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    [21:29, 5/4/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    The story you are about to read ‘A JOURNEY WITH MY STEP MOTHER’ is a true work of Sakpaku Prosper popularly known to be Sak. In the story am Albert. It is a work of fiction, emotions and fun. Any other story related to this is really coincidental. The names used in the story are fictitious.
    Copying of any part of this story without the knowledge of the author Sak is highly prohibited.
    It is strictly for persons
    18+ 🔞 it has been registered..

    Call or whatsapp Sak on (+233) 0241139413

    N/B: only two episodes a day

    sometimes its difficult for me to fathom whether it was anger, jealousy, hatred, or extreme sex drives to dig into my step mother poontang.
    Maybe I can blame the devil for the cause. In either cases ones harm is done the next step is how to fix it.
    Ohhh….am just wasting much of your time not hitting the nail into your hands at ones.
    Well this is how it all started…….

    Am Albert of 23 years. Am tall of about 5’8 feet. Am in a family of four, my dad and two other siblings. The elder among us, a young lady Cassandra is in the United States so i live with my dad and sister, Jessica who is 21. We resides in Accra -Madina. Jessica is a level 200 law student in University of Ghana and I just had admission to the same school to pursue psychology.

    I guess you are thinking am not that smart in academics. Yes, maybe, cos I wrote novdec almost three times before I was able to pass my English language.
    Jessica and I go for lectures in my little Hyundai Elantra car.
    My dad is the CEO of Zenith Bank.
    He has been living without a wife since my mum passed away in 2002.
    Though I knew he was f-----g his secretary cos he used to invite the women to our house.
    Life in the house was very exciting with fun even without a mum. Jessica and I use to tell our Dad to marry Maa Christy his Secretary cos we like her though she sneak into our dads room once a blue moon only for our father to tell us he is not ready to marry…
    I guess he was so much in love with my late mum cos he used to be taking much about their happiness together.

    Just last year 7 th, October, around 6:30 pm the cripple was able to dance azonto, the unexpected happened. I was seated in the hall with my sis when my dad walked in with a young girl. From my little human growth related experience she might be between the ages of 23-26.
    She was extremely beautiful, in fact she was more beautiful than my sis. Dad greeted suddenly..

    Dad: Good evening guys. Am back from work. Anyway meet Susan my new wife, ur step mum.
    I turned to look at Jessica, we were surprise. In fact I thought my dad was drunk but none of his postures portrayed that. I began to wonder what was wrong with my dad. The girl could equally be a daughter to my dad..
    I raised my head and stared at that Susan. I accessed her from head to toe. She had a picky round bosoms and nyc lips. Her dressed eye lashes were too long but fit her. Her legs were thick to. She was actually a nice young lady except that my father made the wrong call.
    Me & Jessi: fine evening. You welcome Susan.
    Susan: thanks. Am happy to be part of your family.
    Susan left with my dad to dad’s room.
    Jessica and I were so confused. We couldn’t say a word to each other till we left for our room.
    While on my bed I was thinking about how we will call this Small girl mum. In fact I hated my dad from that day. She was too young for a man of 49 years.
    I realized once she is my dads wife we had no choice to call her mum…


    Watch out for episode 2
    [21:35, 5/4/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    I realized ones she is my dads wife we had no choice than to call her mum.

    I waked up late the next morning cos I was not having lectures. Jessica had an early lecture so she left house very early. Dad had also gone for work. I entered the cleaning room to brush. I saw Susan in the kitchen washing the dishes.
    I approached her and greeted softly with arrogance…
    Me: good morning maam
    Susan: good morning Albert . I can see you not comfortable with calling me mum, she said gently and smiled. I wound be happy if you call me Susan.
    Me: oohh am comfortable with that besides you my step mother now.
    We laughed together and i went back to my room. Susan is really good looking I must confess again. The way her eye balls were rolling as we were having the chat really drove me crazy. I imagined her to be my girlfriend not a step mother.

