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    Tari Jake
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    A Girl Like Amanda.

    Season 3.


    Episode 3.

    “Shit, we’re fvcked.”
    “Viper what is the meaning of this?.” Potiphar asked as he sat back, not a ounce of fear in him.

    “Shhhh, Potiphar. Today’s the last day on your planet earth. Let someone else rule the underworld.” Came the reply.

    Potiphar closes his eyes and coughs a little.

    “Maybe you’re right and that would be my Daughter.” He said looking directly at him as he faces him.
    “You have a death wish. All of you.” He added.

    “Really. Tell me something. Over the years I’ve been loyal and obedient to you Potiphar. But what did I get? Loving that little boy over me, over everyone here. You think you are invincible abi, don’t worry. I’ll take you to hell.”

    “Wait! Before you pull that trigger, was it you?.”

    “Was I what?”

    “Was it you that killed Michael?”

    Viper laughs a little and briefly puts his gun down.
    “No I wasn’t. I just aided it.”
    Six weeks ago.

    Michael wakes up, his phone was ringing and and he unwittingly grabs it from the bedside table .


    “Michael please help, they’re going to kill me.” A trembling voice spoke out.

    “What’s wrong?. ”

    “Please come fast. I’ll text you the address.” The call ended and few seconds later, a message pops in.

    He immediately refresh himself and took his car keys and drove out of his safe zone.

    Driving into a secluded area, he sees the uncompleted building. He enters inside looks around.

    He brings out his phone and dialed the number that had called him earlier.

    “Am here, where are you?” He asks after the receiver picks it.

    “Am sorry Michael.” The receiver said and hung up.

    Before realizing what was happening.

    ‘Bang! Bang!’ Two bullets have already hit his chest.

    He falls down on one kneel. Pain shoots through his whole body as he grimaced in pain.

    A masked man comes out holding a pistol, he is the one that had shot Michael.

    Michael’s eyes was blurry now as he could no longer see well as beads of sweat ran over his face.

    “Michael, I’ve heard about you alot. Glad to finally kill you.” The man said laughing as two other guys comes out holding a rifle gun.

    “Who are you?.” He struggles to say.

    “My name is Bird and you see my friend. You’ve been a real bad boy. I like you though. You have your reputation and that’s why before I finally end you. I need to show the world your death.” He said moving backwards.

    “How did you get her to betray me?.” He ask, he couldn’t breath freely anymore as he stands on all fours.

    “Oh silly, she was the that planned this. She hired me and my boys you see. You’re trying to take what is hers so she needs you to go away. Am just here to make sure it happens.

    A lady walks in majestically and Michael looks up, he couldn’t believe it was really true.

    Maureen had betrayed him.

    “Kelly video this.” Bird said as his right hand man brought out a camera and starts videoing him.

    Soon Big Daddy comes in, clapping his hand.

    Michael laughs and blood spurts out of his mouth.

    “Yakubu, so nice of you.” He said now gasping for breath.

    “Pow!” Bird fires another bullet as the force pushes Michael down.
    The Mercenaries soon rounded them up and the trio had no choice to surrender.

    With their hands on the air. Bird starts clapping.

    “Nice Amanda. You guys just amaze me.” Bird laughs.

    “Maureen c’mon put ya hands down love.” He added and Amanda and Taofeeq gave a puzzled look at each other.

    Maureen drops her hand down and walks to Bird, they both kissed deeply and Amanda was perplexed.

    To be continued…
    This Viper is different from the Viper that Big daddy killed in the first season.

    So it is a twisted story or what do you guys think?

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    Malians lord
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    Tari Jake
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    A Girl Like Amanda.

    Season 3.


    Episode 4.

    “Maureen my darling.” Bird said and this confuses Amanda more.

    “What’s happening Maureen?.” Taofeeq said giving Maureen a puzzled look.

    “Look Taofeeq, you’re not stupid so don’t be now.” She answered him.

    “Why?” Was what Amanda could say.

    “Why you asked. You wanna know?”

    “Yes I think I do. Why would you betray me like this?.”

    “Am my father’s daughter yet he treats you like your special. Everyone I’ve ever loved. You stole them from me. You’re the reason I lost my father’s love. And you’re still the reason why my brother is not here today.”

    “I don’t understand Maureen. You’re brother’s death isn’t my fault. I was only trying to save him that night. I didn’t kill him.” She saidvefirwsively.

    “I don’t believe you Amy. I really don’t.”

    “Suit yourself.” She said resigning to her fate.

    Maureen brings out her gun and shot Taofeeq in the chest.

    “Noooo!” Amanda screamed and squats down holding the wounded part.

    Taofeeq felt dazed when the bullet hit him. He groans and coughs a little. He was in pain. His whole body was on fire, he knew he didn’t have two minutes before he would lose consciousness.

    “Hang on, Taofeeq.” Amanda added still trying to stop the bleeding.

    He didn’t hear what she said. He just laid there trying to cling on to life, but that is impossible.

    “He loves Amy and I hate it when a guy loves you.” Maureen’s mocking voice is heard laughing.

