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    I saw this story and I decided to share it
    written by Michael Dokosi
    Episode 1
    i stared fixedly at Prof. Solomon Laryea, my wife’s lawyer. Perhaps, I did not hear him well, I assured myself. I felt my lawyer’s hand on my arm obviously trying to restrain me from over reacting.
    “Excuse me, sir. What did you just say?” I asked, still confident that I really did not hear the astute lawyer well when he made the fatal comment.
    He was a short and stout man with a rich amount of white beard. He must be above 60 years. That he was a brilliant lawyer goes without saying. He was well respected by his peers. It is well known that he had taught some of the judges who were currently on the bench at the Supreme Court.
    Prof. Laryea sat back in his chair, caresing his white beard as he stared back at me. Then he leaned forward slowly, with his hands on his oak-paneled desk and then spoke.
    “I understand how you feel, Mr. Ofori-Mensah. But what I said is the truth. My client is ready for a DNA test at any health facility of your choice to prove her claim” he said.
    My wife sat by him with an expressionless face. Even then, her beauty was not in doubt. She had a nose that will make many a beauty contestant envy her. Her big romantic eyes stared at the lawyer as he spoke. She was ignoring me for obvious reason. Seated behind her was her brother, Nana Kweku. He wore an expressionless look on his face.
    No one, looking at my wife even as she sat across the table from me, would imagine that she would cheat on me. First of all, she had the innocent look of an angel. If she were to be taking part in a movie about the life of Jesus Christ, Mary, the mother of Jesus, would have been the best role to cast her in. She really looked as innocent as Mary. Her beauty makes screen goddess, Marilyn Monroe, look ordinary.
    Secondly, that she cheated on me in spite of all that I had done for her will surprise many.I never starved her sexually. We made love at least three times a week. And, when it came to material things, I had made her the envy of her friends. Yet, she went ahead to cheat on me with no other person than my bosom friend, Edwin. I had caught her in the act myself.
    “Excuse me sir, I did not get what you said. Can you please repeat yourself once more” I asked, though his assertion that my wife was ready for a DNA meant I had heard exactly what he said.
    “Mr. Ofori-Mensah, my client here, your wife, says Peter and Pamela are not your biological children. As you know, only a mother can tell the real father of her child or children. Your wife says the biological father of the two children is another man he would name at the right time” Prof. Laryea repeated.
    The lawyer’s comments were like a hammer hammering at my heart. I began to tremble all over. I could feel my blood boiling inside me and my heart threatening to burst out of my chest.
    “How dare you tell me this nonsense!?How dare you tell me that Peter and Pamela are not my children!?” I said through clenched teeth, my anger boiling. Suddenly, I banged my fist with such ferocity on the desk that a flower vase on it tumbled and fell. So did a pen and some books.
    My wife got up and backed away in fright. I guess she had never seen me in that mood before. She had never seen me this angry. Her brother stepped protectively in front of her.
    “Calm down, Mr. Ofori-Mensah” Prof. Solomon Laryea said, getting up and taking a step back to ensure I will not reach him if I lash out at him. My lawyer held me to restrain me but I knew no stopping.
    “You are a stupid man to call me here to tell me this crap! If you try such nonsense with me, you’ll regret it. If you try this nonsense with me, I’ll kill you! You hear me!” I screamed as I swiftly leaned across the table and grabbed the front of his suit, shaking him violently even before he realized I was going to grab him.

    ………… be continued…………

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    @froshberry-2 come o,call odas

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    I ʟօʋɛ tɦat ʍʏ sաɛɛɖɨɛ @JUMMYBABE
    ʍօʀɛ օʄ tɦɨs…..,.

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    waitinq for more…

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