    I came back to the living room to watch this funny “lil wayne” movie. In fact my ambition was actually to chat Susan to know more about her as my step mother . within 34minutes she was done with her kitchen work and joined me in the hall. She was attracted to the movie.
    Susan: hey Albert how old are you. And can you tell me more about yourself. Am your step mother now (she gave a smile).
    Me: (smiled back), am 23, now in legon level 100. I guess dad have told you more than these.
    Susan: of course. I just wanted you to tell me more. Anyway you such a handsome guy.
    Her shaking lips drove my attention to check her smooth legs in her short nika.
    Me: thank you mum. You such a beautiful young lady to. I wonder how you are the wife of a man like my dad I must confess.
    Susan: hahaha..I knew you wanted to asked this the first time I entered the house. Well it seems crazy but I just love your dad. He is such a responsible man. I hope you appreciate me as a step mum. Am just 25 and I know it will b hard to accept that. She giggled.
    Me: no problem about that. Is nice meeting you and enjoy your stay.

    I left for town to visit a friend. I came to the house later in the evening around 5:47pm jessica was already in the house. Susan had prepared rice and some stew but I was not feeling for rice that day. I wanted to take pizza. I asked Jessica to escort me to “is my kitchen restaurant” to get pizza. Dad was in his room with Susan so we gave him a call that we were going out.
    Jessi and I drove to get the pizza. We got back in an hour time.
    She couldn’t eat much cos she had already take in some rice.

    We sat in the sofa and watched some documentary. Jessi and I talked a little about Susan. We both got to like her except she was too young.

    We sat in the hall till it was 9pm. Jessi was dozing off so she left to her room. I stayed till it was around 10:15pm before I decided to go to my room. As I walk pass my dads room I heard a slow panting voice. I got attracted to it so i walked close to have a clear picture about what was going on. Upon getting close I realized my dad was baptizing that Susan. The voice of susan alone heightened my level of heart pump in me. The craziness in me entered my head, touched my heart before releasing them into my waist. My d--k instantly got elongated. I couldnt help the pressure than to ran back to my room.
    I picked up my phone at once to call one girl on campus I just proposed to but she never picked the call. Hmmm I didn’t know how I slept till the next day….


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    Watch out for Episode 3
    [21:35, 5/4/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP MUM


    Hmm I didn’t knw how I slept till the next day.

    I prepared for lectures in the morning. My lecture time was 9:30am so I drove to campus with my sis.
    While on campus I planned on how to get the chance to sleep with Susan. I could not get her out of my mind.
    I discussed about Susan with my best friend on campus Adinkra. Adinkra was a resident in Commonwealth Hall.
    I told him all about the sexy nature and how young Susan was.
    Adinkra wondered how a young girl like Susan can marry my dad. He told me Susan is there cos of my dads riches.
    I grew furious with such words from my friend.
    I told Adinkra I love Susan and that I would like to sleep with her.

    Adinkra told me it was an abomination to do that. But I insisted the girl is my class and type and not my father’s.
    Adinkra told me he could help. He told me to approach Susan and tell her I love her. He said girls of this days might give in to me only if I become a little smart. He then said if that does not work then we will work out on the other alternatives.

    I drove back to the house around 3:00pm. Nobody was around. I was surprised I didnt meet Susan in the house. He entered in 45minutes later. I was in the living room at that time.
    Susan: good afternoon boy..
    Me: good afternoon.. I thought you were around.
    Susan: hmmmm…you knw girls and fashion..I went out to do my hair. Are you not hungry?
    Me: hmmm I am.
    She entered the kitchen and served me some banku with tilapia. She sat by me while I was eating. I was watching ‘Merlin season one’ so she was also doing so. She got up in 3 minutes later and told me she was going to change her dress.
    Instantly I got up to and held her hand.
    Me: you looking great…you very beautiful and young.
    Susan: (raise eye brows) thanks.
    I dip my hand in water and rinse it. I threw my hands around her neck and boldly told her I love her.
    Susan pushed me to the sofa.
    Are you crazy Albert. For God sake am your dads wife. How could you think of something silly like that.
    Me: (with loud tone) my dad is too old for you. I know you don’t enjoy him as you would like to enjoy your man. I really love you Susan…
    Susan: (slapped me and ran to her room).

