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    it contains sex language, don’t read if you are too holy.. thank u

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    25th December 18+

    Episode 1

    rise my naked body under the duvet, 1,2
    3 push ups am done with my morning routine
    of by force 6packs. I stroll to the mirror
    to check if there is improvement with my
    morning boner swinging left and right.
    A knock landed at my door harshly and
    is no other person than my twin brother
    with a woman name Victory, I sighed and
    join the entire family for morning prayer,
    normally we pray till 4pm before Christmas,
    nobody wan cry in the midst of celebration.
    the goodnews is praying is a good thing
    and the bad news is our first daughter
    nearly open another Mountain of Fire Branch
    in our sitting room with her prayer. after
    the prayer, chicken slaughtering follow
    up. good morning and happy Christmas
    filled the air, my brother brought out
    his flex out December clothes for harmattan
    to flex with it first, I shake my head for
    the boy. His preparation started from 24th
    and today he will be going out to seeing
    masquerade and you wan go heaven.
    after breaking many bones and eating
    fried rice with juice, Nigerians nodey play
    with December oohh.. we no go happy if
    we no celebrate am for heaven. add it
    to your heavenly wishes, I on my television
    watch my Christmas cassette that I bought
    last night. On the movie my two younger
    brothers left home, followed by my two
    older sister. my dad and mom travelled
    to the village, can someone tell me what is
    happening, lastly my older brother disappeared
    after he received a call. Home Alone that
    am watching on the TV is now happening
    to me, chai!. Sex spirit entered me and
    I grab my phone and surf the internet
    for p--n videos and one of it caught my
    medulla, I downloaded it and minimize
    my kpakpo Galaxy Neo to watch it. the p--n
    turned me off can someone tell Asia people
    to stop acting p--n, there own thing is
    too different, moaning is crying and the
    nipples on the small breast isn’t even showing
    and the d--k is always chewing stick haba..
    I deleted it, what a waste of mb. I fling
    my phope and then a call come in, hope
    isn’t those committees of badnews calling.
    I check the caller I.D Endurance A.K.A
    madam too hot.

    Drop your comments for episode 2. No dully, lol.

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    Scroll down for episode 2

    Episode 3-End

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    Oya na

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    See life

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    25th December 18+

    Episode 2

    background was so noisy that I didn’t hear
    most of her words but I didn’t fail to
    hear “Victor, come to Tropicanna am taking
    you out. Today.” I glanced at my phone time
    and time was 5pm. I showered and creamed
    my body, arranged my hair making sure
    I look nice. I wore my trouser and my shoe
    see na December shoe be that oohh.. I
    counted three thousands naira out of
    Twenty thousands that Bet9ja paid from
    my savings after embezzling my 100naira from January
    to November. I don’t trust naija girls
    they can surprise and shock you with opposite
    of your thoughts. the hotel is not far from
    my home ’cause it is in same area, I called
    a bikeman to ride me there so I can feel
    like VIP too. He said 100naira end of joke,
    I look around me to see if Buhari is around
    me, I asked him if I look like Buhari or
    do I look like one of his relatives. He
    his head and left, na waaoo naija weather
    no fit poor people. I trekked down to the
    hotel calculating how I will take my money
    back in kind after spending it, I saw someone
    with mini pink gown jump on me, I didn’t
    see the face. I grab her ass cheek through
    the soft fabric and squeeze it roughly.
    If you don’t like ass squeezing don’t hug me
    I no be pastor, Endurance was looking
    hot and gorgeous, her boobs is getting bigger
    after enough pressing from me. and her
    backside didn’t stop to amaze me with
    softness and shaking vibration, we strolled
    into the hotel, and she suggested swimming
    first. we changed and dive into the swimming
    pool, I ogled girls in the swimming pool
    in the name of swimming pass you, I didn’t
    pity Eddy at all with breast grabbing and
    ass smacking inside the water, see enjoyment
    as girls in the river gave us freewill to touch
    and grab, I didn’t dull myself oohh..
    others were doing holy holy, who cares
    I grab all grab-able until Endurance
    dragged me out of the pool. I wanted
    to fall back into the pool to continue
    what I
    have started, just have to follow like disciple
    ’cause no be me pay. Bye bad boy the Africa
    witches in the swimming pool wished me farewell,
    We took some loved-up picures her
    ass on my
    g---n and her lips on my jaw, Jnr. El send sex
    signals to my brain, we left for the bar to
    drink, on normal day I don’t take beer but
    today I’ll ’cause beers inspire someone
    to move faster, harder on bed. it will open
    my brains to remember all the sex styles
    in the world, I make sure I don’t get drunk
    and she did same thing too. Chaaii.. bad
    belle. She paid for the drinks and I must confess
    is good to have house mother that is hot
    and sexy with hot blood, I don’t mean sugarmummy.
    those ones will end up s-----g your blood.
    my plans is for us to spend the night in the
    hotel when men of night came to the bar, she
    suggested for us to go home. Devil is a liar,
    all my plans has been spoilt. I check my pocket
    and saw our house keys is with me, I gasped
    and check the time 9pm from my phone, time will just
    turn aeroplane when you dey enjoy.
    calls, I gave a wicked laugh shebi.. ona
    wan still enter the house ona run leave me
    alone at home. we entered the same bike
    and the ride was smooth but my waist and
    my d--k didn’t respect themselves at all,
    my d--k is hard on his own and my waist
    Moves backward and forward on their own wills. we
    reach our house to see the light on, who
    wan pour sand sand for my garri.


    More updates coming up today, yesterday my battery stopped me from updating more episodes. So we will have more episodes today, hope our sexology class make sense? Lol… comments please, biko show love. I kneel beg you, lol.

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