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    Is something wrong with this Sophia girl?

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    Swallow your pride and let the father know!! What rubbish humiliation are you talking about?

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    EPISODE 12
    “Hmm, Amaka, when will we see the father of this boy eh?” she turned towards her mother, who was entering into the kitchen. Her mother had grown lean over the years.
    “Mama, I don’t want us to talk about that now, how are you feeling?” she said, as she dropped the spoon she used in cooking on a plate.
    “Why are you changing the subject? Don’t play me here, anyway I’m fine. What are you cooking?” she asked as she noticed the uziza leaves on the chopping board.
    “Mama, you know already. I bought stockfish and chicken, Felix told me that he’s bringing his fiancee today.” she said, as she continued cooking.
    “Yes, he told me.” her mother said reluctantly.
    “Mama, please allow Felix to marry whoever he wishes now.” she said, as she turned to collect the chopped onions from her mother.
    “Can you hear yourself? Your brother should marry that fulani witch eh?” Nne took a defensive stance.
    “Mama haba why now eh? A witch ? did you catch her in the act.” she wasn’t going to tolerate her mother’s hostile attitude.
    “Amaka, I gave birth to my son, let me decide for him.” she said as she hissed.
    “Mama you can’t define happiness for Felix he is a mature man and he knows what is best for him,he don’t let him suffer in his marriage.” she tried to hug her mother.
    “Me che onu there! Shut up, see who is talking, you are hiding your son from his father and here you are saying happiness, who made you a marriage counsellor, eh? You have a child out of wedlock and you are afraid of the father.” her mother cut at her weak point.
    “Mama!” she suddenly shouted, her mother realised that she had just put her foot in her mouth.
    “The reason why I hid my son, and the reason why I’m not chasing after his father is because, I wanted to care for you and my siblings, I didn’t want any embarrassment from your social circle. Is it wrong for me to decide to do all this, biko tell me?” she asked, fuming.
    “Ada, I told you to leave this girl alone.” her father walked in on them.
    “Papa, I’m tired, why is she pestering me now? After all I did, well let me shock you, Mama. Soon, very soon you’ll see the father of my son. But if you dare try the nonsense you are doing with Felix, I’ll make you deal with pepper.” she stormed out and left the food.
    “Nne Amaka why now? Why are you disturbing yourself? She had made a mistake, please let her correct it herself.” he held his wife, who was already sobbing.
    “I didn’t mean any harm nnayi, all I wanted to…” she was shut by her husband’s stern look.
    “Its okay.” he looked at her gently, and she wiped her face. She didn’t want to stress her husband, he was her life and all she had.
    “Let me check the food then.” she left his arms and sighed.
    -to be continued-

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    EPISODE 13
    He looked around as he stretched and yawned, he had brought a girl home. His eyes searched around as he noticed his door was opened.
    “Maybe she’s downstairs.” he thought, he just had the best night of his life. That girl was a dream, he recollected how they met. She had a lot of spunk, and she was a virgin. It made him very proud, well he had better go downstairs to check on her.
    His clothes were everywhere, like he cared. The maid would take care of everything. He whistled happily, maybe they could go for another round.
    He got down, and searched everywhere in the house, “What da…” he said to himself, did she just disappear into thin air. He walked out to his living room, the door was wide open. She must have left in a hurry.
    “Timothy, did you see any girl go out?” he asked, as the gateman came out.
    “No… Oga yes, one girl like this, she no too tall, em she no wear shoe, I no sabi am.” he said scratching his bald forehead.
    “So she went out.” he asked angrily.
    “Yes Oga.” the man gave him a curious look.
    At that moment, his phone rang, it was his label producer.
    “Good morning Dan, how are you today? How was the show?” he said in a gruff voice.
    “Fine sir, the show was splendid.” he said as he almost wished to stop the call.
    “Good I’m expecting you at the studio next week though.” he said and cut the line.
    “Really? Man cannot rest oh.” he said as he ignored the gate man and entered the house, he had to find that girl, he needed to find her. Why on earth would she run away, some others would have relaxed and would want to hang out with him.
    He was in his room, sorting out his clothes. He needed a new lay and that girl must simply be the one, no one else.
    He felt his head twirling, yeah too much alcohol in the system was already affecting him.
    “poo, I need to find her.” he steadied himself as he left for the bathroom.
    -to be continued-

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    EPISODE 14
    “Do you mean the girl that fought in the club?” the bouncer asked a second time, Dan was at the club, he was performing but with a smaller exclusive crowd.
    “Yeah her, did you guys check her ID or something?” Dan asked hopefully.
    “Guy, this na naija, this isn’t abroad, she looked nice and rich enough. I didn’t want trouble with all these small girls, soon they appear with big men and I’ll be sacked.” the huge man explained soberly.
    Dan nodded and waved him off, he took a sip of his drink. This was getting harder than he thought he had to up his game, he wasn’t losing this chick.
    Five years later
    “Dan, come check out this babe. She just won some famous fashion award.” Dan ignored Kunle as he played with his PS4.
    “Guy drop that thing and check out this hot babe, she has that Kim K backside and her face is like an angel.” Kunle nudged the joystick out of his hand, and placed his tablet in front of him.
    “Seriously, now… I was just entering FIFA finals now, guy.” he complained but took the device.
    “D--n, this is the girl I’ve been looking for. Like that girl we went online everywhere looking for her face with a face detector. Where did you get that from?” he said, sitting upright, adjusting his yoga pants.
    “No wonder, you stopped testing around, hmm my guy tell me how you nailed this one, cause this her backside if its real, it is a problem.” the ending of his statement brought smiles to their faces as the referral to Reeky B’s song Problem.
    “Guy, I don’t know if I should say its God or luck or fate. I just finished performing and I noticed her drinking alone, so I tried chatting her up but she cut me off later she got into a fight, she was sent out, and I followed guy that’s how I got laid that night.” he explained as he looked at the picture, the glowing skin, her smile and those d--n curvy body of hers. He was going to get her, whoever brought her out on news did him a good favour.
    Her name was there as a caption, it read Sophia Amaka Benjamin wins Fashion Artist of the year.
    Sophia…hmm sounds really familiar. She ran once, she wasn’t going to the next time.
    * * * * * *
    “Sophia, where are you on IG?” Dan murmured to himself as he checked around, it had been a year now and he hadn’t caught another item on her except internationally.
    She had an impressive profile, she had outfitted male celebrities worldwide like Brad Pitt, Adam Levine and so on. She had also designed dresses alongside Chanel best designers. She had an impressive net worth, definitely his type of woman.
    She had investments spread through out the world and was known for her generosity.
    The latest picture she took was breathtaking, she wore a long floral dress and she had a winning smile. It was at the Well B clothing launching, he wished he went but because of his schedule, he couldn’t make it. So she was back home, that was nice, he decided to call up his PI, who once served in the SSS.
    They discussed how they’d contact her and all that, little did they know that what they were looking for in Sokoto, was actually dancing in their shokoto(trousers).
    Dan was very excited, he had been booked for a high society wedding, and the best part of it all, was that amongst the family, Sophia was the chief organiser. There was no way they wouldn’t meet. He was glad about that…very glad.
    -To be continued-

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