads statement)
    (Ian reluctantly walked into the bathroom)
    Frederick:Lucas did you manage to get him to sign the documents?
    (The gang leader replied with a grin on his face. A smile formed on Frederick lips when he saw Nathan’s signature)
    Frederick:good job Lucas I knew you won’t fail me
    (One of his men in suit dropped a black box on the table and passed it to Lucas)
    Lucas:remember our deal Frederick..
    (Speedy closed the box after examining it)
    Lucas: aside this money I have to get 2% of that your brother inheritance
    Frederick:yes Lucas…I will send my men to you next week as soon as I bury my stupid step brother
    (Lucas nodded)
    Frederick: he is dead right?
    Lucas:I killed him and his wife
    Frederick: what about his child?
    Lucas:I had fun with her in my car before dropping her off a Cliff
    (Frederick stood up and shakes Lucas)
    Frederick: Thank you
    Lucas:call me whenever you need me again
    (He walked out with his men)
    Speedy:why did you lie to him?
    Lucas: he might insist on killing the girl himself
    Speedy: don’t you plan to kill her?
    Speedy: what if he finds out?
    Lucas:he won’t speedy..I just want to have fun with that little angel
    (He said rubbing his member that was coming up)
    Speedy:it been a while boss
    Lucas:yes…I don’t know why that girl turns me on
    (They laughed)
    “Where is she?”
    Speedy:in your room
    Speedy:yes boss
    Lucas:take care of things while I toy with my Angel
    (He gave speedy a wink before walking out of the office)

    Note: this part contain some sexual contents if you are below this age back off!
    Ria was curled up in a corner of the room hot tears dropping down her cheeks thinking of her parents. Ria wondered where she was when she regained consciousness. Ria knew this place wasn’t her home and she thought of what they would do to her. Lucas walked into his room but didn’t see Ria in his bed
    (He screamed fear gripped Ria but she didn’t answer. Lucas only heard her soft sobs around his room. He figured where she was went to her and tried to touch her)
    Ria:don’t touch me you monster!
    Lucas:don’t be rude to me
    (He carried her to the bed)
    Ria:let me go! Lemme go!
    (She struggled in his hands as Lucas dropped her on his bed before climbing on top of her. Ria fights him off but he was too strong)
    Lucas:just stay clam so that you won’t get hurt
    (He kissed Ria and a slap landed across his face)
    Ria:you have no shame! You killed my parents you beast!
    (Lucas hit Ria)
    Lucas:I was thinking of going easy on you..
    (He grabbed her hands and placed it over her Head)
    Lucas:I love rough sex my love and it been a while since I’ve been with a woman
    (He kissed her full on her lips Ria avoided him but he grabbed her jaw and gave her a rough Kiss)
    Ria:please..don’t do..this to me
    Lucas:don’t blame me Ria you affect me in a strong way
    (He said amidst Kisses. Lucas removed his belt and tied Ria’s hands with it before pulling off his trouser)
    Lucas:stay still blind one while I pleasure and satisfy you
    (He tore off her top revealing her naked chest)
    Lucas:you are so beautiful Ria
    (He s----d on her n----e)
    Ria:please don’t.. I beg you
    (She pleaded more tears dropping down her cheeks. His touch only became more forceful,wanting more,demanding more. His mouth moved down to her neck and collarbone one hand toying with her n----e. He pulled her hips tightly against him. Ria screamed loudly when she felt his hard member between her thighs. Ria kicked at him but it didn’t have any effect it on him)
    Lucas:I want you Ria
    (He whispered in a frenzied base of desire wanting more friction)
    Lucas:you have no idea how much I want you Rai
    (His tongue travelling methodically as he kissed her flesh,his tongue coming out in languidly lick. Immediately moisture gathered between her thighs. Lucas rubbed her wet member and grinned wickedly while Ria cursed her body for reacting to his touch. A deep growl reverberated from Lucas throat his hands moved to her pant ripping it off her as he gripped each cheek of her ass tightly. He rocked Ria against his extremely stiff member he continued the motion. He moaned satisfaction spiked through him)
    Lucas:I’m going to f--k you Rai and no one is going to stopped me not even your dead parents
    (He kissed Ria lips and she bite him hard on his lips causing him to groan in pain. Lucas hit her hard across the face again)
    Lucas:stop fighting me you stupid blind girl! I am going to bury my c--k deep inside that amazing p---y of yours!