    I stood at the same position for almost 2 minutes. My instincts got me wrong. I was beginning to regret for taking such step. The backside of Susan alone ride me crazy when I see them.
    I went back to my room and had several thoughts taunting my mind. I was thinking of what will happen when my dad get to know what has happened.
    I called Adinkra and informed him about the brouhaha between Susan and I when I faced her with my proposal. Adinkra told me not to worry about that and that Susan will not tell my dad anything.
    I was still on the call with Adinkra when my door opened. It was Susan.
    Me: (on phone) Adinkra hold on. Susan what are you doing here.
    Susan: I came to apologise for slapping you. You shouldnt have said that. You were crazy but I could have controlled myself.
    Me: am OK girl. I only wanted you to know my feelings for you. You are not wrong for slapping me.
    Susan: I know your dad might not be of my class but you are his son it is an abomination to do that.
    Me: yea I know I just can’t control myself when I see you. I guess I have to leave this house to cut everything short.
    Susan: hmmm…seriously.

    She left my room after the chat. I called back Adinkra and told him I would be coming to stay with him for about a week on campus.

    The next morning I approached my dad in the living room. He was with Susan. I told him we will be writing some semester exams within the week so I might stay on campus for the remaining days.
    Susan stared at me with shock. She knew why I was leaving the house. My father gave me money to use while on campus. Susan told me she will call and I left.


    Watch out for Episode 4
    [22:06, 5/4/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP- MUM


    Susan told me she will call and I left the house. I drove at a high speed to campus. I went straight to Adinkra’s room in Commonwealth Hall.
    He was busy eating his gari with beans.
    Adinkra: Man I didn’t expect you so fast.
    Me: chaa I hv to leave that house before I rape that girl ooo.
    Adinkra: take it easy. You know me now. I will make sure you fire that b---h (he smiled)
    Me: masa I love that girl.
    I picked up my phone and called Lilian the girl on campus I have been chasing for a month.
    She was in her single room at “Volta hall”. I told her am on campus and will b staying over with a friend for over a week.
    She asked me to pay her a visit in the evening.
    Lilian was that kind of “Chrife” girl. Always at worship when not in class.

    Adinkra turned to me after he finished up his food and asked what am up to after the first step to winning Susan failed.
    I replied am only looking up to his tricks.
    Adinkra promised to take me to one malam in town “Malam Agr)ba” who help people in winning the ladies they desire.
    He told me it was that malam who helped him to win the Minister of interior’s daughter who is now his girlfriend. I told adinkra I had not got the boldness to take such step but he assured me it was easy.
    It was Thursday so he said we will b leaving to the place on Saturday when we have no lectures.

    Later in the evening I left Adinkra to visit Lilian in her hall. It is just a 3minutes drive from Commonwealth to Volta hall. I called Lilian to meet me at their car park. She came out and met me in my car.
    She was surprised. She never never knew I was from a wealthy family. She exclaimed as she sat beside me in the other seat..
    Lilian: woow…you never told me you have a car. Hmmm….how will I even love somebody who keeps a lot of secrets.

    You know these legon girls and car. Once you have a four tyre machine that uses petrol you have no problem in winning them.
    I could see Lilian was at once trying to show off some interest in me. Lilian is a beautiful girl with a round and curved ass but not as beautiful as my step mum.
    We walked to the Volta hall restaurant to get some ice cream before we left to her room.
    We had a series of chats while watching some funny movie on her laptop.
    It was around 10:14pm and I was still in her room. I was almost dozing off so I asked to leave but she insisted I can pass the night.
    I called Adinkra i might not be able to come back.
    We had few minutes of chat again and I never knew when I slept till my eyes opened around 1:37am midnight.
    I realized I was lying beside Lilian who was in her light night wear. I got up and sat on the bed as I kept looking at the big rounded ass of Lilian. My d--k started ticking. I was finding it difficult to start something. I took of my t shirt and bushed close to her. I started touching her nipples and squeezed her boobs.
    She woke up finally and turned to me. I thought she would have resisted my play but to my surprise she gave me a slow kiss and held me from the back as her eyes were closed. I kept playing with her ass and breast. She could only make a sound like that of a rifting wave. I found my way to locate her p---y but was soo sad to find out she had a pad on. She opened her eyes and smiled a little. I smiled back but it was just a smile of anger.

    I turned back to bed few minutes later. I woke lilian up around 4:30am and told her I would see her in the afternoon after lectures. I rushed to Adinkra’s room after.


    [22:06, 5/4/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    I rushed to Adinkra’s room after.

