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    ♠ RIA ♠
    °°° Three Days Later °°°
    RIA POV 👱‍♀
    I stood outside my shop waiting for Ian. I was anxious. And i was beginning to lose patience. I left my office and decided to wait for him outside. The time was now 10:30am, Ian was never late for our coffee Mornings and he always call if he couldn’t make it down here due to emergency at work.
    But,today was different,he didn’t show up and no call.
    I was worried when I called his line and Ian didn’t pick up.
    I was disturbed and started to feel that something was wrong.
    The transferring of case from Idaho to Chicago was approved the day before yesterday. And chad went with his men to apprehend Frederick but no one was home except the maids. Chad called Derrick to inform him that Frederick wasn’t home and the an old woman at his home said that Frederick left home some days ago. Chad was quick to calculate the day the woman gave him and it happened to be that Frederick left home the day Ava turned in the Reinvestigation Letter.
    He left Town! Someone much have told him about it!
    This made Derrick to join our team. He was now determined to find Frederick. And very soon they will declare him wanted.
    “Miss Ria..Miss Ria -”
    I heard Elise voice behind me.
    I turned to face her.
    She looked troubled
    “What’s wrong?”
    “Please come in and watch the news”
    She said shakily
    “The news?”
    She nodded impatiently
    I followed her back inside to the large Tv. My workers gathered around to watch the news too.
    I saw Lint Corp Textile Factory. My eyes scrolled down to the breaking news.
    Breaking New: Textile Factory on Fire 🔥
    They showed the building on fire
    “Several workers injured and CEO Ian Bryant collapsed in fire” The Reporter said
    My heart skipped beats when I saw the medical team pushing Ian in a stretcher with oxygen on his nose.
    “” I muttered
    Tears rolled down my cheeks
    Elise held me tightly
    “He will be fine”
    I looked up at the Tv again. Firemen trying to put out of the fire.
    What could have happened?
    “The victims are being rushed to the nearest hospital which is Ainsley Hospital” the reporter continued
    “Ainsley hospital?” I repeated
    “I’ll get your bag” Loretta offered and rushed to my office.
    I waited impatiently for her return.
    “I’m coming with you” Elise said
    “No I’ll be fine..just stay at the store”
    “Okay” she replied reluctantly
    The two bodyguards Ian hired (Brian and Bert) followed me.
    “I don’t need you guys following me around!”
    I yelled at them and they stepped backward.
    And it so annoying having bodyguards to protect you. At school they almost followed me into the toilet.. They never left my side even in classes. And I already told Ian that I don’t need any bodyguard following me around.
    I dialed Mrs Perla number and she picked
    It wasn’t her voice
    “Hello can I talk Mrs Perla?”
    “Ria is that you?”
    The soft voice asked
    “Oh me Lauren”
    Ian’s second big sister. We’ve met before when she wanted to get a dress for her daughter Mia. She celebrated her 10th birthday two weeks ago.
    “I just watched the news now..and I’m on my way to Ainsley hospital” I rushed out my words
    “What about Mrs Perla?”
    “She fainted after she received the news that Ian collapsed in the fire”
    “How is she?”
    “She’s fine now -”
    “Okay..I will be there soon”
    She hang up
    What’s going on?
    Oh my God! Let Ian be fine.
    I said the prayer over and over again.

    ♦••••• IDAHO ••••• ♦
    °°°°°SANDER MANSION°°°°°
    Alexis went to the door when she heard the doorbell.
    “Good Afternoon Sir. How may I help you?”
    Derrick who was now working as a detective in Chicago brought out his ID card and showed it to the maid. He came with two cops.
    “We are here to see Mrs Robert”
    “Alexis is everything okay?”
    Serena asked
    Alexis opened the door wide for Serena to see their visitors.
    She walked closer to the door.
    “Are you Mrs Sanders?”
    Derrick asked
    “Yes I’m Serena Sanders”
    He showed her his card.
    “And Mrs Vivian Robert is here Right?”
    She nodded
    “Is everything okay?”
    She asked
    “Yes i just want to have a word with you”
    “Come in”
    She invited them in
    “Vivian -” she called
    Vivian and Bay came to the sitting room. They stopped on track when their eyes fell on the men in uniforms.
    “Detective Derrick from police quarters in Chicago”
    “What’s going on Mom?”
    Bay asked
    “Presently we are reinvestigating Nathan and Madison’s case -”
    “Nathan and Madison?” Vivian asked
    “Yes The Robert.. Your husband’s step brother”
    “They are dead”
    “Yes I know” he cocked his brows
    “Where is Mr Frederick Robert?” He asked
    “My husband?”
    She shot him a confused look
    “He’s out of town..on a vacation”
    “I don’t know”
    “Or you don’t want to disclose his location?”
    “Mr Frederick didn’t give me a specific country or town?. He only warned me not to go Chicago”
    “I told him some weeks ago that I’d like to Visit RRC to buy dresses but he refused”
    She paused
    “Why are you looking for my husband? And why are you reinvestigating a closed case?”
    “For justice to prevail. After much investigation we found out that Mr Frederick Robert was deeply involved in the case”
    Their jaws dropped.
    “What do you mean?”
    Derrick ignored Vivian’s question
    “Thanks for your time”
    “Hey…” Bay called out to him but he don’t respond
    And then he left with his men.
    He figured Frederick’s location in his wife’s word’s. He had warned her not to travel to Chicago.
    Then he is in Chicago!
    His phone beeped.
    It was Chad.
    “Hello Chad”
    “I just spoke to Mrs Vivian”
    He told Chad what he found.
    “Frederick is in Chicago”
    He said
    Chad was silent
    “Are you there?” Derrick asked
    “Someone set Lint Corp The textile Factory on fire” chad said finally
    “What?!” His mouth dropped slightly
    “Yes and Ian collapsed in the fire”
    Frederick is in Chicago, Textile factory on fire,Ian Collapsed in fire…
    Derrick thought deeply
    Then it struck him!
    “Chad I think this is Frederick’s doing” He muttered
    “Yes..lets just say that he want to get rid of Ian to make Ria Powerless. Ian said Frederick called him and.. he had told Frederick straight that he would put him in jail -”
    “Now I think we don’t have to work in Idaho”
    “Yes..the search is in Chicago..we have to find him”
    “Perhaps did to tell his wife about it?”
    “Not directly. I only said Frederick was involved in the case”
    “Why didn’t you tell her?”
    “The woman would collapse if I told her Frederick murdered his brother. And I have too much work to do than rushing a woman to the hospital”
    “She will find out anytime soon”
    “Yes the press are already storming the police station here trying to find any information”
    “Well drop something for them before moving to Chicago”
    “Sure” the line dropped

