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    Links To Available Episodes.
    Scroll Down For Episode 1-2

    Episode 3-5

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    A Girl Like Amanda 3: Betrayed.

    A Girl Like Amanda.


    Season 3.

    Episode 1.

    Continued from the last season.

    The van drove into a secluded storey  building.

    “Is this it?” Amanda asked looking over the building.

    “Yes, this is it.” Maureen confirmed.

    “Alright me and Taofeeq will go in.” She said taking a handgun and c---s it. If Michael’s killer is here then Amanda knows there would be gun fight. And she’s not ready to hold back for any reason. She couldn’t think of what she will find inside but she is hoping she finds answers.

    “I can’t stay here Amy, Mike’s was my friend too, so if your going in there, then am coming too and don’t try to change my mind Amy cause you know am stubborn and nothing you’ll say would change it.” She takes a rifle. “So what are we waiting for?” She added opening the door of the van.

    Amanda looks at Taofeeq “she’s stubborn and I love her for it.” She follows behind.

    “I just hope you girls know what you’re doing.” Taofeeq mutters before following them.
    She pushes the door slowly and enters inside quickly.

    “Where’s his exact location?” Amanda asked leading the way.

    “Up ahead.” Came the reply.

    “I see two doors, maybe they’re connected. You both should flank.”

    She’d only taken few steps when she heard a very familiar voice in a room.

    The voice was speaking with someone.

    “Now you’ve sent that video to her now, she will do anything to fish you out.” The other voice said.

    “Are you scared Bird? I thought you’re a professional. Are you afraid of her.? The familiar voice said in a joking tone.

    “Am not but she has her reputation. Potiphar’s a brain when it comes to warriors.” Bird said dauntlessly.

    “Potiphar’s a fool and that’s why am going to kill him today.” The voice laughs loudly.

    “Am a professional gunman and I thought Michael would be a problem for me but guess I was wrong.” Bird added laughing.

    “Yes but where’s the body?” The familiar voice asked Bird  who scuffs.

    “So the video’s not enough evidence eh… C’mon Big Daddy, I thought you trust me by now.

    “Big Daddy?.” Amanda thought she didn’t hear well.

    Maureen and Taofeeq came out from the other room.

    “Their aren’t connected Elektra.’ Taofeeq, Amanda looks at Taofeeq and sighs loudly.

    Bird and the other knows they’re here, cause when Taofeeq said that.

    They both kept shut.

    Amanda rushes in seeing only a shirtless guy seating on an arm chair  clapping his hand as he drinks a glass of water.

    “Where is he?” Amanda asked him pointing the gun at him. Maureen and Taofeeq surrounded him.

    “Who?” He says smiling.

    “Don’t joke with me Bird, that’s your name right, Bird.” She thunders.

    “Yea, that’s my name. Guess you were listening to our discussion.

    “So where is he?.” She asked again.

    “Big Daddy? You guys just missed him a while ago.” He said taking another glass of water giving Maureen and Taofeeq a puzzled look.

    “So where’s the body?.” Amanda asked him still pointing the gun at him.

    “Old Mike’s?. Well I can’t say.” came the reply.

    “Big Daddy was here?.” Taofeeq asked Amanda who only gave him a nodded answer.

    “Bird here was the one who killed Michael?.” She said.

    “And apparently, they’re planning to take out Godfather today.” She added.

    “My Dad?.” Maureen blurted  out.
    Big Daddy hearing Taofeeq’s voice knew he had to execute his plans now.

    “I think your  girl is here.” He whispered to Bird.

    Bird only smiled and sat down on the sofa. “I’ve been dying to see the present day Xena.” He said as he watched Big Daddy go through the back door.

    As soon as he escaped from the building, he brings out his phone and dialed a number.

    “Viper, Potiphar dies today. Make sure he stays dead.” He said and hung up.

    Potiphar is restless that afternoon as he paces about.

    He is worried about his daughter and the disappearance of Taofeeq made him realize that his daughter must have manipulated him to go with him.

    He is a hard man but not to his daughter.

    He starts hearing voices outside of his house and he wondered what it was about.

    “Bruno!” He shouted his guard’s name and a heavily built man came in holding a rifle.

    “Godfather you called me.” He bowed.

    “Go check what the rumbling is all about.” He ordered and Bruno bowed and went outside.

    A faint noise is heard and thud sound is made.

    Potiphar closes his eyes and when he felt his door open, not looking, he asked what the rumbling is all about but there weren’t any reply and when he turned back, he saw Viper and three of his men pointing guns at him…

    To be continued…

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Dis is indeed betrayal at de highest order!!!

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    Tari Jake
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    A Girl Like Amanda.


    Season 3.

    Written by Jake Sam.

    Episode 2.

    “Dad pick up my call.” Maureen agitated.

    She is restless and disturbed.

    Her father isn’t safe and she is too far away from him and he wasn’t picking his calls.

    She tried her father’s head guard’s number.

    “Relax Maureen, I don’t think he’s in danger yet.” Taofeeq said trying to calm Maureen down.

    “He may be right though.” Amanda added.

    ‘Taofeeq call the guards that are with my dad.”

    Taofeeq nodded and brought out his phone and dialed four guards number, four of them rang but none answered.

    “They ain’t picking up. ” he announced and Maureen gave out a loud screech.

    She points the gun at Bird who was all smiles.

    “Where is he now?. ” she asked angrily and he scuffs.

    “Big Daddy? Probably on his way to Lagos. Hoping to see your father die…  A swift punch cut him short, he became angry and few seconds later he started smiling again.

    “Boy you hit like a lady man.” He teased Taofeeq.

    “Shut up Bird. Keep shut or I’ll pull this trigger and scatter your brains out on this very floor. ” Amanda warns him.

    “You see Amanda, that’s the funniest thing you ever said. You see am not alone. I allowed you guys tied me cause I ain’t stupid. I allowed you guys to track me here on purpose cause my deal hasn’t yet completed with big Daddy. I still have to kill you too Amanda and coming here was never a plan so be careful with the way you threaten me. Am Bird.”

    Gunshots is heard outside and the trio ducks immediately.

    “What’s that?” Taofeeq asked holding tightly to his rifle.

    A group of mercenaries starts appearing from all corners of the building.
    All wearing a mask and six in mumber.

    “What do do Amy?”

    “We fight back.”

    She said and went forward, viewing all the movements.

    Zzz, a stray bullet almost hit her. Two masked men. Approaches her hideout.

    She shoots at them as they duck ahead.

    “Kelly flank them.” Sims ordered.

    “Phil cover me.” He added. “Hang in there boss.

    Sims shouted across  the hall way.

    And Bird smiled.

    Soon the squad are shooting randomly .

    “ah!” Taofeeq’s voice is heard. He is hit by a bullet to his left ear. ”

    He began bleeding.

    “Taofeeq are you okay.” Amanda shouted at him.

    “Am okay,” he said clutching his left ear.

    Two of the squad rounded Maureen  from behind.

    “Drop the gun.” Kelly said and Maureen smiled. “Drop it or I’ll shoot.” He ordered again then she did the unthinkable. With a swift movement, she rolled and pulled her trigger getting a headshot as the second masked mercenary fell down, Kelly fired barely hitting her as she flew over a sofa.

    Amanda also was under heavy fire.

    “Shit! We’re fvcked.” Taofeeq mutters.
    To be continued.

    Short abi, no vex. Hadn’t had the time to post early. Pls give your comments cause am not going anywhere. I’ll be posting as fast as I can. Thank you very much for continuing to read my work. God bless.

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    It’s really getting intense oo,I hope big daddy isn’t dead yet?

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    God Should Save Amy

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