    He was already awake playing FIFA game on his laptop.
    Me: boy good morning.
    Adinkra: chaa I dey ooo. You enjoyed Yesty with that girl. I can see from your face.
    Me: nothing better oo…I no chop her.
    I pluged on my phone to charge because it was off the whole of the previous evening after I called Lilian to meet me.
    I jumped onto Adinkra’s bed to have a little sleep cos I spent most of my time in the night touching Lillian’s boobs and butt.
    I slept till 10:17am. I picked up my phone and realized I have nine missed calls. Three from my father, one from my sis and five from Susan. I tried calling my dad but his phone was off so I called Susan instead.
    I could see her phone beeped once and she picked…
    Susan: good morning Albert. Where have you been.
    Me: (lied) I was at lectures and i left the phone in the room.
    Susan: ok, but have you called your dad? I guess you missed his calls to.
    Me: yea I have tried calling but his phone is off. Anything the problem.
    Susan: no..he is on his way to Tarkwa for some board meeting. He will be back on sunday. He left some money (300 cedis) here for you but I will bring it to you around 4:00pm when am less busy in the house.
    Me: ok…thank you.

    I shouted out for Adinkra. He was in the washroom. As soon as he came out I told him Susan will visit me today. He asked about her business and I told him she is bringing me money.
    Adinkra stood for a while and said we could do something when she arrives.
    I asked about the plan and he said we should try to sedate her with a drug when she comes. He asked if I have about 150cedis on me which I replied yes. He then said we should go to the pharmacy and buy some drugs. The names of the drugs were sleeptozol and sexycine. He said the sleeptozol induces sleepiness while the sexycines makes one to feel honey just 3 minutes after taken it.

    We drove to kandi-pharma around Oponglo where we got the exact drugs. As we were returning to campus Adinkra bought a Don Simon drink. I asked what the drink was for and he told me he will put the drugs in the drink.
    Me: boy are you sure we are doing the right thing.
    Adinkra: fool, just keep quiet and watch. Why do you think I have been sleeping with most of the girls in my class? If I try you in good ways and you reject me I try the other way.

    I was not feeling alright but the appearance of Susan once I pictured her in my mind made me second to anything Adrinkra said.
    As we finally got to the room Adinkra mixed the two drugs with water in a small glass. He brought out a new syringe. He carefully mixed the drugs till it was a complete solution.
    He drew the solution of the drugs with the syringe and injected it into the Don Simon drink without necessarily opening it.
    He did that till the drug solution got finished. He then put the drink in his fridge.
    We are done for now, pray Susan comes as she promised Adinkra said. I knew every thing was going to work out as planned. I trust Adinkra when it comes to luring and f-----g women.
    The more I thought about how crazy I would f--k Susan ones she finally take the drink the more I keep erecting.

    I was having lectures from 2:30- 4:30pm so I left the room around 2:20pm. From the start if the lecture till 4:00pm, I never could remember a single word the lecturer said. My mind was only cast back to Susan. I was waiting for her call but she did not. I was disappointed when we closed around 4:25 and she had not called cos she told me she will drop on campus around 4:00pm.
    I got to the room and met Adinkra. I looked so disappointed. I didn’t want to call her too. I sat on the bed and started playing ‘ temple run’ game on my phone. It was almost 5:11pm and she never called.
    Two minutes later I heard my phone ring. I rushed out to get it and luckily for me it was Susan .

    Susan: sorry am late. I was preparing some food in the house. Am in front of your hall gate so please rush to meet me. Its almost late.
    I quickly informed Adinkra that Susan is around and he told me to go out and meet her alone. He also told me he is leaving the room and that I should make sure she takes the drink.
    I rushed to meet Susan. She was in her sexy yellow straight dress. We walked straight to Adinkra’s room. I offered her a seat…
    Me: thanks for coming..hmm
    Susan: I thought you never want to set eye on me again for what happened.
    I held her hand and told her I still love her but she never talked.
    Me: oooo I didn’t offer you a drink mpo. Some Don simon . ( I brought it out of the fridge and served her with a disposable cup).
    Susan: (staring at me) thanks. She filled the cup with the drink but never tasted it.
    My d--k was growing and pushing up my pant. The speed at which it was coiling in my pant drove Susan’s attention. She looked to that direction but pretended she never saw my d--k in motion.
    We were having a series of chats. What I was just praying for was for Susan to start drinking the don simon.