    The rush to the hospital was in a bad way,hectic scene in the emergency room and this feeling I had felt before..the fear of losing Ian..the fear of not being in Ian’s world again.
    “Don’t let it be”
    I chanted in my head
    I pushed my way through the Nurses and patients who were in my way,running towards the ICU. I met Lauren and Josie sitting in front of the ICU. They stared at me. I recognized Josie from the pictures Ian had showed me on his phone. Lauren stood up and came to me.
    “How is he?”
    I asked her
    My eyes held a pleading look,hoping Ian would be fine.
    Nothing will go wrong!
    Ian will be fine! I prayed
    A solemn look on Lauren’s face
    “We’re not sure yet” she said
    On cue,Doctor Hawn exit the ICU with a Female doctor and a Nurse behind him,turning all attention towards him.
    “How is Ian?” We chorused
    “He’s fine”
    We let out a sigh of relief
    “It seems Ian didn’t take his ventolin Inhaler to the factory that was why he collapsed in the fire. The smoke must have been too much for him to bear that it affected his breathing” Doctor Hawn said
    I was trying to make sense of his words.
    Ventolin Inhaler echoed in my head.
    “Will he fine?” Josie asked
    “Ahmm yes..he’s currently on oxygen machine but he will regain consciousness soon”
    “Can we see him?” I asked
    “Sure but you can’t go in yet”
    He replied
    “Please excuse me I will cheek on Mrs Perla”
    He said and walked away with the women
    “Josie.. this is Ria Robert. Ian’s girlfriend” Lauren introduced me
    I fiddled with my fingers
    Josie was totally different from Lauren. She had a frown on her face..and she shot me a disgusting look like I had shit on my body.
    “It nice to -”
    She cuts in
    “Lauren I’ll just go ahead and Check on Ian”
    She said coldly before walking away.
    “I apologize on Josie’s behalf. She is always like that anytime…she’s under tension”
    I gave her a half smile
    “It fine”
    It doesn’t matter to me. I’m more concerned about Ian.
    “Mrs Lauren -”
    I paused
    I swallowed hard
    “I don’t understand what Doctor Hawn said about Ventolin Inhaler -”
    “Ian didn’t tell you?” She asked
    I shook my head
    “Ian is asthmatic”
    My heartbeats rapidly
    “I never knew Ian had health problems..he didn’t mention it to me” I replied
    “Well maybe he didn’t want you to worry about him. Actually he goes around with an inhaler. And he’s pretty good at hiding his problems”
    And I never noticed it.
    And why didn’t i ask him if he had any health problem to?
    “I’m sure he’s going to be fine”
    She rubbed my arm
    And I nodded in agreement
    “Do you want to see Ian first or check on my mom?” She asked
    “Your mom..” I replied
    I don’t want to be with Josie. She scares me!
    “Let’s go”
    She held my hand and led me to Mrs Perla Ward.
    I heard Mrs Perla voice when we almost got to the entrance of the ward.
    “It all your fault!” She screamed
    Lauren rolled her eyes
    “Family issues” she muttered
    I shouldn’t go in with her.
    I stopped
    “Mrs Lauren you can go in. I want to call a Friend”
    She stared at me for a second
    “Okay” she nodded
    “If only you had monitored the factory seriously like the rest of your sisters did to the company assigned to them then Ian won’t be unconscious!”
    Mrs Perla said
    Lauren stepped in
    “You are incompetent Piper! And all this happened because of you!”
    She yelled at Piper
    I wondered what had caused the fire at the factory.
    My phone beeped
    It took it out of my bag.
    It was Ethan!
    “Ria..I watched the news -” he whispered
    “Yes..Ian collapsed in the fire”
    “Where are you?”
    “At Ainsley hospital”
    “How is he?”
    “He’s unconscious but the doctor said he would be fine” I blinked back tears as I explained Ian’s health condition to him.
    “And he didn’t tell you about it?”
    “Ian didn’t tell me he was asthmatic..and I’ve never even noticed an inhaler with him”
    “Ria relax.. Ian – maybe he didn’t want you to worry about him”
    But I’d be glad if he had told me about it.
    Now I’m feeling bad hat I haven’t been caring about him.
    “Will you come back to the store?”
    “No I will wait here..I want to be there for Ian when he wakes up”
    This is the time to repay Ian for taking care of me in China
    “Okay..just give me a call when he wakes up”
    He hang up
    I turned back and Josie was there.
    And i didn’t know what to say to her.
    “The board of directors and shareholders of the factory requests that you stepped down as the chairlady”
    A masculine voice said