    Taofeeq looked at Amanda and smiled, tears flow out of his eyes and he mutters “at least I die with you by my side’ his body stiffens, his eyes slowly closing. He felt his breath leave him and he gave up.

    Amanda looks at Maureen and got angry immediately.

    With her hands tied, she stands up and rushed at her but she fell down when Maureen shoots her leg.

    She starts laughing at her and Bird.

    “You’ll pay for this. I promise.” She said hating Maureen totally.

    Pointing the gun to her head, Maureen looked at her and sized her up.

    “Am sorry,” she found herself say.

    She placed her finger on the trigger, ready to pull the trigger when Michael slides into the room and shoots Phil and the other mercenary close to the door.

    Before the fourth man could pull his trigger, he had already dropped dead.

    He stand up and rushes to the third guy, stabbing him in the neck, he uses him as a shield as the second man fires at him.

    Michael unstraps the third man’s handgun shoots the second man’s head.

    Kelly ducks and shoots him but missed. Bird grabs an assault rifle and open fire at him. Losing balance, Michael falls down. he rolls immediately under a table. Kelly, Bird and Maureen shoots at him.

    Amanda crawls this towards one of the dead mercenary’s body. The group didn’t had their attention and the new guy obviously needed help as she sees him leap into a kitchen window and behind a counter.

    She didn’t know it was Michael.

    The trio kept firing at him.

    Amanda unstraps a dagger from the corpse cuts her rope lose.

    Taking a Sprint, she dash towards Maureen, taking her by surprise. They both struggled.

    Bird turned to help Maureen when Michael came up with a kitchen knife throwing it at him when Kelly pushed him out of the way.

    Kelly kicked Amanda’s rib and she fell off Maureen.

    He carries her to her feet and ran out of the apartment..

    Bird followed immediately.

    Michael stands up and ran to Amanda who is still on the floor.

    “Amanda are you alright?.” He asked.

    That was when she looked at him and became shocked.

    “Michael?” She asked and he smiled.

    She hugged him immediately.

    “I thought you were dead.”

    “So did I?”


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    Prosper Yeboah
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    How come Michael didn’t die???
    Mike,u ve got a lot of explanations to make oo,by de way how cud Maureen be dis callous n wicked sha!!!

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    Tari Jake
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    A Girl Like Amanda.

    Season 3.


    Episode 5.

    Written by Jake Sam.

    “I thought you were dead.” Amanda said gasping for breath.

    “Me too Amy. C’mon let’s leave here.” He said and both of them left the apartment.

    Taofeeq’s lifeless body still lies there
    “Who are you calling?.” Amanda asked as she saw Michael dialing a number.

    “Alexis.” He said.

    “Alexis?.” She said looking baffled as she remembered Victoria mentioned him.

    Then she thought of Victoria, it’s been long she had called the doctor but she wouldn’t want to think about that now.



    “Yes, I told him to keep an eye out for you. When he told me you disappeared, I had to find you.”

    So… What took you so long.?”

    “Easy young lady. You’re hard to find. Gunner assisted me.”

    “You’ve been alive yet you didn’t send out a message to me?”

    “Am sorry. Wanted to protect you.”

    “So what about the video?.”

    “Yea I was shot. I just had a quick recovery.”

    “Hmm, I see.” She wanted to say something when Michael shushed her.

    “Alexis where are you?… Look you have to head back to Potiphar’s house. He is about to be executed.”

    The call ended.

    “So where to?” Amanda asked him.

    “What do you say we end this once and for all?.”

    “Going back to Lagos Amy. Maureen and Big Daddy betrayed us. We have to end this.”

    Amanda nodded and said “But I’ll need a gun.”
    Gunner was just driving out of a hospital where he had gone to see his crippled little brother when Michael’s number came through.

    After the call, he stepped on his accelerator and sped up taking a fast turn almost knocking down a hawker.

    Few minutes later, he arrived at Potiphar’s mansion.

    He parked outside the gate and takes out his handgun.

    Cocking it, he slowly walked up to the gate, pushing it a little. It gave way as he entered inside surveying his environment before proceeding to the front door.

    He froze on his step as he heard three gunshots coming from inside of the house.

    He decided to go through the back door of the house.

    Reaching there, he hears a faint noise. He stops on his tracks. Two gunmen were discussing with Viper (Son of the first Viper)

    “Let’s leave here. Potiphar’s dead.” He said and the gangs exited the backyard.

    Gunner quickly run inside and see Potiphar in a pool of blood.

    Gunner was late.

    He walked over to him and squat down.

    He sighs and wanted to stand up when a weak Potiphar grabs his left hand.

    “Follow them Gunner. They have the real Maureen. The one with us here is Evelyn. I… (Coughs out blood) had thought this wouldn’t happen…. Warn.. Ama… Amanda that she is with Evelyn.

    Potiphar dies immediately. Gunner look down at the lifeless body of the most powerful drug lord in the city and the country as a whole.

    He dashes out of the house and was just in time to catch up with the men as they entered a red SUV parked across the road.

    He quickly reenters his car and slowly followed them behind…

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Hmmmmmm it’s getting very intense!!!

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    Getting more interesting

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    Tari Jake
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    Forgive me you guys, Amanda will continue shortly so please be patient

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