    Finally, she lifted up the cup of drink. As she was about to take it, her phone rang and she dropped the cup to pick the call…



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    Nyc one boy nxt


    episode 6-9 (scroll dawn)

    Episode 10-final episodes

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    Thank God she didnt drink

    guy just come back to your senses before its too late

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    Haaa make she no go after the call oo .nice one at @sakpaku.

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    Second sky…hmmn this is xo interesting i pray she doesnt take d drink…next pls

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    U don fail dis tym be dat oo

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    [07:33, 5/5/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    finally, she lifted the cup of drink. As she was about to take it her phone rang and she dropped the cup to pick the call.

    I was beginning to think Susan was difficult to lure. She got the vim and even luck to resist me from the plan B. I over heard her taking to my sis on the phone.
    As she ended the call she quickly asked to leave.
    I was a bit shaking. I didn’t know how to persuade her to take the drink.
    I told her to wait for me to take a shower so I can drop her to in the house which she agreed.
    I rushed to the washroom and just put some water on my body even though I just had a bath shortly before she arrived. I was praying seriously that Susan would atleast take just a cup of the drink so that even if she does not feel sleepy she might have feel honey.
    4 minutes later I was back to the room.
    Fortunately for me she had already finished with the first cup of drink and still pouring in more.
    Susan: this drink taste so good. Is it a new brand of Don simon.
    Me: am not sure my self. I think they just add some little flavour to it.
    Susan: please be fast. I need to go now.

    I could see Susan rolling her left hand under her dress. She took it out immediately she realized I staring at her.
    Susan: please I want to leave.
    Me: am almost done.

    I intentionally turned back to face her. I was only in a singlet and my short boxer. My d--k was already in a searching mood just like a Bluetooth device searching for another device to pair.
    I made a step to her, held her hands and lifted her up from the chair.
    I started kissing her. She cried out softly that I leave her but she could not resist herself. The romance I gave her was too great that she finally felt to give in.
    I was in a hurry to take of her dress.
    I removed her bra later and started squeezing her breast for some milk with my mouth.
    I was really honey.
    I felt like stepping on some ice. Susan’s eyes were closed. I could noticed she was feeling dizzy.
    Susan: please Albert did you put some stuffs in the drink.
    Me: no dear. How can I do such a thing.
    I knew she never believed what I said. I was only praying she doesn’t ruin my feelings.

    Few minutes later I held her underwear and drop it down. Susan sat on the chair. Her metallic three pair blinking beads even made my pen drive (penis) to copy more feelings into me. I lifted her up from the chair again. Held her waist to drop her pant. I was able to drop it to her kneel level but she held tight her pant telling she can’t do that.
    I started kissing her again. Susan was really honey. I turned back to drop her pant. I noticed it was almost wet.
    This time she never stopped me.
    Ones I did that I realized the big match was about to start.

    I laid her on the bed. Started playing with her boobs. I was surprised Susan was not sleeping though I could see she felt very dizzy.
    I dashed out for her p---y and started with a little fingering. She was just mimicking the voice-tone of p--n stars (yea…ohh yes..nice…lick me please).
    I pushed back, down the bed till my head was at her p---y level. I smoothly spread my tongue on her c------s. This time she was going crazy. I did that just to make her extra honey. She held me by the shoulder and tried pushing me on top of her. I knew she was now ready.
    She reached out for d--k and inserted it into her p---y. She was springing her waist to enjoy my full thin but long d--k

    I started the push ups myself. She was really happy with my vigor.
    I turned her over to do the “first gate style”. That was a little difficult for her cos of my long d--k.
    Susan: ohhh God…like father like son.

    While I was busy f-----g Susan fell asleep.
    I turned her back for the normal ‘missionary’ style. She was like dead but I still enjoyed it. Just 7 minutes after that I come.



    WATCH OUT for episode 7
    [07:33, 5/5/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    Just 7 minutes after that I come (i ejaculate).

    I was too weak. I was feeling dizzy myself. I called Adinkra that I have finally hit the jackpot. I told him how sweet Susan was and would be happy if we two can finally date. You may think am a little crazy but it would be difficult for most guys to just ‘hit and ran’ when you have a f--k with a beautiful girl like Susan.
    Adinkra told me he was with his girlfriend so he might even come later in the night.
    I lied close to Susan and slept off.