    (He forcefully dipped a finger in her p---y causing Ria to scream)
    Lucas:deeper than I’ve ever been in a woman
    (He teased her entrance with his c--k..Lucas plunged deep into Ria ripping away her virginity)
    Lucas:oh sweet Jesus… So good. Don’t blame me Ria..blame that greedy uncle of yours
    (Ria gave up as she grew weak tears burned down her cheeks slowly as pain surge through her body. There was no point in fighting anymore Ria silently cursed the day she was born into this wicked world – killing her parents wasn’t enough for this monster…she promised that if she survive in Lucas hands she will definitely take revenge on Frederick for causing her pain)
    (Tears!!!am crying ooo! What a sad tale! I so much hate sad stories but I needed to write one)
    ∆ I hope you all enjoy this story even if it kinda Sad…Don’t forget to like and drop a comment about it ∆
    Keep loving Ademide story!

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    Really sad story

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    Nice story loving the story in the first time

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    Oh my goodness
    I feel sorry for her

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    ♠ RIA ♠
    My name is Ria Robert. I am the only child to my late parents. I turned 26 two months ago. I am blind and for as long as I remember I was born blind. The MML gang came to our house one night and killed my mother when my dad refused to sign his inheritance documents then my dad was killed after he signed those documents. I found out that night that Frederick Robert sent them. Frederick is my dad’s step brother. He was grandpa illegitimate child but he became the CEO of Limos company cause he was Mr Robert favorite son despite his position. My grandpa Mr Robert loved his mom Antonia but ignored my grandma Emma because she couldn’t bear him an heir after 10years of marriage. Antonia became Mr Robert mistress in the 11th year of his marriage to Granny Emma then she had a son. Granny Emma had my dad two years after Frederick was born. Mr Robert made his will and gave his companies to Frederick and left a huge Sum of Money for my dad which wasn’t compared to the value of the companies he willed to Frederick. My dad never felt like a son to his dad and things got worse for him after his mom passed away when he was barely sixteen. He was maltreated by Antonia and her son and went through series of hardship in their hands until he left home when he was eighteen. He became a driver at that age just to put himself through college forgetting home completely but it was so unfortunate that he couldn’t get a better job after he graduated. My dad once said that as long he was still in Idaho he would never get a well paid job since his step mom had connections in companies in Idaho. And he didn’t want to leave Idaho because it was where he was born and where his mom was laid to rest. He met my mom two years after he graduated and worked as a truck driver. My mom was a seamstress and was not all that educated like my dad. She dropped out of college when she couldn’t afford to pay the tuition fees and she had no one to turn to cause she was an orphan. When I came into the picture my dad started working three jobs per day just to feed us and save up for my eye surgery. We were happy with the little we had,one could call us a happy family. My dad received a call one day that his father died few days before that day and left him some inheritance. My dad was not interested in owning any of his Father’s properties but my mom convinced him to accept it for my sake. He knew we could get my eye surgery done with the money and even have enough to get a big space for mom’s sewing business, and also enrol me into one of the best schools after my surgery. My dad used his saving for the inheritance process. Everything was fine, he had received a call that he could have access to the money and we were happy our dreams was coming true until the MML came,and all those dreams crashed in one night. April 26 2013, that night was a terrible night I want to erase from my memory. Frederick sent those men to kill us,Lucas the gang leader had killed my parents but he had spared only me. He didn’t kill me but he used me to pleasure himself. I spent months in his den praying for death to come but it didn’t. Lucas would come to me every morning and night to pleasure himself. I was barely 16 when he had raped me repeatedly, I begged him to just kill me but Lucas said he was doing me a great favor by keeping me alive. Lucas was a Monster, a beast in human clothing who didn’t deserved to live among humans but the jungle where his likes inhabits. He said I was paying him with my body for saving my life,I should have been dead but he had made up his mind to take me in. That wasn’t a help or a favour it was wickedness! I regretted ever being born into this world.. I hated myself for