    “Piper you don’t have to worry about can’t step down if the major shareholder doesn’t want you to – and you know your mom is the major shareholder”
    “I want her to step down”
    Mrs Perla said
    “Mom! You can’t do this to me! After everything I -”
    “You ruined the company. Now we have no textile company now!”
    “Calm down mom” I heard Lauren’s voice
    “Darling we can discuss and sort things out” the masculine voice said
    It was Ian’s dad!
    Josie held the door knob
    “You shouldn’t be eavesdropping on our family’s discussion”
    Oh yeah she was right!
    I think it better I stay away. Since I’m not part of the family.
    I will talk to Mrs Perla later.
    I stepped backward. The door opened and Piper came out with a wet face. She had been crying. She ran down the hallway as fast as her legs could carry her.
    Josie stepped in
    “Darling -”
    “That’s my final decision and.. I’m not changing my mind”
    Mrs Perla said
    “Mom is this about Ian or the company?” I heard Josie’s voice
    “Please don’t start Josie”
    Lauren said
    I wasn’t ready to stay around and listen to their discussion. I made my way back to the ICU. I peered through the transparent glass on the door. Time ticked constantly,moving while I stood waiting outside the Intensive care unit. I watched him lay unconscious in bed. There he laid,Ian limp body on the bed,a bandage around his head and left wrist and a gauze on his nose. I was sure there was more under the hospital gown. He wasn’t in a good condition.
    And all that’s left is to wait till he regained consciousness.
    My phone buzzed again. It was Ethan
    “Ria -” he called shakily
    “What’s wrong Ethan?”
    I asked fearfully
    He drew in a deep breathe
    “Chad just called me now and he said that …Frederick is in Chicago”
    My heartbeat accelerated
    Don’t let it be what I’m thinking
    “And he said is possible that Frederick set the textile factory on fire. No evidence yet but they are preparing to check the CCTV in the factory.. Some part are not affected..”
    “Oh no -”
    I whispered
    Tears.. I could feel them dropping down my cheeks.
    If it was Frederick truly..then he must have done that to get back at Ian. I was there the day Frederick called Ian to ask why he had canceled the deal and Ian told him everything.. The recording and the case he tried to cover up.
    Realization hit me!
    And all this happened because of me!
    The textile factory got burnt because of me!
    Those workers in the fire..Ian..and Piper getting blamed..It was all fault.
    “Ria are you there?”
    I dropped the phone from my ear and stared at Ian closely.
    Why was there a bandage on his head and wrist.. And the a gauze on his nose since he was only affected by the smoke?
    It was clear!
    If it was Frederick then he was after Ian’s life. He wanted to destroy Ian to make me powerless over the case. He knew that Ian was Solidly behind me and determined to put him in jail.
    And at the same time what if it wasn’t Frederick but someone else?
    I thought deeply
    “Ethan..” I placed the phone on my ear
    “Yes Ria…”
    “What if it was Drake Robert?”
    “Yes..the Deal Ian cancelled..Drake must have done it to make Ian come back to him. Remember he wanted to supply me Fabrics but I rejected his offer…He -”
    “I understand Ria.. I will call Chad and tell him about it too”
    The line dropped again
    My mind was spinning. It could be Drake Robert. He must have thought that ruining The textile factory will make me come to him for supplies so then he will use that chance to make Ian sign the deal again.
    And I could hardly believe what I was thanking!
    But somehow feelings of guilt washed over me.
    I wondered what would happened tomorrow and in the next few days.

    Oh now I know I haven’t dine enough for you guys posting once or twice a day and late too..Pardon me please 🙏 I’ve been having troubles on what to write..#writer’sblock#
    And you can tell from this episode.. No much action and there are mistakes too. But with all these faults I hope you all understand what’s going on?!

    Thanks for reading!

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    that was a dreamful one…………wish the best

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    Building up nicely

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    Getting more interesting

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    I pray they should catch him soon ,, welcome back from the long break @holykid

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    I must n’t comment without saying kudos to the writer(@holykid) more enegy and strength, u no go try keep it coming


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