    Its sometimes true that you dream of what goes true your mind. After physically digging into my step mum’s ‘pot’, I took that into my sleep and had a dream with overwhelming f-----g with Susan . I guess her styles in my dream were even more serious than she can physically give.
    It was almost 6:57pm when Susan strongly hit me to wake up. She was sitting on the bed naked with tears flowing down her cheeks. She was weeping bitterly.
    Susan: ooohh My God, Albert what have you done to me. This is a serious abomination.
    Me: (with regrets I could not just voice out a word).
    I was ashamed.
    I told her her beauty attracted me and that I believed she is a perfect match for me rather than my father.
    Susan slapped me. I must confess that the slap was serious that I had a dimmed vision at ones.
    Susan looked straight into my eyes and dropped more tears.
    I asked her ones again about how she got to know my father and why she would marry a man like him…

    Susan: (narrating whole story). ‘My dad died when I was just two years. My mum did well by helping me in my education. She never gave up funding for my studies until in level 200 when she died. I almost drop up from school until one Friday morning when I met your father on campus. He was going to the Business school but he didn’t know the direction so he asked me for help which I did. He gave me his contact and address and asked me to call him when I feel to. During that semester’s vacation, I had no hope of continuing school so I remembered I have to call this rich man (your father) and see if he could help. I called him on phone and described myself and how I got his contact. He asked me to see him in his office the next day. I got to his office early morning that day. He recognized me at once. I narrated my story to him that I would be a drop out if I don’t get help from him.
    He looked straight into my eyes and told me he can help but only if he sleeps with me.
    I first told him I can’t do that but he said he can’t help either if I don’t open up my butterfly for him.
    I left his office to the house. I had a series of thought that day and realized he could be my only hope. I called him later that evening that I was ready to sleep with him for his favour. I was shocked when he quickly asked me to meet him at Paloma Hotel later in the night. I complied with his request and he finally got what he wanted from me…he fulfilled his part of his promise to by giving me a check of 6000cedis. That was how I met your dad..

    Me: Almost in tears to. Am sorry for the death of your parents. So how did you choose to marry my dad after you got the money and after completing school…
    Susan: honestly speaking, is not like I seriously loved your dad but I felt a little secured ones we marry. The only guy i have loved is my life was my primary six boyfriend …please let’s forget talking about this…
    Am just ashamed I slept with a father and son.
    Me: you don’t have to be ashamed. Am the cause of all these.
    Please forgive me.

    Susan got up from the bed and put on her dress and underwear. I really loved susan from that day. My father became my strongest enemy in the reverse.
    We went straight to my car. I drove her back home.

    As I was driving back to campus tears dropped exceedingly from my eyes. I was sad I had to sleep with Susan without her full conscience. As I got to campus I narrated the whole issue and life of Susan to Adinkra. Even a bad guy like him sympathize with her upon hearing the whole life of her.
    I called Susan around 8:00pm and apologized ones more to her but she told me I shouldn’t worry cos she had feelings for me already.
    From that point I thought of shooting my dad once I set eye on him…

    CONTACT/wazup SAK:0241139413

    [21:37, 5/5/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    From that point I thought of shooting my dad once I set eye on him…

    Adinkra asked me if we will still go to the malam on Saturday. I sat for a while before given him a response.
    I told Adinkra we will be going but this time there will be a change in our reason of seeing the malam.
    I told him we should ask the malam to change my father’s mind from loving Susan so at the long run the two can divorce. Once they are no more couples Susan might not hesitate to going out with me.
    Adinkra agreed to that but said we should go on Sunday instead since the malam will be less busy on that day.

    It was almost 30min past the eight o’clock. Adinkra and I were playing soccer game on his laptop when I heard my phone ringing. It was Lilian on the line.
    Lilian: hey, u didn’t call back. You beginning to bore me.
    Me: sorry sweet, was kind of busy the whole day. Just got to campus.
    Lilian: Ok I hear dear. Lest I forget, I gonna need some dress for my friend’s birthday on Monday. Hope you will help for that. Am in my free period now to so you can come over Moro (she giggled).
    Me: don’t worry we will go to the boutique Moro.
    Okk, since its your free period I hope you better prepare well to meet me (I smile back and hanged off).

