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    Kk waiting 4 more

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    So why are u in de village n why do u keep avoiding questions asked abt ur mum,is anything de matter???

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    Ride on

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    this dia family tree is confusing oooo

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    Next please

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    A Girl Like Amanda.

    Written By Jake Sam.

    Episode 3.

    “My son, I heard you travelled to the city.” Mama spoke as Jidenna took a seat beside mama on the bench.

    “Yes mama, I came back not too long ago.” He said.

    “So you travelled without telling me enh my son.”

    “It’s not like that mama, it just came suddenly.”

    “Okay, how is the city this days?”

    “Well mama, it’s okay. I even brought some oranges for you.”

    “That is good of you my son.”

    “But it’s not here, I forgot it while coming here, let me quickly send Somadina to get it.”

    “No need for that, she is helping out with the work.”

    “Okay mama. But mama, who has that Jeep that is parked over there?” He asked as he notices the car in the compound.

    “It is Amandas’, all these years my God has never failed her.”

    Jidenna nodded, “Mama I’ll be going now. I was doing something at home before deciding to come see you and the family.”

    “Nwa m nwoke daalụ maka ọbịbịa anyị. Gbaa mbọ hụ na ị na-ekele ndị mụrụ gị. (My son thank you for visiting us. Make sure you extend my regards to your parents.)”

    “I will mama.” He stood up and walked pass some children who are busy sweeping.
    He spotted Amanda with Mama Soludo washing bed sheets.

    “Mama Soludo am going home.” He spoke as he by pass both of them.

    “Okay, but you know say you no bring anything for me oh.”

    “When I come again.”

    She nodded as she saw him walk up to Somadina.

    “When you’re done here, come home.” Somadina nodded as he exited the compound.

    Two Days Later.

    At the Ugonnas Compound.

    A figure is seen running in a dark forest holding a girl’s hand as they were being chased by three gunmen.
    With the figure leading the way, she suddenly tripped on a log of wood.
    The figure stops abruptly and came under the moonlight revealing it to be a young man, he saw that the gunmen were gaining in on them.

    “Get up, they are fast approaching.” He said breathing heavily. Seeing as the girl is struggling to get up on her feet, he went over and carried her on his shoulders. He knew he couldn’t leave her behind. He ran with all the strength he could muster but a bullet hit his leg making both of them to stumble on the hard grass.
    Seconds later, they are surrounded by the gunmen.
    Then a lady suddenly appears and starts laughing at them.

    “Jidenna you think you are smart abi? Smart enough to die for her right?” The lady dreadfully asked as her was red with anger, Jidenna didn’t say a word as he watched she was going to them.

    “Please Rocky, don’t do this. I love him please!” The girl suddenly pleaded crying.

    “Oh you love him right? Well then. Till death do you part.” As soon as Rocky said this, she quickly drew out a pistol and the next thing that is heard was the gun being fired as the bullet went through the chest of Jidenna.

    “Ah!!” Jidenna opened his eyes as he screamed touching all over his body but soon calmed down when he realized it was a dream.
    However he sweating so much that his pyjama was drained in sweat.

    His parents suddenly ran into the room looking frightened.

    “Jidenna, what happened?” His mother asked worried after checking around her son’s room before joining him on the bed.

    But he was unable to speak as he remembered his dream, it was so real.

    “Can’t you speak young man? Are you not the one your mother is talking to?” Mazi Ugonna shouted at him.

    “My husband, take it easy with him, bikó.” She pleaded on behalf of her son.

    “It’s nothing serious.” He finally said.

    “It’s nothing abi? And your shouting like your mother when she was on labour.

    Mama Jidenna suddenly looked at him angrily.

    “What is the meaning of that one now?” She asked, frowning.

    “Are you asking me? Why not ask your son for making me wake up by this hour.” With that, Mazi Ugonna left the room for his.

    “My son, you know am your mother. You can confide in me. I promise I won’t say a word to your father.”

    “I know mama, but it is nothing serious. Believe me.” He said looking at her as if considering whether to say a word or not.

    “Okay, if you say so.” She said as she placed her hand on his left cheek before standing up from the bed, taking one last look at her son, then exited the room.

    That night, Jidenna didn’t find sleep again as the dream he had still shook him.

    “Who was this girl I was running with and who is Rocky?” He kept asking himself over and over again till it was day break.

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    guess d girl is Amanda but I tot dey are families?

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Hmmmmm interesting times ahead…
    I hope dis ur yeye dream doesn’t come to pass oo!!!

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