being blind. I never saw the face of my parents while growing up. I’ve never seen the face of the man who ordered the killing of my parents or even the monstrous face of the man who raped me and also the one that made an attempt to do the same. One of Lucas men named Speedy came into Lucas’s room one night while Lucas was away and he tried to rape me but Andrea the maid assigned to take care of me came in before speedy could do anything but I had received several beating from him when i refused him. He threatened Andrea and I never to mention it to Lucas but one way or the other Lucas had found out but things turned the wrong way for me. Speedy was able to defend himself by saying I tried to seduce him when he came into the room to pick up Lucas dirty clothes. He lied that I offered myself to him so he could take me out of the den. They were all Lies! And that fool had believed what he said! Lucas tortured me for wanting to leave him and for giving myself to his right hand man. I would have taken it all,i would have fine with just the beatings but Lucas raped me for hours and sent his men the next day to do the same to me. Lucas never came back to me after that day he raped me. I was abandoned in his room,left to find my way and all locked up in the room. No one came in not even Andrea and I was scared of what lie Speedy would have said just to make Lucas punish her. I was starved for days,all I did was cry day and night blaming myself for many misfortunes that happened in my life. If only I wasn’t blind then my dad wouldn’t have thought of accepting his inheritance,Frederick wouldn’t have sent those men to us,my parents won’t have died and Lucas won’t have done those horrible things to me. Everything Lucas and Frederick did to me made me hate men and all I think is getting revenge! Lucas destroyed me,everything about me,my body and soul not minding the fact that I was a little blind girl and I made up my mind not to trust any man. When I saw no way out of that room and I remember Mom’s teaching about God that “He is the only that can save one in times of trouble. All you have to do is talk or pour your heart to him” then I started praying. Some days later someone started bringing my daily meal. Days turned into weeks,weeks into months I didn’t stop praying until Lucas came back. He came to the room one day and apologized for what he did to me! Isn’t that a Miracle?! It was a miracle for me and I was glad God had answered my prayers and I saw that as a sign of me coming out of that hell soon. Lucas didn’t touch me that day,he only apologized but that didn’t take away the deep hatred I had for him. He said he brought a gift for me which I couldn’t see but feel and hear. It was Andrea! He told her to continue taking care of me and I was a happy that she was safe. Andrea was my only companion,she was always ready to tend to me anytime I needed anything and ready to listen to me. Andrea was older than I am,six years older. Lucas pecked me that day and I thanked him with a fake smile on my face. He left promising that he would be back in two days time with more surprises. Andrea said speedy lied that she was the one who advised me to seduce him. She was locked up in a dark room for weeks until she had confessed to Lucas truly that Speedy did tried to rape me. Andrea couldn’t confess that all those times because Speedy threatened to kill her family. Her confession made Lucas come back to apologize but apologizes won’t take back what he did to me and what his men did to me. And luckily for me and with the help of my Prayer I came out of that Den the next day. Andrea helped me out of that Den! How did it happen? Lucas and his men went to rob a Bank but it wasn’t a successful operation. The police killed Lucas on the run and some of his men were apprehended. Andrea and I escaped after the news broke out even before the police could think of coming into the Den. Every worker around left the Den too. I stayed with Andrea’s family for a few days and cautious of Frederick so he won’t know I was still alive. A week later I and Andrea took the cheapest flight out of Idaho to Chicago. All the bills were on Andrea,not that she was rich but she had used her savings to purchase a ticket to Chicago. Andrea was my angel sent from above,a God sent who I never saw till she passed away about three years ago. Andrea died of brain cancer. Though she is dead but she still remain in my heart,I hope I get to see her face when I can see with the help of some pictures we took together. Same goes to my Parents they remain in my heart and memory. My strong mom,a woman of faith and my dad who was diligent and hardworking. They will never be forgotten.
    “It been a long day without you my friend and I’ll all about it when I see you again..”
    Hello Everyone, I hope the story is going very well?
    If you are crying right now,please wipe your tears, discard the soaked popcorn and grab another popcorn!