    Early that morning the first call I received was from Lilian asking me of the time for the shopping which I told her we will go around 10am. Just around 9:30pm Adinkra and I went to Commonwealth Hall restaurant to have some coffee for breakfast before I called back Lilian to meet me at their car park.
    I met her later on and we drove off to “All star boutique’ located around Adenta high street.
    As we entered the boutique I sat on one of their chairs as Lilian moved round to check on her dress. I was only praying this girl don’t pick something I might not be able to pay though I knew she will pay back at night with hot sex.
    Likely for me Lilian came back with a dress and a pair of heels that cost 120cedis only. At least i had almost 500cedis on me.
    We drove back to campus. I told her I will visit her around 9:00pm.
    Just as I was about to start the engine I saw a call coming from Susan.
    Susan: Hey I waited for your call.
    Me: yea I called but your phone was off.
    Susan: OK…please I have something to show you. Can we meet at a place a little farther from town?
    Me:(very curious) OK let’s meet at ‘visitors inn’. Its around Kasoa. But what time do you want us to meet.
    Susan: Around 2pm. Yours sis is around if not we could have talk in the house.

    I left for Adinkra’s room having multiple of thoughts running through my mind. I never talked about this with Adinkra. I decided to sleep for a while only to wake around 2:18pm. I had a missed call and a message from Susan prompting me she had already taken a taxi to Kasoa so will be waiting for me at the Visitors Inn.
    I rushed to have a shower before driving to Kasoa.
    It took me almost an hour because of the traffic.
    Susan was seated just close to the entrance. She had already ordered some Smirnoff ice for herself.
    I gave out a very deep breath as I saw her.
    Me: (sitting on the other seat). Good afternoon. Am curious and frightened about this invite. What could the invitation here be about.
    Susan: (dropping a passport sized picture on the table) Do you know this girl in the picture.
    Me: (surprise) that’s Ama Boatemaah. My primary six girl friend.
    I heard she is even dead. Why showing me this pic. Is it the reason for us being here.
    Susan: Do u still love her.
    Me: I did loved her till she left the school before hearing she pass out (die).
    Susan: (stared at me) I just can’t say it anymore.
    Me: (flashing back memory upon seeing the slight dark mark on the neck of Ama Boatemaa back in primary school on Susan’s neck) i looked at Susan with shock, so you not dead. Where did you get Susan as part of your name. You could have tell my dad we have dated before ones you entered our home and saw me( I exclaimed angrily).
    Susan: I noticed you not just by your name when I entered your father’s house but by your appearance. You have not changed much. I decided to adopt a Christian name Susan before writing my BECE. I fell for you on the first day we met in the house but am now your dads wife (Susan held my hands and drop tears).

    I was sad and felt my dad had caused a lot harm to me. I understood whatever has happened is not Susan’s fault. I could read from her eyes she truly loves me.
    I raised Susan’s hand and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.
    Before I could turn back to my seat a voiced called out my name…Albert ..
    I turned back to see it was Maa Christy, my father’s secretary.
    She just greeted and left.
    I was shocked and started thinking of what she will tell my father afterwards.
    Susan asked me who she was and I told her she is my dad secretary. She got more frightened than I was and asked we leave the place.
    She took a trotro to the house while I drove back to campus.
    I thought of Susan the rest of the day. Now Susan is just not someone I recently came to love.

    Later in the evening I rushed to Lillian’s room without even calling her. I knew at least I can calm my day with a hot f--k with her. She was in the shower when I entered her room. She got back from the shower only to see me seated on her bed…
    Lilian: wow, this a surprise visit. not even a call.
    Me: my phone has run down.
    Lilian was looking good in shape in her towel. Her butts were really shaped out. I stood up to hold her waist. She turned to me and kissed me. I really liked he romance.
    She took off the towel and stood naked.
    My prig instantly start nodding. I held her bombs and butt simultaneously. She was gradually given in. I drop my trousers and took out my d--k from my boxer without dropping it. I raised her left leg on her table. I held my d--k and brushed it a little on her p---y. Just as I was about to enter she voiced out…
    Lilian: stop stop…pls let’s do it in the night. One of my friends will be visiting soon.
    I was a little angry but did not not show it up…….


    [21:37, 5/5/2015] Sak….: A JOURNEY WITH STEP-MUM


    I was a little angry but did not show it up…….

    I went straight to sit on her bed while I watched her dressing up.
    She sat by me after dressing and we had a little chat….
    Lilian requested for a new phone from me, Samsung note 3. I was growing sick within me. I definitely knew I will foolishly buy it anyway. In about 16minites later , a knock came from behind the door.
    Lilian: Yes..come in.
    (Door open)
    Lady: good pm guys. Lilian I have come for us to have the discussion.
    Lilian: OK Comfort, meet Albert my one and only.
    (Me smiling a little, shaking hands with comfort).
    Comfort: nice meeting you Albert. I have heard a lot about you.
    Me: thanks dear.

    Comfort sat on one of the chairs close to the table and Lilian joined her later with some books.
    They started doing their so called discussion.
    Lilian left her phone on the bed. I took it and opened her whatsapp only to see bunch of messages from friends and groups. One group name on her whatsapp ‘our silly guys’ drove my attention which I decided to open. It was just three people in the group, Lilian , Comfort and another person by name Kukua.
    I scrolled up to read their chat. At some point in reading I nearly collapsed from what these girls have been chatting about.
    This was what I got to read from the chat on the whatsapp group of Lilian’s (our silly guys)……
    The conversation was between the three
    ‘Lilian: hi guys I have got one crazy goat (referring to me). He is really rich.
    Comfort: wow, you really going to spread us then.
    Lilian: we have just met. I don’t love him just wanna chew his cash small (Lilian posted a picture of me)
    Kukua: Wow, but this guy is handsome. You better take him for serious.
    Lilian: no, I don’t think I love him.
    The conversation was too long for me to read. But I realized Lilian was just in for my cash. I felt I have been fooled.
    The crazy part of the conversation was when I saw a message of lilian telling comfort to distract me from disturbing her by visiting her in her room.
    I was sad. I wanted to shout at Lilian instantly and demand for the dress and heels I bought for her earlier but something in me told me to contact Adinkra for a little clue.
    I instantly asked Lilian I want to leave them to have a peaceful studies which she never hesitate to let me go.
    How fooled have I been. So is brushing off my d--k on her p---y the only price for spending so much on this silly girl. She is even requesting for Note 3 phone.

    I rushed to Adinkra’s room to tell him about what I have witnessed for myself. He said we will find way to either get my money back or I f--k her instead but we should be thinking of the task ahead tomorrow first (going to see the malam).
    I was so sad that I jumped on to bed to forget what Lilian has done to me.
    I was about to sleep when Susan called asking if I know Monday will be my dad’s birthday.
    I instantly remembered that. I told him I will be in the house on Sunday.
    I turned back to face the wall and slept.

    Early Sunday morning Adinkra and I set off to see the malam. We got to the malam residence around 7:15am.
    We entered his spiritual yard finally. He welcomed us as we sat on some dried goat skin in front of the malam.
    He asked us about our mission. I told him there is a man who has taken my girlfriend away and married her in addition. And so I would like him to change the man’s mind from loving the girl(Susan).
    Malam: do you have a pic of the man and so called girlfriend.
    Me: (Took out a pic of my dad and Susan and gave it to the malam.)
    Malam: (bringing out two caweries and shouting out incantatiously)…look young guys you stop pressing for your course.
    (Adinkra and I looked a little frightened). The man you want me to tune his mind has a strong spiritual backing. He killed his wife for money. He is into a cult. He won’t hesitate to finish you guys if he finds out your dealings. Am just advising you guys. He will kill the girl he is marrying now in no time. That is his business.

    Tears flowed from my eyes like the kintampo waterfall. I felt the coldness of my tears like the Atacama desert.
    I now know the secrete of my dads riches though he is into banking. I was so sad to here my dad killed my mum.
    It was really too much for me to handle at the time. Adinkra comforted me and instructed I don’t show up any silly behavior in the house to call my dads attention.
    We paid the malam and left. How to handle what I have discovered about my dad with my ears only was my problem. Shortly before we got to campus my dad called. He reminded me of his birthday on Monday and asked I come home right away. He was back from his business trip.
    He told me our family friend Maa Christy, his secretary and most of his friends will be around tomorrow to celebrate with us.

    I was frightened to hear that because I knew Maa Christy might tell my dad he saw Susan and I in private Inn. I was shaken.
    I wanted to call Maa Christy and plead he never tell my dad about what he saw but I thought that could even worsen the situation.

    SAK:0241139413 (+233241139413)


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