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    ♠ RIA ♠
    My name is Ian Bryant. I am Mr Jack Bryant only son and the fourth born out of Four. I am 24 years old. I am currently the CEO of LINT CORP which is my father industry. Lint Corp dabbles in everything, hotels, restaurants, spas,technologies and Textiles. It is a Multi billionaire Industry. My dad is one of the richest man in USA, he is actually the 3rd richest man in Chicago. Our first born is Josie, she is in charge of the Hotels. The second born Lauren is in charge of the Restaurants and Spas. The third girl is Piper who is just a year older than I am and she is in charge of our textiles industry. I am the one overseeing all their activities as the only Heir and CEO. My mom Mrs Perla Bryant is a Famous Jeweler in Chicago. She is the owner of “Perla Jewelries”, a big store in our state. Well this is the little information about me and my family.
    The phone on my desk binged and I picked it
    “Hello sir, the files you requested for from the technological branch just came in” Grace my secretary said over the phone. “Transfer it to my system now” I ordered and she replied “okay Sir”. ” please call me Ramsey”. “Okay Sir” Then the line dropped. Seconds clicked by and my system beeped signifying files transferred from Grace system. A soft knocked sounded on the door
    “Come in Ramsey” The handsome looking personal assistant walked in with the company’s tablet on his hands and some paper works “Here are the paper works you requested Sir”. I tapped on my desk and he dropped it. Being a CEO is stressful and tiring. I barely have time for myself or even some breathing space cause I’m buried in files, paper works from several branches,contracts and deals. ” do I have any meeting today?” I asked. “Yes sir” Ramsey replied as he checked in his tab. “With who Ramsey?”. “Miss Lorna Simmons” I rolled my eyes. “Call her and tell am too busy meet up with her today”. ” Okay sir…but she might decide to come here herself”. “If she comes..just tell her I’m in a meeting with the board of directors”.
    ” okay sir…but -”
    “What is it again Ramsey?” He never gets tired of using the word “But”
    “Well Sir, you know how funny Miss Lorna can be..I mean she might decide to come into the meeting to see you”
    Yeah he is right! Lorna can actually do that to confirm if I’m really in a meeting. I placed my palms on my face
    “Do I have any other meetings again?”
    “No sir”
    “And..are there files remaining after these ones?”
    “No Sir”
    I loosen my tie
    “Okay..okay then I will leave the office soon. I need to clear my head”
    “Should I get the car ready?”
    “No I will just take a taxi and probably stop by at a park to relax”
    “Anything you need Sir?”
    “Hmm yeah…get me my dark glass”
    Well just to hide my identity
    “Okay Sir”
    Ramsey the walked out of my office
    “Miss Ria! Miss Ria! The children who used to live next door but now lives with me called out my name from the sitting room. ” Phoebe I’m in the kitchen!” I said loud enough for them to hear and in no time they were already beside me. “Hey guys how are you doing?” I asked as I cleaned my hand on a napkin to give them a high five. “We’re fine!” They chorused and I laughed. “So what are you cooking?” My little man Phoenix asked. “Well I’m just trying to prepare lunch.. Or have you eaten at Mrs Elise’s place?”
    “No she is not home” Phoebe the princess answered. “Okay now both of you should go inside the room and take a shower..after that you will eat your lunch -”
    “Then we will tell you what happened at school today!” Phoenix completed my intended statement. Well that how I do all the time. They both get the chance to tell me whatever happens at school or in their various classes.
    “Okay Miss Ria!”
    They both rushed out of the kitchen. Telling me what happened in school is one of the best moments to me. Phoenix would argue for his turn anytime Phoebe wasn’t ready to stop talking and sometimes he ends up crying and I have to pet him with a chance to write in the measurement book. Phoebe and Phoenix are both siblings.
    Phoebe is 10 years old while Phoenix is 7 years old. They used to live next my house with their dad Mr Lawson until he left them about three months ago. Their mom left three years ago after Mr Lawson lost his job. Well they actually moved to Chicago a year ago cause Mr Lawson thought he was gonna secure a better job in Chicago. The bills of putting his children through school and also paying house bill and others was too much for him seeing that his minor Barman job wasn’t paying well so he felt the only way to escaped his responsibility was running away. He left his kids alone in the house under the pretence of going to work. Phoebe came to me the next day and said that Phoenix passed out. I asked about the whereabout of her dad just to let him know his child was unconscious but she said he hasn’t returned home since yesterday and that was so unusual of him. She led me to their apartment to where Phoenix was and truly he was unconscious, his pulse was weak and I feared that he was going to die. Then without wasting time I called Mrs Elise who stays next street to inform her about it. She ordered me to call 911 and I did as she instructed with the help of Phoebe who wouldn’t stop crying. Miss Elsie arrived almost immediately after the ambulance came in and Phoenix was taken to the nearest hospital. Mrs Elise and I managed to calm Phoebe by assuring her that Phoenix would be fine. “No he won’t be Miss Ria” she had whispered and I knew there was more to her words then she spoke up again. “We haven’t eaten for days now because our dad didn’t have the money to buy us food” and I said to her “Phoebe if it about food I will buy enough for you and your brother. Your brother will be fine”. ” no it not just about the food -” she cried
    “Tell me what is wrong?”
    “Dad found out Phoebe was ill”
    “What illness?”
    “Phoenix was diagnosed of Appendix and dad doesn’t have the money to get his surgery done” my jaw dropped. “Do you know where your dad might be?” Elsie asked
    “He is gone..he is not coming back again”
    “What do you mean?” I asked
    “I saw the note he left under the TV. He left because we are nothing but a burden to him” she sobbed loudly
    “Do you know his workplace?”
    “I went there already..but a man said he stopped working there about two weeks ago after he got fired for fighting a customer”
    I pulled her in for a hug
    What she went through three months ago was too much for a ten years girl to bear but I must tell you that what happened had made them stronger. What she said was true,the doctor confirmed it that Phoenix had appendix and he needed to undergo Appendectomy to remove the Vermiform Appendix immediately or he might die. Phoebe had pleaded with the doctor to save her brother that she was going to repay him after she had saved enough little did she know that hospitals don’t work that way. I knew there was only one way to save Phoenix which was using the money I was saving up for my eye surgery to pay up the medical bills. It wasn’t an easy decision to make,I went through a lot to save up that little amount of money but if I decided to keep saving it for my eye surgery then Phoenix would die. Paying the bills would save Phoenix so after much thinking I paid for it. I’m blind but I can still do some thing with my condition but being dead means it the “End of Existence”I thought of what I went through in Lucas’s den and how Andrea had saved me..if she could br my saviour then I could be a God sent to another person.. To these children. Phoenix surgery was successful and in few Weeks he was back to being the Exuberant child that he is. I never regretted giving my money to save his life. What would become of them now that Phoenix was fine? Elise suggested that I take them to the Children center but the children refused saying that they would rather starve to death than go to the children center. I didn’t want them to wonder about the street or get separated at the Children centre so I made another decision to raise them like my own children since I don’t see myself trusting any man or have anything to do with one of them not after what Lucas did to me. I became their guardian and Ever since then they’ve been staying with me and they were glad I had offered to take them in. They both promised to repay me someday but that isn’t necessary cause I keep praying for their dad to get a better job and think of his children. This is all I can say for now about the kids but note I did not just take them in like that i got the court order to raise them but I didn’t achieve that without the help of Mrs Elise
    “Miss Ria are we ready for Lunch?” Phoenix asked and I giggled. “Sure we are ready for Lunch” I replied him
    “Okay sit down and let me serve you”
    “Lemme help you” I sensed Phoebe presence by my side as I dish the food. You might be wondering how blind people go about living their lives like other normal people do. How they can walk without tripping on the ground, without crashing themselves into something that can injure them. You think of how they read, will there be someone who will read them something interesting or stories or the newspaper. You also ask yourself how can they know people. Since there are a lot of bad people out there,anything can happen to us such as Rob. Many times I have always wished that I could see just once, my eyeballs are always opened but I couldn’t see anything. I only rely on my sense of touch. I was born blind and I learned what normal people usually did using my other senses especially The Sense of Touch. Usually disabled people would be discriminated from the rest of the society simply because we did thing much slower and they presumed that we could not do things that normal people could do as well, I could possibly prove that all these were bullshit!. I started using the needle to mend clothes at the age of 7 and could use the machine in my blind state at the age of 12. Disable people could not do anything you said? But I could pick up a pencil and draw out any design of clothes you can think of. There are aspect to being disabled. Your other senses would become more sensitive like your sense of hearing and sense of touch. Enough explanation about being blind now
    “Miss Ria on our way back from school Phoebe said she wants to tell you something when we get home” Phoenix said
    “What is it Phoebe?” We were all settled to eat our food
    “Nothing Miss Ria” she replied in a low tone. “You’re such a lose mouth Phoenix” I heard her whispered to Phoenix
    “Phoebe it fine if you don’t wanna talk about it now..you can say it later”
    “Of course she wants to…but she doesn’t know how to present it to you” Phoenix answered
    “Okay..don’t worry Phoebe tell me whatever it is you want to say when you are ready.” I paused
    “Phoenix you will read one of your books to me”
    “Okay…but are you not sewing today?” Phoenix asked
    “I will tomorrow”
    “Why not today?”
    “I can’t do anything today because I’m expecting Mrs Elise to bring in the materials”
    Phoenix loves my sewing business and one if his favorite aspect of sewing is writing down measurement while Phoebe job is to take measurement according to my instructions and at times to confirm the numbers on the tape rule whenever Mrs Elise is not around and I’m doing the measuring. They’ve known about this things even before their dad left, we always work together whenever their dad isn’t around to watch them at night and during weekends. We all worked together on weekends after I’ve made sure that they’re done with school home works. That excitement of calling out measurement whenever am about to cut a dress makes them do their home works without being told to do so. At 10 now, Phone can mend dresses of her age and I’m indeed blessed to have them around me cause they both made my life whole again.
    We all ate in silence for few minutes until Phoebe dropped her spoon and cleared her throat
    “Miss Ria” she called
    “Yes phoebe”
    “Well…actually Phoenix and I have been thinking of everything you’ve done for us.. Even what our parents couldn’t do for us…like you enrolled us in a good school,you feed us three times a day and you even give us whatever we need. So we realize that you’re just like a mother to us..and that why we decide that we stop calling you Miss Ria…we want to call you -”
    She paused
    “Mom” phoenix completed
    “Mom?” I repeated
    “Yes” they chorused
    “We want to call you Mom since you’ve decided to raise us as your own children”
    I blinked back tears that threatened to spill any moment from now. I never thought of having Kids to call me Mom but now my adopted children wants to call me Mom. Phoenix noticed the sting of tears and he said “Mom you don’t have to cry,we only need someone we can look up to as our mother and you fit in that picture” Phoenix came to my side and held my hands
    “It also the best thing we can do now to repay you for helping us” Phoebe wiped the tears that strayed down my cheeks with her fingertips
    “Even if we can’t repay you back with Money now…am sure we’ll someday” she said again and I pulled the both of them in for a hug
    “You don’t have to repay me…You both are one of the best things that has ever happened to me”
    “Same here” Phoebe whispered
    “Look Mom We already informed our friends at school that you’re our mother” Phoenix said after I released them
    “You did that?”
    “Yes…they are always questioning us about our Mom so when we didn’t know what say we told them you’re our mom” Phoebe said happily
    “And they didn’t mock us for having a blind mom” Phoenix spoke up
    “Well actually a boy mocked us but others at school defended us. They said that our blind mother was able to out us in a private school and not a public school”
    “Yeah Phoebe actually kicked his ass” Phoenix giggled
    “Hey Phoebe you shouldn’t go about kicking asses at school. I don’t want you to get into trouble with anyone”
    “Well I’m ready to get into trouble with someone who thinks ill of you” Phoebe replied
    “Same with me too…I will cut their heads with my homemade sword” we all laughed when Phoenix talked
    “Oh My little man” I pinched his cheek
    “We love you” They chorused
    “Thanks for loving me..and I’m glad am able to help you guys”
    “Thanks for taking care of us” they kissed my cheeks respectively
    “Since you’ve haven’t been out for days now.. So I suggest we all take a walk mom” he said excitedly
    “Yeah that’s a good idea..we will do just that when the sun goes down”
    “An evening walk around the park” Phoebe added
    “Yes…eat up so we can wash the dishes before heading out”
    “Okay” They replied
    We all ate our meals. Phoebe and I washed the dishes while Phoenix was busy arranging the house. Then we settled to finish up their home works. We head out of the house for an evening walk after everything planned was done.
    “How do we not talk about family,when family is all that we gat. Everything I was doing you were standing there by side…”
    Thanks for reading!
    I hope you all enjoyed this episode.
    Kindly refill your popcorn containers and don’t miss the story!

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    It’s really enjoyable and interesting… Please continue

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